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  1. Yume

    Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    Salut. Ça fait une éternité que j'ai écrit ici. Contente de voir Yuzu gagner deux GPs dans la même saison. Ce serait bien qu'il gagne la finale aussi mais je crois qu'il va déclarer forfait. Ce qui serait le mieux à faire vu son état je pense. Qu'il se soigne, se repose et revienne en forme pour la deuxième partie de saison.
  2. Seriously this is bad. Why put two young girls against each other pubicly like that? And this sounds a bit negative towards Zagitova, like an attack. Both girls have already enough pressure on their shoulders.
  3. The free skate was magic. I would have switched Satoko and Liza but since Liza stills get her GPF ticket, it's not too bad. Top 7 was really good.
  4. They are beautiful. What i wanted to say is that Zagitova's spins are not worse than hers.
  5. Miles better at everything but the jumps AND the spins i would say.
  6. Just saw that Yuzu plans a 4T-3A in FS. So he wasn't landing it in show just for fun.....and 3F is back. When is the last time he landed a 3F-3T?
  7. Can we at least start to stress at the first official practice? Don't start to lose your hair now.
  8. How can this thread be at 10 pages already? We are only in Tuesday
  9. I don't see what Shoma's costume have to do with his music.... For one second i thought he changed his SP Junliet should be first IMO.
  10. I just hate North America competitions. I can't stay awake at 2:00am to watch. Nice surprise to see Julian with the highest TES.
  11. I think that as someone said, JSF loves Hamada's girls. Otherwise i don't see why they don't give just even little support to someone who is as consistent and technically stronger than Satoko.q
  12. I know they are different events, but it's weird that Zagitova's program score 11 points higher than Kihira's program. And for the love of God, judges could have at least give the best SS score to Marin and Mai. Seriously.u
  13. Fantastic podium. Lovely programs from Alina, Mai, Loena, Marin. Good competition overall.
  14. Yume

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    If Yuzu skate that program cleanly, it will be epic. He was so done that he gave me Nice 2012 vibes.
  15. Yume

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Short Program

    Ok judges, just 45 PCS for that program....