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  1. Video video video gimme video who invented this stupid work that deprived me of a new edition POTO!!!!!
  2. How many treasures do they hide?? I feel there are plenty of his early years footage they can dig ...
  3. That FP... Haven't seen it in months . I took a little break after CoR from FS, needed it , the bittersweet experience was too overwhelming. And now I feel ready to come back. I was there but my mind mercifully erased everything from my memory except that Ina Bauer, which left me floored and smitten , it was so long and powerful and left me in awe from that beauty and subtle power . I'm so angry at myself that I don't remember all the details , stupid games of memory , thank God there are such fan cams out three . Shiiiit, "Why am I crying??? (C)
  4. I don't think I'll be watching ladies live this year's WC. It's too much for my nerves. After all this mess I might not survive if she bombs. Praying for the best though
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , KING!!! Please , be healthy , love, other things will follow !
  6. I wouldn't have travelled abroad to see a FS event . I wouldn't have started taking Japanese classes. Although I am an old FS fan, following it since I believe , year 2000, Beteween 2008 and 2015 it had been on and off for me until he really brought me back to the beautiful world of FS.
  7. This is such a revelation. He won that second gold against all odds, contrary to logic and by the sheer power of will. We are so blessed to witness this legend. One can only guess what heights he would able to achieve, if he weren't injured almost every season of his senior career.
  8. He is not subtle at all , hahaha! I think I fell in love again )) This kid!
  9. Oh I saw these girls with a portrait , seating besides this cute ice rink at the mall near Megasport Arena, the portrait was beautiful! So beautifully done.
  10. Yuzu, drop the skin - care routine , please!!! They zoomed in right into his face and his skin looks like a pearl! How is it even possible?
  11. Hahahaha lol true. But to be fair when he was young , even t younger than Yuzu , I'd say befor 21-22 y.o, he wasn't only about posing and wiggling the hips. He did plenty of cool stuff. It feels like a century ago tho.
  12. I remember reading this tumblr post quite a while ago, thanks for reminding. I tend to agree. It perfectly sums up my sentiments when I watch him. Not every single time, but it happens quite a lot.
  13. Just a random thing . So I went to my Japanese class today and I said I won't be able to come next week . My teacher asked why, obviously , and I explained I was going to Russia to see FS event and to see one very special guy , and showed her Yuzu's picture on IG. And she went :" OHHHH!! YUZU!! Take A LOT of pictures please!" Just a side note: she is Japanese but she's been living outside of Japan for like 20 years , and there are no Japanese around here, you can count them on the fingers of one hand probably , and she is not a FS fan at all, not even near . But when it comes to Yuzu, it's a different story , probably . It warmed my heart so much
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