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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    It’s not just Japanese Idols...the same with kpop idols. It’s ridiculous how they get death threats for dating or people try to kick them out of the group. A member of a kpop group got married and instead of pushing through the group themselves left him out of their new song at the request of fans. I hope Yuzuru can get married/date without any worries. Yes he has many young and immature fans (especially some if the newer ones), but I hope he doesn’t listen to their hate and obsession too much. I am a fan of many kpop groups and as someone of the stereotypical demographic I have to say that my pattern of being a fan is: 1. Discover them 2. Get REALLY into them <—— this is the stage where a lot of new Yuzu fans are bc of the Olys and this is also the most jealous/obsessed phase 3. Tone it down a bit an become a casual/ mature fan. For me I usually forget about an interest because sth else has interested me and then one day I’ll rememeber it and come back with a more calm perspective. Tl;dr what I’m saying is that hopefully many of the younger, new fans will calm with time and therefore let Yuzuru happily be in a relationship if that’s what he wants
  2. [2018] Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

    That head scared me initially. I looked up for a second and saw that on me Tv screen lol
  3. [2018] Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

    I’m not an EXO-L, their fandom name, but I thought that their song Monster was really good. Personally I would recommend watching live stages of any kpop group bc that’s what makes them stand out
  4. [2018] Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

    Biggest kpop group in Asia. Under the biggest entertainment label SM Entertainment, who also has artists TVXQ, Girls Generation, SHINee, f(x), Red Velvet and NCT BTS is probs the biggest kpop group in the US
  5. [2018] Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

    YASS POWER lowkey wishing for Monster
  6. [2018] Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

    Growl was never my cup of tea but gotta admit its catchy
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    It looks like they’re pretending to curl, using a skate guard as a sweeper? its good to see them having fun trying different winter sports with a figure skating twist
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    My bad- I never remember surnames, only first names
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh whoops haha. My bad. That being said, is Gachinsky officially back in competition? I definitely read that recently he did a minor comp
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Omg that looks terrifying on paper. Ngl I’d be pretty sad if Yuzu didn’t land it first since I’ve always associated 4A and even 3A with him and it would be another thing for the record books. That being said I’m pretty happy that Artur is back! I remember in early senior years when he was one of Yuzu’s direct rivals and I believe he won bronze at Worlds the year before Yuzu? he also said sth salty about Yuzu but I’ll forgive him he was probably just feeling competitive and in a sense I feel like Yuzu is who he could’ve also been had it not been for several issues. iirc there was a time when he was thought to be the next Plushenko but suddenly he dropped and went out of competition for a while and I read that he went through some tough times with mental health etc so I’m happy that he’s back
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Ageed. It’s pretty well known that your environment affects how you think. People may argue that he’s already 18 but he’s spent these past few years with this team and that’s got to have an effect as well as the fact that when he was interviewed about that the media was going ‘QUAD QUAD QUAD what artistry? QUAD QUAD’ I hope as he grows he realises that his opinion is wrong and won’t get him any super high PCS points or praise for his artistry. Maybe he can spend next season, if he carries on, like Boyang who realised that he needed to improve his artistry and has really grown this past season. and this might sound rude but I hope he gets away from people like Ashley who’ll happily bash one skater from a different country but not hold her countrymen to the same standard.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    SHINee is also one of my favourite groups but they’re not going on a hiatus. They started their series of concerts yesterday and have said that they want to perform together forever and they never want Jjong to be forgotten. I think they’ll be okay- time will heal them. I also read that they’re releasing an album this year
  13. [2018] Olympic Games Men Short Program

    For those who live in the UK or have VPN, this is the replay on BBC IPlayer of the whole men’s event www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09s4ql8
  14. Yuzuru and the rest of group 5’s skate time in EST Yuzu is 11:48pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)