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  1. someone did post a full rescoring on youtube, their user is yuzutea if i remember correctly!
  2. this topic hasn't been posted to in forever, but does anyone know any good desktop wallpapers? maybe edits?
  3. the fact that yuzuru is actually in a way speaking up about this and not just taking it upon himself and saying he should work harder shows how bad this has become
  4. trying not to be too mad, but honestly I don’t know which is more outrageous, the pcs or the ur calls
  5. why does he have to fight so hard to get the scores they would hand out freely to other skaters anytime
  6. that makes sense, call almost no urs in this competition and then call every one all of a sudden, right?
  7. where i live more neighbours are up than usual and it’s 2.20 am... what are the chances theyre watching too?
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