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  1. Thank you very much. During world I don't even have an fs account left, I use my private one to search his name for news but that's really bad idea. I describe that place as a hell but it has a very good side too. It's a shame that I have to delete them all. Awww, thank you very much. I pass my breakdown period without letting go of him really show that he's the positive part of my life even his sport f**k me up so bad. Thank you very much. I'll do my best to be like him.I hope time will help me soothing the pain from that horrible day. When that time that he leaves come, I'll finally be free from all the pain. P.s. I've just saw that I have many typo. I'm sorry, I'm not a native english speaker. Hope you guys can understand me.
  2. Hi guys, I would like to share somethings that happen to me during the world championship. During that time, I was really depress by everthing surrounding me. I've been Yuzu fan since I'm in grade 12. I'm really invest in figure skating until I learn the dark truth of this sport and everything turn up side down. Twitter is the worst place where I should be. At first, I can handle it but those negative feeling accumulate in my brain for a whole years to the point that I fear of waking up and found another drama on Twitter in the morning. When I'm in second year at university it really come to a breaking point. I can't handle this much negativity along side studying. I delete all my figure skating video of other figure skater except Yuzu in my phone. I delete all my post about other figure skater on my facebook. I delete all my sns account that related to figure skating and decide to treat figure skating as a horrible memory that once used to be cause of my happiness. Except him. He's the one that I can't delete it from my life. He's the only thing about figure skating that still left in me. I live a normal life after that deleting festival until this march. The stress really hit me hard again. I fear fo Yuzu. I fear that this corrupted sport that he love will hurt him and it start to effect my health to the point that i start to think about stop following him. All the horrible memory from twitter flood back in my brain and make me very miserable. But after world past, I realize something. Yuzu is strong, so strong. He never let anyting drag him down. Even the corupted judging that happen through his career can't stop him from being what he is today. I should be strong to and don't let those horrible memory from twitter upset me. Be strong and focus on my study, I believe he want me to do this. Life is not fair in many way, but there's still Yuzu who fight against everthing to be where he is. I might not find love for figure skating again forever but I know he'll be forever in my memory as someone who inspired my life and teach me to grow up. P.s. I'm going to finish second year in Uni in 1 month. Really excited P.s.s. I once rant really hard here about this topic before world haha.
  3. Oh thanks I want too look at the full context to understand clearer what he had said before.
  4. Guys , do you have a context about what yuzu said at the press conference about the olympic? Somethings is getting out of hand in twitter...
  5. Guys help me, I've cried for the third time now and even many told me to send positive energy but I just can't....I'm really depress right now and I have class at uni tomorrow what should I do???
  6. I need a reminder how I survive pyeongchang now, I'm really gonna freak out
  7. Guys, thank you very much for a warm replied now, together with some sleep, I'm getting better that last night. Thank you very much for all of your advice. I love this place so much.
  8. Thank you very much for every good advice. I will take a time to lay down and calm myself and figure things out. Thank you very much for this lovely place (even though I might not post much). I'm in second year at Uni now, loooooong way to go.
  9. Now i'm really in tears. How can I forget him? The one who give me courage and strength in my uni life? I think it will be a way, some way to solve this. Thank you very much. I'll give my self a time to figure out.
  10. I stop watching comepetion for awhile now. Maybe I'm just coming out from midterm exam period. The stress make me very miserable. I even tought about stop being Fanyu and focus on my study. Now I'm so guilty. Really guilty.....
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