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  1. I was abroad during WC , was able to see only the last group of Men FS , and that's all basically , trying to catch up now. And that's what I'm going to say : Haru Yo Koi this time is almost spiritual experience , such an emotional release . Freaking catharsis , I don't know how to explain it but, what I know is that I ran out of superlatives to describe it. Where does he take this emotional strength??? I'm dead, thank you, bye..... Now back to catching up WC videos....
  2. 4lo !!! It's there ! I will watch through my fingers ! That fall from 4Lo in front of my eyes at CoR practice still haunts me . Ouch!
  3. How many treasures do they hide?? I feel there are plenty of his early years footage they can dig ...
  4. That FP... Haven't seen it in months . I took a little break after CoR from FS, needed it , the bittersweet experience was too overwhelming. And now I feel ready to come back. I was there but my mind mercifully erased everything from my memory except that Ina Bauer, which left me floored and smitten , it was so long and powerful and left me in awe from that beauty and subtle power . I'm so angry at myself that I don't remember all the details , stupid games of memory , thank God there are such fan cams out three . Shiiiit, "Why am I crying??? (C)
  5. I don't think I'll be watching ladies live this year's WC. It's too much for my nerves. After all this mess I might not survive if she bombs. Praying for the best though
  6. Shoma won? Good for him. I think he really needed this , a major international gold. Happy for him
  7. I can't watch but you guys keep me entertained )
  8. Just signed in to say I was surprised with the results is an understatement! Ah, excitement! !! Happy for the medalists , super sad for Kaori . I need to find some time to watch all the skates
  9. Whoa her landings!!!! Smoooooth as butter on a hot toast !!
  10. She actually can fight for medals if she does well in FP!
  11. Someone please explain how she has reached more than 35 Tes?
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