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  1. Regarding Ari saying it the MVS would be Nathan, I think someone mentioned it was a misunderstanding/mistranslation and Ari had actually said something like Nathan is the best (this season), not that people would vote him for MVS. Also, IIRC, the source was a Japanese interview, so it probably went through several translations and re-translations. I also wouldn't be surprised if Ari would say something like that just to stir the spirits and raise interest in the stupid awards, even if negative interest. I can't imagine any universe in which they would dare not give MVS to Yuzu. The award was quite literally made for him. People naming him is simply because they're asked. They're asked who they think should get it and they answer Yuzu, regardless of actual championship wins, because he's above that now. I don't think we should waste energy without knowing exactly the result. IF they do reveal the winners and Yuzu is not in it, then I'm all for a revolution, but until then, we can spend our energy on better things. Like looking forward to that NHK thing!
  2. Being flagbearer in PC was a different issue. Kodaira Nao was his sempai, so he deferred to her. I think she also got two gold medals, while he got one. And she was also the team captain. And on top of that, he was tired, injured and probably just wanted to enjoy the ceremony a bit. He also disappeared right after they paraded, so he likely didn't stay for the whole thing, which I'm not sure he would have been able to do as flagbearer. Lighting the Olympic flame is a different thing. It's unlikely the one lighting it would be an active Summer Olympian - I don't think they usually are - and they do say there's going to be a theme of recovery from the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and nobody is more of a symbol of that than Yuzu. That he's also a Double Olympic Champion is bonus points. And if it's seen as a further symbol to the recovery, I suspect he would do it, if only just for that. Whether they'll ask him or not and whether he'll accept or not, no idea. If he doesn't, we might never know either. I think it would be a good recognition of his value to the Japanese people, though, that's why I'd like to see it happen. And it would further cement his status. But if he doesn't want to do it, then he obviously shouldn't. As things are now, though, then I definitely hope he'll stay a hermit in Toronto. But under normal circumstances, depending on the reason given, I would like him to do it, yes.
  3. I thought I had heard of a case in Sendai... or maybe it was just a suspicion. I think there might be some things that work in Japan's favor. One is that physical contact isn't as common as in the West, another is that using masks is common there at all times, so wearing masks is no big deal for them. And maybe that hygiene is usually very important - they often bathe/shower at least twice a day - and things are generally cleaner (I still remember the shock of going from sparkling clean Japanese airport bathrooms to Vienna airport bathrooms... and that's Vienna, not some poor country, like my own, where I have no expectations) and people, possibly, a bit healthier, all of this combined might have helped, despite the authorities not taking serious measures. But the authorities appearing lax is making some people wonder if they're not hiding things in order to make the country seem safer and NOT get the Olympics canceled. I'm against conspiracy theories generally, but you can hear more and more people say this and assume that Japan's numbers are actually much worse than they say. I hope not. Here, we're at over 550 cases and 6 deaths. All 6 deaths happened within 24 hours or so. Worse, they say several of those had no known contact with infected people and had no travel history. The authorities have been fairly strict and taking measures early on and now we're on virtual lockdown, but the problem is, like everywhere else, the people. Those not taking it seriously, those still socializing - although that is as good as banned now - and, worst of all, those lying about their travel history. And those running out of self-isolation or even quarantine. It was people like that that brought the numbers to where they are. People coming from affected areas, lying about it, so they wouldn't have to self-isolate, or ignoring self-isolation altogether and then going around and having contact with at least 100 other people. It's nuts. They're given large fines and a police record, accused of impeding pandemic measures, but it seems they just don't care. Maybe the new measures of taking them to quarantine and restarting the 14 days of quarantine every time they run away might work better as determent. I've been working from home for almost a week now - only went out briefly yesterday, to an ATM - and I don't mind staying at home much. I have lots of things to do that I never got around to doing otherwise. Currently, I feel I might enjoy it a bit more if I didn't have to work, but I'd also probably get bored more quickly. The only real thing is I envy people who have yards and who can still go out into their own yards when the weather is nice lol
  4. Thanks for the update. I admit I haven't followed restrictions for Canada after Montreal settled. I don't think anyone is truly willing to travel now. Way too many unknowns. That, too... By next Spring, there will hopefully be a vaccine, but until then anything is possible. That's why the rest of this year looks pretty bleak IMO. Many people hope it'll be better in the Summer because it'll be warm and generally coronaviruses don't like warm weather. But there have been outbreaks in warm areas, too, most recently spring breakers from Florida, so it doesn't look very positive. I think for now we just have to take it a step at a time, hope for the best, but be cautious. It's why I decided not to invest money in planning for FaOI, although I want to go so badly again. I just can't see it happening or at least can't see it being safe enough to travel.
