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  1. Yume

    Team Russia

    Yes, its logic. Actually i would have love the same thing for Japanese olympic selection last season. It would have been better to put Wakaba and Kaori head-to-head at 4CC. That should happen when skaters are really tied and that there will be some unfairness no matter the decision. But i guess that it's the first time in many many many years that Rusfed have to wait until Russian cup final to announce the worlds team.
  2. Yume

    Team Russia

    In any other country the team would have been settled now. Or there would have been only two clear finalists for that spot. Tukt and Konstantinova. I don't see other fed still giving a chance to someone who performes badly since the beginning of the season and consider to put her above someone who made a hell of a comeback, was consistent with a high technical arsenal, has a high potential scoring, and didn't have a disaster at her last comp despite being seriously ill a month ago. Russian men have two or three spots? I want to see Kovtun at worlds. But if there is only two spots then i hope Kolyada will get the 2nd, since Samarin already has the first.
  3. Yume

    Team Russia

    Well if Konstantinova is the cleanest and put two clinic performances on ice, i don't see why she souldn't get the spot... But IMO, there is no way Medvedeva won't get that spot if she doesn't make an obvious costly mistake. No matter how the other two will skate.
  4. Yume

    Team Russia

    Tuk is a safer bet IMO. Because despite her high PCS Medvedeva still got 60 and 125 as her lowest scores in GPs this season. While Tuk even with mistakes and lower PCS was around 70 and 130 as her lowest scores in GPs. I just hope that these two more weeks will be enough for Tuk to get back her first part of season's shape. Because obviously being back on competition at Dragon trophy barely one month after getting out of hospital was not easy.
  5. Yume

    Team Russia

    Well Tukt is unlucky. Because i'm 99% sure that she would have get her spot at nats without that pneumonia. She's doubly unlucky because Medvedeva is in the same fight than her for that last spot.
  6. Yume

    Team Russia

    I don't know if fed couldn't wait after universiade to decide the worlds team, but big big mistake for Tuktamysheva to be in that competition.
  7. The thing about Vincent's artistry, he is at the same level than Chen imo. At least for the LP. I have the impression to see the same person. So that LP is 98 national PCS worthy too, imo
  8. Well i hope that Cha will get muscles with age.
  9. I think it's harder for tall men to rotate. Vincent and Jun should ask to Samarin how he does. Because the boy has many flaws but he rotates.
  10. And i think that there is generally two reactions in a situation where judges tell you that your jumps who were great or fine months ago, are bad or not so great. 1) You lose confidence like Medvedeva. 2) You act like you are over-confident like Zhou. Everything is fine. I think option 2) is better for Zhou because that allows him to stay motivated and works. I think he works on his jumps, even if his words make think the contrary. Now it can also be his ego that is too big...
  11. When we see that 3 of the 6 men who were at GPF are Voronov, Brezina, Messing, three men who don't have some of the bests technical arsenals, the best consistency, the best PCS, who didn't medaled later at continental championships, i say everything is possible. And its not like his potential scoring is so low that he can't even expect a top 5. It would have been more accurate for him to say "i can be on worlds podium....if other skaters bomb". But no one says that. And i think that boy says some things on purpose. Like he knows what people is saying about him on internet and he's like "let me annoy you even more"
  12. Sadly he will never catch up if his PCS don't get a major boost. And i don't think his own improvements will ever be enough to get that boost. It's always PCS that keeps him behind Shoma. Far behind. Like at junior worlds or 2015 gpf where he beat Shoma in TES but Shoma was 14 points ahead in PCS in the free (which i understand because back then Boyang's skating was terrible)
  13. I think it isn't just Shoma's LP that is overscored but the SP too. But nothing new. Congrats to him for his first big gold.
  14. My best performances of both segments are Boyang's. Rockstar in the short, flamenco man in the long.
  15. Silver curse lol. He only did 4CC three times. Even Shoma who has a shorter career did 4cc five times. His body need to let him go to 4CC more.