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  1. I could be wrong (projecting, because I loved the performance so much), but he didn't seem quite as mad as last year. Last year he was clearly mad to have won over a cleaner (IIRC) Jun, with a pretty messy program. He was mad at himself, for not doing better. This year, he seemed fairly satisfied with his performance - while still acknowledging the sal and loop problems and that they need fixing. I'm sure he was shocked and mad and fired up by the wrong calls. But it's a different kind of frustration, I think. I hope TSL is right and I hope everyone at TCC is outraged, because it seemed to me like sometimes Brian refused to fully admit that Yuzu is underscored compared to others. I know he had to be diplomatic, but it often seemed he really believed judges are doing their best. It might be a welcome wake up call. But while Yuzu will fix everything he still perceives to not be perfect, the only issue is finding a way to satisfy the judges, because this time Yuzu knows he did better than his scores showed. And I think that's important. I don't think he's beating himself up about it. And on a more positive note, I need to fangirl a bit lol Also, does anyone have any idea just what he was doing in the KnC, with all that wriggling in his seat? He looked like he was either itchy or dancing, but either way it was so hilarious...
  2. So, I'm at the airport, waiting to board the first of my two flights home and after catching up with this thread, I feel like giving my two cents. First, the fun part, the costume reveal was insane. The whole audience was reduced to a mindless, screaming mass. I feel somewhat ashamed of my very fangirly reaction, but it was instant death of too many brain cells to exercise any self control. Also, he was a bit of a tease about it, too, because he unzipped, but then skated with it on for a bit longer. But then it was off and the screams were insane lol The program was fantastic. I've seen Origin live twice before and to me, this was by far the best. Even the two wobbles weren't enough to affect it and everything afterwards was quite perfect. The emotion in it was closer to Toyama encore than anything else before. Whereas I felt Origin was imperial in a distant sort of way before, now I think it's more passionate... I guess the costume reflects that, too. It's still majestic, but in a more erotic, romantic, not so cold and distant way. When the scores came up, I shouted "WHAT?!" so loudly, I thought you might hear it on the stream. What I saw was not perfect, but it was still in a different galaxy to everything else in that competition and actually many competitions. Even with the wobbles. I loved Kevin's short, but the free was very blah for me. It was very similar to last year's, though not exactly the same. It's hard to accept that got the same score as the incredibly passionate Origin. But I think by now I've figured it out. The PCS has nothing to do with the repeating. They just concluded that 2 step outs and 3URs are enough to cap the PCS. Which in a way is fair enough. So if the technical calls were correct, the PCS would make sense. The problem is the technical calls were not correct. It's very frustrating, but I personally take some comfort in that it seems Yuzu knows the low score is only partly his own fault - he's aware of the loop and sal issues, but the toeloop calls are not his fault, whereas at Worlds, he surely wondered if not making mistakes might not have balanced the scores more.
  3. If you want to make banners to address the ISU issues, I believe you should make banners just about the ISU and leave Yuzu out of it as much as possible. Because once you mention Yuzu people will just say you're a bitter fan. The ISU issues go beyond just Yuzu and I think a banner campaign that is more general is more likely to have some impact. Stuff like "PCS is NOT TES" or "Skating fans against pre-rotation" or maybe a simple graphic of "This is UR. This is NOT UR." and so on. IMO, that's a completely different thing from the "We ❤️ Yuzu" campaign. (Btw, thank you, @yuzuangel again, for the banners! I waved it during the 6 min warmups )
  4. I honestly have no skating styles that I prefer. I don't even really watch ladies most of the time. I wasn't that into Evgenia's either, but it seems a little more tied together, while Rika's just seemed like elements succeeding each other without much connection. That is my impression watching it live. No complaints about how she did each element, just about the way they were connected by empty skating. We always complain that such and such skaters only skate from element to element, but when Rika does it, we praise her, because the elements are done well. Let's praise the elements and criticize the emptiness between the elements and be fair. That's all I'm saying. And if she improves and fills those gaps, I'll be perfectly happy. But letting it go because she's young and it's early in the season is the same as those people saying not to criticize the young girls' quads, because they're still young and can improve. We all want top quality skating, right? But if you disagree, that's fine. It's your right to do so.
  5. I'm probably in the great minority, but Rika's program, though she did all the elements in a great way, feels a lot like just ticking the boxes without much connecting the elements between them. Evgenia's program felt somewhat more cohesive (even though I found her music cuts a bit cringey as well and the costume makes me think more of a fancy robe than a kimono). And as just ticking the boxes is an issue I have with guys, it feels... wrong to praise Rika as if it's not the case with her. (Though it's actually so for many skaters. Many ladies had bits that felt like jump processions.)
  6. I feel traumatized - in the best possible way - and would like to thank ACI staff for not removing the glass, because otherwise it would have been centimetres away from me with no barrier...
  7. I don't know if it's been pointed out he also did each of the Otonal jumps once, with their entry and exit. Wasn't 4Lz at 40% when he brought it to competition? 🤔 Or is my memory shot... And we arrived half an hour earlier than yesterday and further back in line than yesterday... not sure front row will be possible today... There's a big mass of people in front, too, who will rush... hopefully nobody gets hurt >_< Still over an hour until the rink opens. (And the camping stuff is still outside, for tomorrow... I guess they're saving up on not having to book hotels.) And I really wonder if Javi will dare show up again after getting swarmed yesterday. He seemed pretty annoyed by the end of it, and probably being jetlagged didn't help. I actually posted a "please leave Javi alone at least while people are skating" request on twitter, but... yeah...