  5. I think he's safer in any place that doesn't require him to go out and given that he is, as far as we know, still in Toronto, it's there. Traveling is a risk even at other times. The dry, recirculated air in the airplane, the crossing of time zones, the sheer tiredness of a long flight of over 10 hours, plus airport waiting times are always a risk of getting sick. I get colds virtually every time I travel long distance. I have spent flights home from Japan shivering continuously from fever and I don't usually get fevers. And that was without any viruses going around. We also know it has happened to Yuzu as well. It's why he had his accident in 2017, because he was stubborn enough to jump while not fully recovered from the strong fever he developed after traveling from Canada to Japan. Traveling is also likely to trigger asthma attacks, IIRC, so really, if it's not absolutely necessary, like for visa reasons, I hope he stays put. On top of that, given how lax Japan is, I wouldn't be surprised if his sponsors would have demands of him and it would be hard to refuse. And the media would try to get a hold of him and whatnot. Also, as far as I know, Ice Rink Sendai is closed and likely to remain so. If he's in Toronto, his contact with people is very limited and staying indoors is what he mostly does anyway. So definitely safer. Likely not more comfortable, but we're talking safety now, not comfort. In an ideal world, sure, it would be great if Yuzu could spend Summers with his family and stay at home and so on, but this isn't an ideal world. He usually has so many eyes on him and so many obligations in Japan. Personally, I think he feels more comfortable in Toronto by now, anyway, simply because in Toronto he can breathe a little and not be THE Yuzuru Hanyu 24/7. And even that aside, COVID-19 restrictions are not an excuse for a holiday. Even if most people stay at home with their loved ones, it's not a holiday, it's a siege. Comfort is not the top priority, safety is. And nothing is safer now than being a hermit with as few contacts as possible, which is what he is in Toronto. And also, it's not like he doesn't have things to do. There are games, there are his studies, just imagine how much he can study and how much he can think about skating now, with no real time restrictions. How much music he can consider and choreography and so on. I'm sure he'll get the itch, too, from being cooped up with no chance to practice, but he's a smart boy. He knows there are bigger things than skating going on in the world now, so he'll grit his teeth and find ways to occupy his time. Just like all of us. (Personally, I think my biggest regret for this Summer is Yuzu not getting to to be the one to light the Olympic Flame I wanted that really badly, but now I just want him to stay away and stay safe, even if they offer it to him. Maybe if they postpone he can do it at the new date...)
  6. FaOI I think is just being optimistic... Choosing to do things as they usually do, as if nothing's wrong and it's just another off season. They always announce the foreign skaters first, then a big batch of Japanese skaters, then other skaters trickle in and they usually end with Yuzu. I can't imagine any of these are 100% sure,though. Also, aside from Ashley and Kaetlyn, all are FaOI regulars. Well, Liza became one last year. (I wonder if Ashley being in ROI played a part lol I actually liked her at ROI a lot, she was super fun and even at the M&G was really full of energy and very nice.) If it were right now, the Canadians are probably free to travel, though recommended against, Liza and Plush, too, maybe (not sure if Russia has taken any measures), but Ashley, Johnny, Stephane, Javi would all go straight into quarantine.
