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  1. I think we can be impressed with Yana as well she's after all the mastermind behind Plushenko's entire business, I don't like her but this response was truly a good one *popcorn*
  2. when he was returning from the banquet to the hotel with his teammates which was like a 5mn walk in the street of Torino they followed him . . . or more like ran after him . . . it was quite a disturbing scene I have to say, I was soo sorry for them like he even had bodyguards with him back at the hotel... it was ridiculous just to think that they were waiting for him after the banquet . . it could have been dangerous, like all the others skaters were unbothered to return to the hotel. The fact that he is used to that is quite sad.
  3. and a big Japanese account RT my video with more than 199K Likes and 50K RT too
  4. Because there is no direct flight Torino-Toronto with any airlines. And transfer flights is really not that uncommon you know. Passing by Frankfurt is the best way to go somewhere nowadays lol
  5. yeah but with all respect to Javi, he didn't have quite the same arsenal of quads as Nate
  6. If he is stuck in France then oh boy . . . just take a car ghislain lol
  7. I can understand that haha a lot of people think that they are ugly, but I can assure you that when you're skating with them the difference is telling, well and you have to be way more focus on your lines because they're not really helping on that lol
  8. omg that Dimash version ( my inner Dimash fangirl is showing here )
  9. I would like to thanks personally this guy who started the trend of giving big *ss plushy to our russian girls bc'z now we finally have a big *ss pooh bear I can't believe it
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