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Translations & Media Subforum Feedback


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Hi all! It's officially the off season :tumblr_inline_mzx922J8H21r8msi5:but that means it's time for some Spring Cleaning! Regarding the Translations & Media subforum, there's been a lot of feedback that it's hard to navigate. We've come up with a few organizational ideas and would love to hear feedback on them:


1. Split up the T&M subforum into the following subforums:

  • Translations - tagged as [Video], [Article], [Book] etc.
  • References - this is where all the compilations can go, and no comments are allowed unless otherwise stated by the OP. 
  • Media (fanart, MADs thread).

2. We can also get rid of the current multi-level tagging system because it's a bit confusing :tumblr_inline_mzx91uuLRI1r8msi5:.

3. Archive some of the unfinished threads that seem abandoned, and merge ones that are similar.

4. Keep a few posts pinned to the main subforum, such as https://planethanyu.com/topic/307-translations-and-media-index-post/ and maybe a post about how the subforum works?


The most feedback we got was that stuff was hard to find in there. And it's true, members put in so much work and time into creating the threads (thank you so much btw <3) but due to organizational issues they're hard to find. So the main goal should be to make the forum more clear and easier to access, especially for new fans wanting to explore old content for the first time.


What do you think? Thanks for your feedback :tumblr_inline_mzx8xsVPrg1r8msi5:

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