  7. We've also seen him eat karaage when he was in highschool and it was apparently his favorite then. That's even more fried than gyoza. Japan generally has healthy food, but they also have a lot of fried and deep-fried dishes. The difference is they are usually properly drained of oil, so it's not that bad, especially if eaten warm, immediately after preparation. (I admit some things that are perfectly good freshly made can be really heavy after a while). IIRC in that interview, when Nobu first asks why he doesn't eat more chocolate cake, he says I don't know... more like... I just don't. But actually, I find chocolate cake way too heavy myself, not so much taste wise as just... in general, it's too much. I prefer something lighter and fruitier. Which doesn't necessarily extend to other things. As for the Ghana thing, he did say that about the last one, with the mountain of whipped cream - and it made me wonder if he secretly wants his entire fanbase to die of sugar overload - but I don't remember him saying it about the previous two (the one with the marshmallow and the candied ginger or the one with zunda). That being said, I did try the mrshmallow one and it wasn't nearly as sweet as you would think, mostly because Ghana chocolate isn't as sweet as other milk chocolates. (Here, I'm partial to Milka and that's much sweeter than Ghana.) There was no way SOI could have happened. Almost half the cast was from the US and US citizens are advised not to travel, plus they have now been included on the 'must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival' list. The Canadians are probably next on that list, the Europeans already are on that list and the Japanese skaters training abroad risk not being able to go back to their training places if they go to Japan, because they wouldn't be allowed back in their respective countries. And that on top of how dangerous it is to travel now. I personally suspect Yuzu might have already withdrawn (which might be why TBS chose to air that clip with the florist, as a sort of lashing out; though I could also be reading too much into it; it just seems so stupid to me to air something like that about the star of your upcoming shows...) and that might have given them the final push to finally cancel. (Or well, postpone, as it seems it hurts their soul to outright cancel.) I also can't see, at this point in time, FaOI happening either. With Canada announcing that they refuse to send athletes to the Olympics if it doesn't get postponed, I can't imagine the Olympics will go on. And if the Olympics, which are even later than FaOI, get postponed, I can't imagine how FaOI would be ok. Japan also seems to NOT really be taking serious measures. Admittedly, I haven't followed infection rates, but seeing people attend large scale events, not practicing much social distancing, hearing that many people don't follow basic instructions, like hand washing and cough courtesy, it's hard to imagine that, from the outside, Japan looks safe for people to travel to. I personally gave up on participating in the lottery for Niigata at this point. I might reconsider future lotteries based on what happens next, but seeing how utterly KY Japan looks compared to the rest of the world, I wouldn't feel safe traveling there. And the last thing I want is for Yuzu to go anywhere not safe. If he sets foot in Japan, you know he'll be swarmed to do promo stuff, CMs and whatnot. He's better off as a hermit in Toronto. On top of that, FaOI skater announcement has a small issue, in that Javi appears confirmed for all shows in Shizuoka, yet he's scheduled to have his Summer Camp in Spain, starting on the last day of that. No way can he teleport, but I think at this point nobody knows if either will happen, so no point in clarifying. Spain is doing really bad, Italy is beyond bad, all of Europe is bad and I expect US and Canada will follow. I know many skaters need the ice show money, but I hope none of them needs it enough to risk their health for it.
  8. Regarding alcohol, it's been debated before and it's hard to reach a conclusion because the information Yuzu has given isn't much. He's said it himself that he doesn't drink alcohol, because he's allergic to it (Asaichi interview). And he said that it's because when he had his surgery, they had to lose a lot of rubbing alcohol and he broke out in hives, IIRC. The debate started because rubbing alcohol is different than drinking alcohol, but maybe there's more to it than Yuzu has said. It's also possible he has low alcohol tolerance, and saying he's allergic is an easy way to get out of social situations where he would be expected to drink. (Japanese adults are generally expected to drink, at least a beer, at least some sake, at least something, and claiming allergies would be an easy way to get out of that.) I do remember he brought it up in the Sekkisei talk show thing last Summer again, but it was more along the lines of Sekkisei products don't have alcohol, so it's good for him, because he's allergic, or something like that, I think. About other foods, he has admitted that he's very picky and has little appetite, regularly. I recently stumbled upon some fan comments that claimed it was revealed he actually had a condition that was to blame for this - and not just that he was fussy - but that he got a nutritionist's help and they found solutions for it and now he eats normally, HOWEVER, I don't think there was any source for this info, so take it with a grain of salt. He has admitted to eating chips and McDonald's at times (Yuzu, try KFC, rather, it's much tastier :P) and he was seen drinking Cola at the airport in Moscow, in a documentary, after Rostelecom 2017, but he takes the tiniest of tiny sips lol (I'd have chugged half the can, tbh). Most of the time, at competitions, he eats what Ajinomoto staff cooks for him, and they are very careful to make stuff he is comfortable eating and that helps by providing all the nutrients he needs. One thing I do remember is that, I think around GPF 2016, his team found out he had a very slow metabolism, so eating before competitions left him super full and he couldn't perform properly, because his system was very slow to digest the food. So after that they changed his habits and I think they said he wouldn't eat until after skating? Though probably later they figured out there are things he can eat before, too, that aren't so bad, because Ajinomoto always has three meals a day prepared for him, IIRC. They did have some stuff last year, where they revealed what they made for him during each day of competition, but I don't remember where it was. So, aside from alcohol - which, like I said, is a common debate among fans - I don't think he has other food allergies - or at least not that we know of - but he probably does have things he processes more easily than others and is probably still somewhat picky about taste. Then again that also changes... there was a time he said he doesn't eat fat things or things fried in oil, and then he also said he loves karaage and things fried in oil lol And I think he has said he's trying to overcome he's aversion to paprika lol Generally, he likes his mother's cooking more than anything. I'm not sure about liking more delicate tasting things, because those concoctions he's made for the Ghana Hot Chocolate clips are anything but delicate lol Although I generally find Ghana to be more delicate tasting than other milk chocolate, so maybe there's something to it after all. About other allergies, I think he also developed an allergy to one of the antibiotics he was given after his surgery. And generally, given his asthma and apparently a more fragile body - just thinking about all the times when the recovery times for injuries or the surgery initially given ended up being way off compared to the time he actually needed to fully recover - it's not unlikely he is prone to allergies. But he rarely speaks about them, because he doesn't want it to seem like he's making excuses. I still wonder if we'll ever know whether he really did have an asthma attack before JNats or not. And who knows how many others there might have been that we didn't know about and might never know. Surely nobody could have ever guessed he had an asthma attack two weeks before Helsinki Worlds if they hadn't revealed it as part of that year's 24HTV.
