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  1. Satoko did better than Yuhana in GPs and nats (medals and scoring-wise). I don't see why Yuhana deserves that WC spot (more than Satoko). The one who deserves it is Tomoe. But i would be ok if fed send her to 4CC (if she can get the minimums in a competition during january) and Satoko to worlds.
  2. She won over a Sasha and Anna with many mistakes. She had no chance against a clean Trusova and maybe even Anna
  3. Glad that Alina isn't in the group of crazy overscored skaters anymore. Total score maybe could have been lower (like 5 points lower) but at least it's more close to reality. I bet most of people can't believe she got dinged hard (7 calls)...
  4. Trusova's GOEs are surprisingly "low". I thought she would get +4s despite the landings but judges didn't go too much crazy apparently. I guess that explains why she didn't crossed 100 TES
  5. I prefered Rika's but yeah Alina free skate was good. She looks more like a woman and skate with more maturity than last season.
  6. I also would like to know how with 4 quads Trusova gets the same score than 2017 WTT Medvedeva with 7 triples whom hardest element was a 3F-3T....
  7. Well, Trusova didn't come to play. I expected a unitard and a Daenerys hairstyle.
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