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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Saw this and I thought it was interesting. Thoughts from a chinese person living in Japan about how people there may perceive the femininity in Yuzuru's skating.
  2. General Skating Chat

    Thanks for recommendating him, I've never heard of Daniel Grassl before! I watched his Cirque du Soleil and Charlie Chaplin and tried to be objective because he has the type of programs/style that isn't my favourite in skating to be honest! I'm not a fan of 'old school' or comedic/jazzy in men's skating (only if it's classical, for example Masquerade Waltz). I'm more of a fan of lyrical, dramatic or the ones that try to incorporate modern dance. It depends though, a bit of fun is great too, like Boyangman! But Daniel seems like a sweetheart though. He isn't a good axel jumper either, and he muscles most of his jumps, but he indeed does not telegraph. I agree about his skating skills, and especially it's noticeable his lack of speed . He seems quite tall so i was surprised when I came back to check and his age and found out that he is 15 (somehow I didn't pay attention to when you talked about his age!), so he actually has a bit more time to work on these. Giving that he probably doesn't have access to some of the best coaches and facilities, I hope he will have maybe some guidance from other coaches as well. I still think that Orser's greatest triumph in coaching, even after having Yuzuru and Yuna was Javier Fernandez. Both Yuna and Yuzuru had the star quality, jump technique and some of that champion mentality prior to going to Orser (it actually scares me a bit how they had somewhat similar careers up until now if we see the numbers), however, Javier was a less obvious choice and clearly had problems focusing before. His skating skills also improved a lot at TCC compared to before. So it would be interesting to see what an accomplished coach could polish him, if Daniel is willing and has the means to work on it. He actually reminds me be a bit of an underdeveloped Michael Martinez. They skate different program styles, but I can see it a bit in the way they stroke. But Michael still had at that point better spins and SS. A bit bummed at how it turned out for him skating wise, but I guess he's still happy now. Do you have a clip of Daniel's quad lutz? I can't find it. One skater that I hope that can pull up is Deniss Vasiljevs. I admit I wasn't too interested in his programs these couple of years, but I thought his Lion King EX was was actually nice. I think I still hold on to him a bit because of when I first saw him, I was hypnotized! He was just wonderful and his arms were everything. Great that he's now happy working with Lambiel. The odds are that he maybe will be a middle tier skater giving the technnical demands of the current field, but as long as he keeps working and improving in his own pace that's great too. Edit: Updated the young Deniss link that I msessed up.
  3. General Skating Chat

    I agree about the current state of junior men, at least based on what I was watching 2016-2017. Ladies has been overflowing with promise throughout these last couple of years, with each season a new one climb up in the ranks, regardless of who are your favourites. I believe, that the next generation of skaters finally have the potential to be great. I'm absolutely in love with Alena Kostornaia. (I also like Rika Kihira!) I need to be prepared for the heartbreak if it comes, but everyone who follows junior ladies needs to. It's a though life for us (and them). I'm still sad that Anastasia Gubanova (my love!) isn't quite holding up partially due to the competitiveness of the russian field. But let's be positive, Alena will have incredible programs in the future and will become a gorgeous Ladies champion in every sense of the word (!!). I'm aware she's not even 15 but I need to speak it into existence for my own sanity. Bear with me, I'm sitll in the honeymoon phase. I do miss the longevity that earlier top ladies had up until Vancouver and Sochi, or maybe I'm just nostalgic for Yuna/Mao and exagerating a bit for them. I probably am I actually don't have much against the current senior ladies but everything just somehow feels less magical, which is completely subjective of course, I understand that. I hope that Evgenia can stay longer and grow even more as a performer. We can all say that she was dominant, for 2 years, whether someone agrees or no with her scores. She has the potential to be around longer at the top, but she needs to hold up against the new influx of russian ladies. I'm not a big fan of Alina's skating but I adore her as a person and she deserves to have a great career too! About the junior men, I don't know if it's just my impression but it seems that the number of great 3A jumpers are becoming much less, maybe because of the emphasis on the new