  9. IIRC, Yuzu had a big growth spurt in his first years of puberty, when he suddenly ended up towering over his peers (there were some videos of his rivalry with Ryuju and in one year they were the same height, in the next one, Yuzu was quite a bit taller), but after that his growing seems to have been fairly steady, without any sudden shooting up in height. Which was probably very good for his jumps. Although I think there were people who said he grew quite a bit even in the Summer before becoming a senior (I'm sure I've seen comments that he looked taller in NHK '10 than he'd looked at Junior Worlds). Then again, Yuzu's not as tall as Nam, so Nam did need a more sudden growth spurt to reach that height lol Most figure skaters are quite short, though...especially single skaters. I was really surprised the first time I saw Javi and Jeff, for example, with normal shoes and they were barely any taller than me. Not tall and SO slim... The waists on those guys... (I think if I ever saw Yuzu's up close, my eyes would pop out, given how amazing the other guys looked already) But I digress lol I'd say this is one way in which nature favored Yuzu, because if he'd had a big growth spurt in his mid teens, it probably would have affected him quite a lot. Though now I wonder, if he did grow a few cms the Summer of 2010, maybe that played a part in his struggling with learning 4T at that time...
  10. I was really happy with the CBC interview as well. Admittedly, the bar for Western Yuzu coverage is pretty low, but it was really good. My only issue is the translation of the Japanese parts which was very hit and miss. I'd like it if some of the better translators in the fandom would politely write to them and offer a more proper translation of those parts. If it's done respectfully, I think they might be open to it...
  11. Is that still on with Quebec authorities closing all the rinks?
  12. They could even have their own little competition, maybe with the coaches and choreographers as the judging panel Actually it'd be fun if all skaters would do stuff like that and do a sort of Virtual World Wide Figure Skating Exhibition... but with many rinks closed it'd be hard. (I guess TCC being a private club that can regulate attendance, they might stay open unless things get really bad in Toronto...)
  13. Late, but ah, memories! Let's fangirl scream our lungs out again over a new Yuzu costume, like we did Origin 2.0!
  14. I didn't really mean it like he hinted we should stop being angry. It's hard to explain, I see it more as acknowledging our anger, but also like "well, it's over, don't waste anymore energy on it" sort of pacifying? I think I'm explaining it wrongly. But I got the same feeling from him insisting he loved competing and was happy to continue competing in FS after Saitama and again GPF. Like he knew fans were pissed off because of the judging and he probably has his own feelings about it, but at the end of the day a sort of "It's ok, don't worry, I'm still loving it." He seems to have a way of indirectly and discreetly addressing fan issues and perhaps trying to calm us, while also doing the usual polite thanking. I'm sure he's also aware some of his fans can at times get aggressive and step out of line, so maybe he feels that trying to discreetly calm the spirits might help before it gets to that. But of course, that's just my speculation. In Japan (and I think not only, but also other Asian countries), all celebrities, including athletes, are expect to take responsibility for their fans, to some extent, like asking them to behave when they don't and such. And even if they weren't, I'm sure Yuzu would feel responsible for how his fans act anyway, because he's that sort of guy. So it makes sense to me that he would try to calm the spirits, even while not directly saying there are any spirits that need calming. Apparently, specialists say asthma isn't an aggravating fact for COVID-19. It is a bit confusing, because you'd expect it to be, but I hope they're right. And anyway, Yuzu rarely goes anywhere that isn't TCC, so I think he should be fine, as long as he doesn't have to travel.
  15. I think it could be Yuzu's way of saying "I know you guys are pissed off at ISU, but it's over, so please stop", plus being typically Japanese and super polite, thanking the organizers as one does. He's done this before, when fans were pissed off at one or another, he would politely thank that one or another or discreetly address it otherwise, like "I know, but it's ok, drop it." or so. Or maybe I'm overthinking it. I still hope we'll get to see him... maybe TCC skaters can do a joint happy group pic or so... And CBC owes us that interview...
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