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Yuzu appears in this video as an animation in the Seimei costume :happy:

"From British royalty to Skating royalty like Yuzuru Hanyu ..." 👑





@ Screenhot from the video



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The Figure Skating Team Japan fan book will be published on September 29th

(with calendar)





Yuzu's content

(DeepL translation)

• Special report: "Dreams of skating life"

• Shae-Lynn Bourne talks about Yuzu: "Performance of the whole body" 



Sorry, if it was translated incorrectly. 


Pictures preview

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51PEI brAEL.jpg


https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51Sxgw6 F7L.jpg



@Credit: Amazon.co.jp






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Wake up with a new beauty blog is the best way to start the day.

Thank you Yuzu, I wish you a happy day too 


His laugh at the beginning of the video  😅




This seems to be a new photo :happy:







Excerpt from the Asahi article (interview with Yuzu's first coach Mami Yamada) :happy:





[NEWS] another translation/summary of the free part of the interview to Mami Yamada:tumblr_inline_mto5hwcNlg1qid2nw:


bb mushroom was both funny and frightening:68468287:  so restless and headstrong and fearless... I have no trouble believing he was a "handful" for parents and caches alike, but I'm sure it paid off. And I love how Yuzuru has somehow kept in touch with all his past coaches, how he never forgets any of them and that he likes giving back collaborating with them e.g. for 24htv collabs:img_21:

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The rice paddy is all ripened now, and will be cut in Oct. 




I haven't seen this being shared yet. I vaguely remember this interview though so maybe it's a re-airing?




Everyone talks about Yuzu competing at Oly like an established fact. But I guess 97% chance is that he'd go. 


More in spoiler



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Hi everyone 


Just in case anyone is interested, WC Montpellier tickets are out:

https://m.ticketmaster.fr/fr/resultat?ipSearch=Championnats du monde de patinage


@yuzuangel or any of our admins please feel free to move this post if there is a better thread for it. 

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SO EXCITED to see a fancam of SOI LGC!!! He is something else!!

(I've put it on the SOI thread too)

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Here is a video about it :tumblr_m230p1f9hj1qfamg6:


TenChi 3Lo animation :heartpound:


Credit:[email protected] on twitter


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I STILL haven't got my refund back from Opodo either - most recent contact is they paid my refund into my bank on 6th Sept, 3-7 working days before it might show....it still isn't there after 14!! :cursing:

Even so, I quickly decided to buy Worlds tickets - Men's SP, FS and Gala. Whilst I share your fears I just cannot bear the thought that I'd miss seeing him in Montpellier, the closest he ever skates to my country is in France. I have taken out insurance on the tickets and flight in case of all eventualities. I think it's only worth going to a post Olympics World Championship if Yuzuru is there  tbh. I went to 2018 Worlds  and, well, you know what the Men's event there was like!! (I know there are the other disciplines but I can happily watch them on a screen even though I have faves in each). Actually, imo it's only worth the hassle and expense of going to ANY comp if Yuzu is competing. Oh, an exception, I did travel to ROI in Madrid to see Javi and Yuna though, in Dec 2018...worth every penny!  





Sorry if posted already!

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New post from Kose Sekkisei


The next Yuzu's voice message is coming on friday (1th October, 8 p.m.) :tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw:



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Here is the cover of the new book :happy:



Do you remember the voting, who is the most representative celebrity of Sendai?
This is now finished. Yesterday the ranking list was published. Yuzu is on the 1th place with 5.803 votes from 13.977 votes. Congratulations.👏


You can find the ranking list here:


English translation




Photos from the Ajinomoto's "Winning rice" set 







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Google translation:“86-year-old mother-in-law's room Many Hanyu-kuns displayed on the sideboard. Behind that, what is buried in Hanyu-kun is a picture of his grandson, who shouldn't hurt even if he sees it. Hanyu-kun is the number one in my mother-in-law's heart and in the room.“




News program where Takeshi Honda praised Yuzu!



