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  1. We the North!!! Whee!!! Our Raptors go to the NBA finals... first time ever!! I don't really follow basketball, but these playoffs I jumped on the bandwagon after the Leafs lost in hockey and it has been amazing. I would love them to win but another huge task awaits them... we will see!!!
  2. The axel, the leap... good enough for me.... these are the types of things I wish he could keep in his free programs for the choreo sequence... I know y'all love his layback ina bauer, but I"ll take these over that for a dramatic change...
  3. Yes, and I tried to listen for his voice too... but then I just got dizzy and had to quit looking at it
  4. I can understand that feeling, but I think that a lot of music in the world has been influenced by/created as a result of terrible events throughout history... either on a massive scale, like wars or the Holocaust, or on a much more individual scale... for me, I just concentrate on the haunting beauty of the music and the skating. I remember reading that Steven Spielberg really enjoyed Julia's program during 2014 Olys, and even sent her a thank you letter for doing it, so if he seemed fine with it, then I think it's ok.
  5. Yup, David really is a bad cameraman!! So bad it's funny!!
  6. I love to see anything by Yuzu, but we've seen so much more soft, sparkly Yuzu over the years that I especially look forward to anything with sass, ferocity, strength and a domineering attitude....so, basically anything with darker colours, lol. I can hardly wait to see any FaOI broadcast...
  7. I"m liking that spread eagle pic...
  8. Love that he's embracing more black in his costumes. It's more badass... pastels can rest a bit, imho.
  9. So, 2 Schindler's List programs so far? Jason and Satoko? Well, I can see both having good, detailed and nuanced programs to that music. We shall see.
  10. I would love to see him at SC again... it's been a while and there is no top Canadian that can really challenge him at the moment... so good scores might not be so hard to come by.... and the schedule looks to be the best as well. (and the lure of the SC gold just has to be the number 1 draw, LOL, right? ) For the 2nd... I voted NHK because not only is the timing good, but he has not had much chance to compete in Japan the last 2 years (other than Worlds), so I can see that being chosen... but Rostelecom has been good for him lately and the timing is good for that one too... But, we'll find out in less than a month... I can't believe it is already THAT time of the year... almost!!
  11. And I find this hilarious because when I first read your post I thought, what the heck is A Star is Born? Lol. Like I haven't heard that frickin' music for forever this past year... and yet, whish!!!! already out of my head, lol. It hasn't been played as much the last few weeks so I guess my mind was taking a break from it until the figure skating season begins....
  12. I looked it up... it has dustin hoffman, alan rickman... under what rock was my head when this came out? Esp with such a memorable premise... Sounds perfect for a young teenager to skate to (not! )... but this camp has also had some other questionable choices for young girls...
  13. I have never heard of that movie (but I dont see that many anyway)... so figure skating opens my ears once again... and, well, at least it isn't a warhorse!!
  14. It is a vicious circle. We hear he has to be either off the ice for 2-3 months/or needs rehab for 2-3 months, and then we see him skating/jumping after only a short time... and then we find out he hasn't completely healed... and then he has to take more time off... the only time he really took time off from shows was after his foot injury in 2016. I was really hoping he'd skip it all this summer, to be honest. But, he is who he is so all I can do is smile/shake my head, hope he enjoys himself and that it all works out best for him in the end... and of course I"ll be watching, as much a fan as ever, eager for every little thing :)
  15. Yes, he was there. Lots of people have trained there over the years. I think Liz Manley is the skating director there right now... I think we saw this year that Stephen left Brian to work with Lee more this season because Brian had to spend more time with Med since she was having trouble coping with the independent style of training... at least that's what I got from interviews with Brian... so now we'll have to see what happens with Stephen... could be that this is a good time to make a change. Sometimes you just need a change if you have been in the same place since you were a wee kiddo.
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