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  2. And just like that, we need more emotional support already Zuzu, come back.... Show-off! Yuzu versus shy! Yuzu. Which one is more adorable?
  3. We know you will, so please take care of your ankle. And who knows if his health and the universe allows, he will get his 3rd monument.
  4. I also think it's just a little ironic that the boy had to go as far as Dior in order to get a good fit.
  5. Nice to see him again. I like his tie he must have matched it with the Sakuras in bloom now. Enjoy all the freshly homemade gyoza with ingredients from Japan Yuzu. It was nice to see you.
  6. Well it’s 4:10 am and I really have to get some sleep now... but it has been a million times worth to wait and be able to see Yuzu!!! Always fun with you guys!!!!
  7. Yuzu always brings the best fanservice Rest well, Zuzu (after making them correct that spelling!) and enjoy home and family! We'll be waiting for you!
  8. ...but can we just talk about that suit? And how it fit him? And how it looked amazing? And his tie selection? And how the suit actually fit him?
  9. Yeah, talk about an awkward realization...hard to keep a straight face ... I wonder how he managed...
  10. I dunno what Yuzu's English writing skills are like but I'm Very Confident saying he will know how to spell Olympic forward, backward and sideways. He'll have noticed.
  11. There’s a press conference but no livestream apparently
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