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  1. Hi: i am having the same situation like you. I tho it was just me. I was able to add tickets before but now I couldn't any more. I am also from the US. I hope they can fix this by the time op tickets go on sale, otherwise I don't know how am I getting those OP tickets
  2. Thank you for the info. You know I am starting to think there won't be any more men's ticket up for sale from Cosport. I am starting to lose hope.....
  3. I guess I am too late to this, so for this sale, non-Korean foreigner not residing in Korea can buy tickets too? Thank in advance for answering me, I have no idea how does it work now. Thanks
  4. If I can get tickets, i will definitely go too. I am far more interested in going to Japan than Moscow. However if I can get any tickets at all!!! Anyone with experience buying tickets in Japan, please share. About accommodation, I think you can book those with free cancellation on booking.com. That is what I did, I booked 2 hotels in Osaka and Nagoya, if no tickets I will just cancel the hotels.
  5. actually, now AC seems very probable!!!! i am betting on AC too~~~~~
  6. I think NHK is in Namihaya Dome Osaka, from wiki it said it only hold 6000 people.................. and GPF i believe it said its in Nippon Gaishi Hall Nagoya? which according to wiki again holds about 10,000 people........... Well, it's gonna be hard to get tickets on both I believe. Since yuzuru is not coming to canada, I think a lot north america fans will need to fight for NHK or GPF or CoR tickets, sadly i am one of them..............
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    GP assignments, so early, I am not ready yet
  8. They are probably re-stocking more tickets?? I Really hope so, really need those men's SP tickets
  9. For everyone's information, the USA's ATR Cosport has new wave of tickets for sale. Last time I checked, they have ticket package that included the men's SP and speed skating for purchase. It was Cat C ticket thought, but for those who are interested you can keep an eye on the site, and maybe they will have more tickets for figure skating later. Good luck everyone.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    where are these rumors/news from? but to be honest, i don't want him to go NHK neither, but its very unlikely. If for god's sake, he really doesn't go NHK, i think the next possible choice would be TDF?
  11. Hi all: I will be going too, but unfortunately I only have FS ticket for now, I am hoping to get SP later. If any of you kind people have extra sp tickets, please let me know. Thanks in advance. I will probably just stay in Seoul and travel to the competition on the day of, hopefully the high speed train will be ready by then.
  12. Hi hi all: I have to to post in here! I also got the men's LP ticket but unfortunately it's only Cat C. Right now I am hoping to get men's sp. if any of you kind people here have extra Sp tickets after the lottery result come out, let me know please. I am also hoping to get better seats for the LP too. Thanks a lot, can't wait to see yuzu again in pyeongchang :devil:
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    I am in dilemma too. I have though of him picking SC n TDf too, but again it's yuzuru we talking about and we will never know for sure....... What about AC in Montreal? Any chance he will go?
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Welcome! Its great to see that you feel comfortable enough to post here :grin: Honesty I'm not really sure. We'll know by the end of June so maybe you can wait until then (If yuzu is your main motivator to attend the event). They won't ever sell out so you don't have to worry about getting tickets :smile Thank you for the warm welcome, I am not worry about the tickets selling out, I am worry about the good seats selling out lol. I was in Helsinki for yuzuru and from my experience, good seat does matter in seeing yuzuru live in action.
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Hi everyone, I was a lurker in GS and was too shy to post anything in the old FF. I was so sad the old FF was gone, but thanks everyone for setting this new forum up. It's so nice I hope I can post more often here, please excuse my English. (Not my first language) Off topic- what are the chances yuzuru going to pick SC and SA? I am thinking to buy the tickets but have a feeling he will pick CoR and NHK this year. SC is only a week apart from NHK, it's too close, I feel like he might pick COR. Any thoughts? Once again, thank you everyone