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  1. why is this so funny 😂 like imagine no one knows the music by the end of the day...
  2. so glad to see him after such a long time. wishing him all the best for the parctice ahead!
  3. with only 2 days left before the first official practice, we are already halfway through losing our hairs.. we really stan a madman indeed and be well prepared for a crazy rollercoaster ride ahead
  4. isu is doing a poor job if they planned to boost the popularity of NC with overscoring and ignoring the rules it certainly works for those who are okay with ignoring the issues but majority is seeing the big gap and questioning the scoring one way or another Google search 2019 was a huge example of that, no matter what you try you can't win anyone's support and heart with your propaganda. that unconditional love and support will keep going as long as fs continues. thats a true legacy which yuzuru is doing rn.
  5. can they be anymore shameless? look at isu refusing to acknowledge all the claims of unfair judgments and only treating yuzu like a cashcow. now commenting in Google rewind about yuzu when they are the least relevant there *don't know how to insert image here so can't show the screenshot but check the newest comments in Google rewind clip
  6. it gets funnier when you look at the whole situ with denii chatting up with yuzu and all the questions of russian coaching to yuzu i say one big conspiracy theory happening here lol
  7. surely all these buzz will die down once we see them together for JNats as confirmed by Brian he will be there. im looking forward to seeing our TCC family together again and if possible Tracy too
  8. if its like that i wonder how Brian would have felt for not being chosen for such an important competition for yuzu. bc his answer indicates he clearly wasn't aware of it beforehand. but im sure they'll overcome this communication situ which happened before too. if only media and some journalists would stop taking advantage of this to create nonexistent rifts between them
  9. i didn't know about him. so he's known to be making up stuff. no wonder fanyus seem done with such article can't go a day without smone stirring a new drama. hope it doesn't effect yuzu or anyone from TCC
  10. So NBC contacted Brian regarding the no coach situ in gpf and turns out it was actually JSF behind this abrupt decision of choosing Ghislain for accredited coach. Brian did not even know about this until later also very disappointing to see how ppl accused Brian and TCC when they had nothing to do with the situ http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2019/12/11/yuzuru-hanyu-brian-orser/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  11. voted no. as far going through all his interviews, it seems he is aiming for worlds after JNats and no hints of 4CC from him. so don't think he is planning to go.
  12. delurking here to say i love origin 2.0 costume so much as purple is my fav color and it really accentuate his silhouette including the intricate design of it hello everyone ✋ im very new to figure skating and ofc thanks to yuzuru im so in love with this sport and learning everything new about it each day. its my first gp season and im very excited for the final!
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