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  1. Shoma won? Good for him. I think he really needed this , a major international gold. Happy for him
  2. I can't watch but you guys keep me entertained )
  3. Just signed in to say I was surprised with the results is an understatement! Ah, excitement! !! Happy for the medalists , super sad for Kaori . I need to find some time to watch all the skates
  4. Whoa her landings!!!! Smoooooth as butter on a hot toast !!
  5. She actually can fight for medals if she does well in FP!
  6. Someone please explain how she has reached more than 35 Tes?
  7. See her scores going berserk But isn't she cute?
  8. What a ball of sunshine
  9. OMG please have mercy , you want me to choke on my sandwich and die from laughter ?
  10. Heheh it's actually refreshing to watch this final group . I like all Japanese ladies equally and , I kinda want LilBet and other girls to do well .But I'm not particularly invested in any of them . I can enjoy FS without freaking out for once
  11. -1 ??? How is that?
  12. Ahhhhh beautiful feathery Eunsoo .......:)
  13. I've came here all teary with ripped kokoro after watching on youtube the most heartfelt Prometo hoping to find some Ex finale featuring Javi's warm sendoff and this is what I find? I'm so done with this shit.....Now I'm teary again