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  1. Anyone know a good safe and free program to download videos from youtube? I used telechargerunevideo but lately it's not downloading anything and just asks me to save as and change the name of the file and there is nothing there...
  2. OMG. I love that little clip with Brian forgetting about Jason, lol! Brian, I am sure, will feel absolutely terrible... he got aught up in the moment like everyone else... but that is what Tracy is for!! I guess it takes a bit to remember that you have new students!!
  3. So, Yuzu has learned the lesson from his marks. He knows he has to up his BV and he's probably feeling a bit conflicted and concerned, because he knows his ankle is crap and may not handle it. But, being who he is, he is determined to somehow conquer his body in order to do what they're telling him to do... challenge accepted, and he'll maim himself trying! Or live on pain killers while trying... I really think he needs to go on holiday for a week, to some exotic place...even though we all know it will never happen since he breathes and lives the ice.
  4. * I am looking forward to seeing who will be the champion in Beijing*... that's pretty vague in every way. Not saying yes or no.
  5. GPF is in Torino.. if he qualifies then he'll go...
  6. LOL. The Press conference You tube CC for the Japanese translation to Englihs is hilarious.. makes absolutely no sense whatsoever..
  7. I hope Yuzu gets 2 new programs next year.. no need to recognize your past idols. Create new programs and do your own thing.
  8. Oh Plush... Yuzu's was better than yours in every way... accept that he gives you a tribute and don't criticize him. He's just better.
  9. TBH, i "m glad the championships are over. I loved the skating and could watch again.. but, my sleep and eating schedule is totally off, and while I"m pretty much happy at the moment because of Yuzu's skate, i'm physically downtrodden. I need a rest!! ... but first i"m going to eat that last dark chocolate bar for breakfast... and finish it off with cherry pepsi, at 9:20 am...
  10. So, WTT announcement on Monday... I think we can assume both Yuzu and Shoma will be there, both will do their duty to their Fed and fans despite probably not being at their healthiest.... and then I hope both can have a rest and mental re set before thinking about next season... although i doubt it will be a long rest or re set... maybe an hour or two in Yuzu's case... and another chance for us to see a clean sp?
  11. Lol. Yuzu and Nathan have the same number of world titles!! But Yuzu at least has something really heavy in both back pockets that most people will never, ever have... lol Ok, that was an ok competition. Not the highest quality, apart from Yuzu and Nathan and Jin, Kolyada. Of course, being a Yuzu fan he always deserves gold even when sitting on the floor, but Nathan did deliver. His skating isn't to my taste, but he skated well and deserved his win, despite some questionable judging in my mind (realistically, more reasonable GOE an PCS still woudln't change the result) and so kudos to him. And, he seems very nice too which is at least easier to take than the media will be.. I know for sure I won't watch any Johnny commentary, lol!!
  12. ITA. Just because he was here doesn't mean he was 100%, no matter what he said.. people quoted the 100% part, but didn't talk too much about him saying the other part of it where he said he wasn't fully healed. And then to do this? Again? He really is amazing. I hope he stops and actually thinks about what he just did. Very few people skate that well on a good day, let alone after being injured and off for months... again. It has to be mentally exhausting... but he finds it within himself to fight for it. I believe Montreal will be a damn good place to be this time next year...
  13. Yeah, that's the question. they were 10 marks apart in the free skate. Even if Yuzu had done better with his 4S, had not been tight on his 3S and landed the 4T3A a bit cleaner.. and got lv4 for steps.. does that all make up 10 points.. thinking no. It's the close PCS that is really worrying.. because although Nathan has improved, I still dont' see him as that close to Yuzu either... but is that my bias?
  14. At least he didn't win it on PCS... but those tech marks... wow. I said before that GOE was being given to Nathan now, so Yuzu doens't have that advantage anymore... which is why he really needs to lead after sp and that didn't happen.. oh well, bring on good health and the 4A if his body can handle it
  15. I am having trouble seeing how a jump landed forward gets a +2 goe... but Nathan skated well, can't fault him for that at all. He's not my cup of tea, but he certainly is a competitor. It was a good skate.