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  1. It’s not just Japanese Idols...the same with kpop idols. It’s ridiculous how they get death threats for dating or people try to kick them out of the group. A member of a kpop group got married and instead of pushing through the group themselves left him out of their new song at the request of fans. I hope Yuzuru can get married/date without any worries. Yes he has many young and immature fans (especially some if the newer ones), but I hope he doesn’t listen to their hate and obsession too much. I am a fan of many kpop groups and as someone of the stereotypical demographic I have
  2. It looks like they’re pretending to curl, using a skate guard as a sweeper? its good to see them having fun trying different winter sports with a figure skating twist
  3. My bad- I never remember surnames, only first names
  4. Oh whoops haha. My bad. That being said, is Gachinsky officially back in competition? I definitely read that recently he did a minor comp
  5. Omg that looks terrifying on paper. Ngl I’d be pretty sad if Yuzu didn’t land it first since I’ve always associated 4A and even 3A with him and it would be another thing for the record books. That being said I’m pretty happy that Artur is back! I remember in early senior years when he was one of Yuzu’s direct rivals and I believe he won bronze at Worlds the year before Yuzu? he also said sth salty about Yuzu but I’ll forgive him he was probably just feeling competitive and in a sense I feel like Yuzu is who he could’ve also been had it not been for several issues. iirc
  6. Ageed. It’s pretty well known that your environment affects how you think. People may argue that he’s already 18 but he’s spent these past few years with this team and that’s got to have an effect as well as the fact that when he was interviewed about that the media was going ‘QUAD QUAD QUAD what artistry? QUAD QUAD’ I hope as he grows he realises that his opinion is wrong and won’t get him any super high PCS points or praise for his artistry. Maybe he can spend next season, if he carries on, like Boyang who realised that he needed to improve his artistry and has really grown
  7. SHINee is also one of my favourite groups but they’re not going on a hiatus. They started their series of concerts yesterday and have said that they want to perform together forever and they never want Jjong to be forgotten. I think they’ll be okay- time will heal them. I also read that they’re releasing an album this year
  8. Tbf PD101 S2 impact was massive. I didn’t even notice before you pointed out though- they played it for such a short amount of time
  9. Oh ok thanks that makes sense. I was deliberating between whether it was 4A or 5T lol
  10. I haven’t been active on this forum for a while so I think I missed this, bus what’s a Nessie?
  11. I thought that in recent years the oversized glasses and round glasses have been popular in Japan, Korea and China. I used to have some glasses exactly like Yuzu’s and I hated them so much so I barely wore them and ruined my vision even more lol but he looks adorable in them like always
  12. Yeah I’ve fit it into the file size limit but it says I don’t have permission to have a gif for a profile pick. I have a feeling it’s bc of my low post count tbh
  13. Hi sorry idk if this is the right place to ask but what happened to gifs as profile pics? I deleted mine and then wanted to replace it with another one but it didn’t work
  14. I mean you never know if he has a few sasaengs. I have a feeling he has at least 1 or 2. Even though he’s not an idol his fame is similar to that of one so I’d expect some sasaengs- I just hope they don’t harm him.
  15. Do you guys think he has a chance of being in good form for the Olympics? Isn’t it like 2 weeks away?
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