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  1. The boy likes flamenco so much.
  2. Crystal memories in Sendai. He looked so so good.
  3. Thank you to everyone who gave us updates. One of my favorite parts of the Faoi experience is reading all the funny, sweet and colorful updates about the show. Like, the boy was just so happy and everyone's happy and that happiness is so palpable. And though I'm very jealous, I'm also very happy for everyone.
  4. The boy is just so sweet and sassy.
  5. Kaerb is translating some fan reports from practices and this is so cute.
  6. He really loves the ice, doesn't he? And it truly is his beauty secret.
  7. The amazing fan photographers have come through for us. I love Yuzu's soft and fluffy hair. And look at that shiny ring around his head. Why is everything about him spells "manga/anime protagonist"
  8. I see a huge gap in ability too, Yuzu, but in reverse. Anyway, it's good the he felt refreshed and motivated. Thank you @kaerb for the translation.
  9. Yeah, he was very diplomatic there, one sentence for Yuzu then one for Nathan. It seems Raya had to delete his tweet (or instagram) about Yuzu being the complete skater while Nathan being the technical and athletic one.
  10. Javi's interview from Olym Channel. He had lots of complimentary words for Yuzu.
  11. From that gif, I think Eunsoo cannot be blamed for being inattentive or careless. From the direction they were going, Mariah was the one who could notice Eunsoo first, she came from behind and whisked by Eunsoo. Mariah had the right of way, but Eunsoo already stayed out of way by skating slowly close to the board. Maybe Eunsoo could have kept her eyes on Mariah all the time and stayed really really far away, I don't know. I can not say for Mariah's intention or non-intention and whether the bullying were the truth or not, but Eunsoo was in no way at fault for the situation happened on ice at that moment.
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