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  1. Finally. I like the music, but the choreo is empty or doesn't fit the music imo. So far i think the best choreographed (+best music cuts) SP by Shae is Kaori's. Rika's choreo isn't bad but the music is a big no. Wakaba's choreo lacks details. I like the costume though.
  2. Well, that looks like a great program. The music cuts are good and the choreo not bad at all. I like the step sequence and the choreo sequence. There are parts of that program that remind me Wakabond.
  3. Rika's FS is really beautiful. The choreo is demanding, as the jumps layout. Very ambitious program. I hope her dress will be as beautiful as the program. Alina's SP has a good potential. The stsq should be slower imo but there are nice things. The spins are on music, good. I never thought that Charles Aznavours song can be used in FS. Let alone la boheme. There are nice choreo moves in Chen's SP. But imo the choreo has little to do with the music. Chosing a more dynamic music and making a nemesis n.2 would have been better.
  4. She always start the season like that.
  5. Did she grow up? She seems different from last season. Nice tribute to Mao with that costume.
  6. Seems like Buyanova kicked Gubanova out of CSKA https://mobile.twitter.com/sywtwfs/status/1151509951698952192 Does that mean that she won't have a coach for the season? Because i've read last year when Panenkova left Team Tutberidze that she can't go to a coach who is not from Sambo. Because she left outside the mercato period. Since Gubanova isn't just kicked out of Buyanova's team, but from entire CSKA, i assume she can't go to another coach from CSKA like she can't go to a coach from another club. What a record for Buyanova. Tsurskaya retired, Sotskova left, She expelled Gubanova, no news of Radionova...... If she can go to another coach, i hope she goes to Mishin. That potential shouldn't be wasted. With more consistency she can score higher than Samodurova imo. As she can put on table harder layputs and has IMHO, better artistic skills.
  7. I have to say that this choice is a pleasant surprise for me.
  8. Alina Zagitova's SP: "Me voy" by Yasmin Levy. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz3ny6qIoo8/?igshid=opgng8d0shr7
  9. If he lands all those jumps, no doubt he will finish in top 10 at nats even with low pcs. Sota shouldn't be so hard with himself on presentation. His SP last season wasn't bad at all. He has nice basics.
  10. Just from this snippet i already like this program. Loena is such a beautiful skater. With more consistency on jumps she can score very well.
  11. Interesting to see Miki Ando do choreography. Maybe Nana can learn a quad from her too
  12. Well, i hope he will steal something good for Alena then So her programs won't be bad.
  13. Well, a proof that you don't just need Eteri as your coach to get high PCS.
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