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  1. Oh my god, hope you feel better and pray you will be able to make it.
  2. You are earlier than me, I scheduled to pick up on the 15th. It would be great if you can share your experience. Thanks a lot
  3. Can I ask a favor to those who will arrive early and need to pick up tickets from Cosport to share their experience? I heard that Cosport pick up was a pain in the back for both Rio 2016 and London 2012. Some people spent more than 8 hours to pick up their tickets. If that's the case, I might need to change my itinerary. Thanks a lot to those in advance.
  4. I am leaving on the 9th!!!! 1 more week and I will be in Korea! The weather in Korea is similar to where I live so I think I will be fine. Hope everyone who are going have a fun and safe trip
  5. Surprisingly, I was able to check my seat from my cosport account. I though I will only know when I pick them up there. Anyway, I got 202 row F for the men's fs. Oh well, at least it's better than level C........maybe u guys have better luck than me
  6. I got the level C from the cosport ticket package back in May, they bundled it up with the speed skating, so it was more expensive. I actually just got the level B fs from cosport yesterday, and I also think they were the leftover from the silver package from jet sport. I hope the fs B level seats are better since they were the leftover from the supposedly premium seating silver package!! I will only know when I go pick them up in gangneung......
  7. Thank you for the offer, but I got my level C from the ticket package which cost more than just an individual level C....gosh! and I don't understand where did all these tickets come from all of a sudden!!! Where were these fs tickets before!!!? God damn you, Cosport
  8. I am just really frustrated at the way cosport selling ticket. I got my level C sp a year ago from them because there was the only sp tickets left at that time, and now they released level A, I really wanna get the level A but what am I supposed to do with the level C now. No one want them any more, and it's such a waste of money! Gosh!!!
  9. Does anyone know is it true that for Cat B seats in row A and B, the views are partially obstructed because there is this railing thing right in the front. I think my Cat B seats are right there. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  10. Same here~~~~, Just secured tickets from Cheongnyangni to Gangneung on the 15th and then Gangneung to Sangbong on the 17th. Phew......everything is settled now, I can finally go to sleep, its 2:30am here~~~~~~~~~
  11. alright, I gave up, I tried everything, i tried Visa card, used a generated korean phone number, it just won't let me. Oh well....I guess I will have to wait for the KTX then
  12. May I ask what kind of credit card and phone number you guys used? I tried with an american phone number and a mastercard, but it just won't let me book
  13. So I was researching other ways to get into Gangneung during the Lunar new year period, and I came up with this On the Trazy tour site, there is this shuttle bus from Seoul to Alpensia ski resort https://www.trazy.com/experience/detail/alpensia-ski-resort-shuttle-bus-ticket and I think Alpensia ski resort is one of the venue for the snow sport, and I think someone mentioned before there will be free spectator shuttle bus for ticket holder to travel between venues. So what I came up is we can first use the shuttle from seoul to get into Alpensia ski resort, and from Alpensia ski resort, we can either use the spectator shuttle to get to Gangneung ice arena directly, or use the spectator shuttle to get to the nearest KTX station which is gonna be Jinbu and take the train from there to Gangneung station. The best thing for the Trazy tour is we can book the shuttle bus ticket NOW, and there is free cancellation 3 days before actual departure date. I know this sounds kind of hectic, but at least there are options for us if no KTX or regular bus tickets available.
  14. 4 nights in gangneung is gonna cost a fortune.......I don't know if I can do it......