  8. I'm not sure if they showed it in the broadcast, but Zhenya did some TCC™ coold down exercises and it was beautiful. She seemed in better shape today than yesterday, I think.
  9. They were already lined up when we arrived for practice at about 4:30pm, with Yuzu not due for another 21 hours and a half... I predicted it'd be crazier this year, but this is worse than I expected... (maybe some people will give up when hearing he's recycling lol yeah, as if lol) It's kind of funny how the ISU felt the need to quicly update his bio as soon as they found out - and spoil the fun of finding out as he's doing them. Other times they take forever. Guess they always need to take the fun away from Yuzu fans lol Personally I would have prefered knowing as he's practicing, because there would have been less time to be disappointed. As it is, now I have hours lol Although I do love both programs. And yeah, there's a good chance we won't get new costumes this competition. Although that time with Chopin, it was because the new one was too tight and he had it redone and it wasn't ready in time. So who knows... As for Rika, while the dress is beautiful and the color is beautiful, it's really disappointing for me, for that program. The music is so different and original and that dress is just like any other dress. Maybe they were afraid an edgy costume might not sit well with the judges... I'm still not crazy about the progrma itself... most of the stsq wasn't in front of me, so I couldn't tell if it matches the music more, but it didn't feel that different from FaOI. The jumps were mostly spot on. Also she did a full RT. No pauses, no breaks. I liked Evgenia's, it does look more adult-like and I really feel like you can see Tracy's skating lessons in it. It was too bad about the axel, she did some beautiful ones throughout practice, but I guess got caught out during the RT. If Rika nails the 3A like she did throughout most of the practice, I don't think Evgenia has any chance to win, but I do like the program, so far. We'll see what it's like in comeptition, though (and her costumes as well).
  10. Didn't Alina's Carmen get high PCS? Does that mean judges thought it was better than other Carmens? I'm not saying it doesn't factor in, it probably depends from judge to judge, but I think TES counts more. Which, of course, is not to say TES will count more for Yuzu as well 😒 He usually seems to be judges by different criteria, so I wouldn't be surprised if it'll be the case on this, too.
  11. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the same thing happened before? The official daily link mentioned a starting time that didn't fit the events, but they still ended up showing the practices. Though last year they were late, IIRC. Or maybe what I remembered is that the streaming schedule on the site doesn't mention practices...
  12. I don't think judges judge Origin through Nijinsky comparisons, or else all warhorses would have to be judged based on legendary performances of that program. I also think Origin has a different feel than Nijinsky - which was why even Plush had issues at first, before he realized it was a tribute to him and not Nijinsky. I get the perfection argument, though. There is something about Origin that makes it feel like it needs to be perfect. That said, I also agree that quads are more essential to high scores than even better interpretation. Which is why I wonder if he might not be better off trying some of those new quads, even if adding more than one is likely to take longer to stabilize than adding them slowly, because he might get the "aww, he's going for hard quads!" bonus. It could be rougher, but might speed up things a bit. If he adds them one by one, it'll take time... he'll stabilize one, then probably it'll act up while he adds the next one and so on. But only he knows, based on stamina and health and so on. As for Otonal being perfect, I think it's hard to argue that when it was forced into a different shape than originally intended after the kuyashii kicked in. Even if he pretty much made the best of it, overall, it was still more patched up than he'd like, I think. But I, too, wonder about doing tribute programs two seasons in a row... Well, Yuzu knows best and we'll see soon.
  13. I want Yuzu to do a Javi and submit a blank program content And I didn't see those links for music and such they usually have for ISU events, so I've been wondering if they have them or not for challengers, too...
  14. I don't think Yuzu really speaks in the heat of the moment. I'm sure he meant it and I'm sure he's been working towards it (my theory of him training all Summer seems to support that). He also wouldn't be trying 4F at FaOI just for kicks, because that's not him. Which is not to say that I expect him to do them all this season. It's because he said he wants all the quads that I'm pretty sure he won't retire at the end of this season and will stick around for at least one more. (I also think he will likely achieve this, through sheer will, push his body until he manages to, regardless of the consequences. But I'm not sure whether I really want this or not.) That said, I'm also quite convinced 4A is a lot closer to being done than most people believe. And we know he was doing 4F before Olys as well. But I think 4A was always the priority, so I actually expect it to appear before 4F is fine-tuned. However, precisely because he doesn't have a whole lot of time left and because getting one quad stable is hard, getting three new quads stable is crazy, I wouldn't be surprised if he brought them all and tried to give them mileage, even if they don't always all work out. That being said, I also don't expect 6 different quads in the free. I expect at least one to be only in the short. I'm guessing 4T might be the only one to make it both to the short and free, though maybe not even that... maybe he'll do 4Lo 4S-3T in the short and 4A, 4Lz, 4F, 4T-3A in the free (eventually). For ACI, I expect 4Lz, to be honest. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't do that one either. I don't really expect him to come out all guns blazing, but it entirely depends on his goals and his plan to achieving those goals, so IMO, anything is possible.
  15. ETA: So with Jun's programs having been finally announced, does that make Yuzu the only skater whose programs have yet to be revealed/confirmed? He really does like being mysterious. But Yuzu, this sort of thing is much more effective if you actually come up with new programs!
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