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  1. Oh my god, the feeling of "Hope and Legacy" were so powerful with this performance. I'm in awe.
  2. Our kindest Pino is uploading parts of the Gala. There are glimpses of the practice in the opening. Yuzu was so cute in it.
  3. The last two competitions have been so heart-breaking. Yuzu has to fight against so many things, yet in the face of all this hardship and injustice, he remains endlessly kind. I don't know how he does that. I first came to love him when he was shining on top of the podium. But since then, I've realized that even when he was not there, he still shined brightly with so much kindness and goodness. It hurts that sometimes Skating God and life are not kinder to him. I hope that after this people around Yuzu give him lots of hugs, that Yuzu can have a peaceful time with his family, play all the games he like and just have fun and be happy. After every comps I become an emotional mess and everytime I come back. Yuzu has given me a lot of happiness and strength, and I am honored to watch his journey and support him.
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