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Here the video with English subtitles :happy:









Congratulations to 75th Anniversary.👏


Yuzu's new necklace. <3


DeepL translation:

The special page for RAKUWA Necklace Wings Gold, the new model of RAKUWA necklace that Yuzuru Hanyu loves, will be updated on Monday, October 4. Look forward to it!




Yuzu's new necklace looks really beautiful :love:



New post from Kose Sekkisei:

The YU ZU RU collection will be released in November



More infos about the purchase will be announced on 6th October. The YU ZU RU collection will be presented on 5th October live on instagram.


The FRaU magazine posted the box set on instagram





Yuzu's new voice message is online 💙


There will certainly be a translation soon.



The official twitter account by John Wilson Blades posted this photo. He looks so graceful 💜


Credit:@JohnWilsonBlades on twitter



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I gave it a try


Good evening, it's Yuzuru Hanyu. The weather is getting cool these days, and it has become easier to concentrate on anything we do. In this third episode, I have been given a lecture about effective skincare for dry skin. I hope I can bring you a story that will make your mind and skin beautiful. Although it is a short episode, I hope you will enjoy it until the end.


Hanyu Yuzuru no Miyabi-yaka na Hitotoki (can be roughly translated as "Yuzuru Hanyu’s Graceful Moment")


Sekkisei is a skincare brand with a 36-year history of researching natural ingredients, including Japanese medical herbs, to achieve clear skin. It not only works for your skin but also enhances the healthiness, brightness, contentment you feel and helps you achieve the clear skin you want. Among the Sekkisei products, Sekkisei Miyabi, of which I am the global muse, is the highest-end series of the brand. On November 1, Sekkisei will release limited-edition products that feature my pictures on their packages for the holiday season. Tokizaki san, the product manager, is going to explain the set that fulfills everyone's wish to be beautiful.


(01:30-02:58 Tokizaki san’s explanation)


Thank you very much. I hope you will find this useful. It's a bit embarrassing because I don't wear any makeup, but I hope you will take a look at the limited edition products.


Tonight's theme is "Wishing to be beautiful." This feeling is one of the most important ones for me too, although it depends on which program I skate. Not to mention where you place your fingertips, the way you tilt your head, the way you move your free leg, even the way you breathe would affect the beauty of it. Although it depends on the mood of the program, the musical piece, and what I feel, I want to skate while cherishing every note as much as possible. 


Also, on a personal note, (T/n: I think of) earphones. (T/n: when it comes to beauty.) There are many things that I find beautiful about earphones! Of course, they present beautiful sounds, but they also have beautiful, sophisticated forms. There is a beauty in their functionality as well. And their inner structures! They are the most beautiful! How the wires are placed, how everything is placed in this small space, what makes this sound... If there is a transparent earphone, I would be able to watch it forever! So beautiful! Yup, that was very personal.


So, what did you think of Hanyu Yuzuru no Miyabi-yaka na Hitotoki? Just like you do, I will keep making efforts every day to be able to show beautiful skating in front of you. It's autumn when we have delicious seasonal foods, so let's make sure we get enough nutrition. Please check out the limited edition products with my pictures on their packages on the Sekkisei website. I hope that your mind and skin will shine even more beautifully. OK, then. See you in the next episode! That's it from Yuzuru Hanyu.




Translation of the story Konno san shared in this video





According to other videos uploaded on his channel, Konno san started his channel hoping to leave his performances and activities on record. Konno san has been working as a musician for many years since he graduated high school, but as he has been a live musician mostly and often playing to support others, there weren't many filmed/recorded performances of his available online. A few years ago, he got seriously sick and realized that he had to do what he had to do when he had time and started this YouTube project to leave his own music and performances on record. Listening to what he said, I had an impression that PW encore at FaOI2017 was truly a happy moment for people involved. The skater, the musician, and the organizing staff respect and care for each other, and together they made fans super happy.


These are Konno san's tweets on the day Yuzu WDed from NHK2017 and the day Yuzu won the second OGM. 

(*He has studied abroad for a while so he often tweeted in English)




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