quads. I admit I'm not much updated with the junior men so if anyone could give me a heads up I would appreciate a lot (this season I took a semi-break from skating for several reasons) But the few that I've seen made me remember that my biggest pet peeve in skating are telegraphed jumps. (apart from half covered boots, oh god. I still believe that the crucial factor for my subconscious to start liking Evgenia was the fact that she ditched those boot covers for GOOD. Unfortunately. that's what it is. I'm shallow after all...Alina please be the next one). I guess that's probably why I've never been too much of a Kostner enthusiast although I liked her Ave Maria. It just breaks the flow of the program and the magic completely for me, maybe that's why I was so drawn to Yuzuru, he's the antithesis of this after all. I like Cha JunHwan as a skater, but not much as a jumper. His 3A technique makes me screech. I watched Stephen Gogolev theses days after hearing much about him and he actually was according to my expectations. He really has the potential to be great but we'll have to wait, a lot can happen, and by that I mean a lot. I saw Shun Shato for the first time just now, hard to even judge their personality when they're so young, but Stephen stands out more for me for having more of an attack. But Shun also has the potential to be a good skater.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I can't picture him doing tango. It would be interesting to see if he could, especially at post Olympics seasons which tend to be the ones for experimenting. But I believe that there's a very slim chance of him choosing something in this vein. Honestly, I'm completely over repeating programs ... PW 2 times, Chopin 3 times, SEIMEI 2 times .... Repeating yet again would be a little to much for me. But I would of course accept if he does anyway. Why not use his next seasons to explore new music and broaden his range? I love new seeing a new choreography come to life and getting to learn about the story behind it. The interviews Shae Lynn gave about H&L were so great that it elevated for me even more this program. In my opinion he could only gain by getting new programs from now on. I think I've said this before, but maybe something by Ludovico Einaudi. Actually, he could borrow anything from Papadakis/Cizeron's hidden music collection and I would be happy. Those two have great taste jk, just that my taste is similar of course I would also love to see him try something eerie, with weight. I don't know how to explain it. But I think it would be interesting to see the contrast since his skating is so light.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't remember him being hypercritical about Yuzuru, but I was never fond of his articles about Mao.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    I agree so much! Although I've been his fan for a longer time, I think one of the most exciting moments for me are the music/program reveals too. I remember when he revealed that it was SEIMEI there was just absolute confusion and then everyone just went nuts. I personally went to the moon and back. Don't get me wrong, I liked R&J 2.0 as a program and POTO was good but in my opinion he just couldn't live up to it at the competition due to his injuries plus the choreo was watered down after them. I cant speak for Notre Dame though k, But I was hoping for so long that he could have a long program that gave complete justice to him ever since R&J 1.0 and at the time SEIMEI was exactly what I wanted, it just was so fitting to his skating and him in general. It promised a lot and it did surprass all of the expectations. And then all of the practices videos at ACI and the step sequence reveal (R.I.P step sequence version 1) Also, eagerly waiting for the open practice mid-summer each year, especially the one for H&L. It was love at the first sight while watching the media clips. I was advocating the program 24/7 while some skating fans thought it wasn't the most striking vehicule after Seimei. Until most non-fans that doubted it before ended up liking it a lot at Worlds (a clean skate really makes wonders...). The program has always been brilliant though. That's why him repeating Ballade and SEIMEI took a bit of my excitement at fist, but as i've said it ended up being the right decision giving the injury. In case you don't know about it, you can read about the reveals. Here's when he revealed SEIMEI for example. Back them the discussion was still mostly centered at GS (until there was those issues as we all know and this place was created for and by the fans that were using his gigantic thread in GS) One of my favourites things in figure skating is also seeing programs evolve with the season until there is (hopefully) that one moment where it all comes together and the program has it's full effect. Most recently It happened at NHK/GPF2015 and Worlds 2017 etc. And I still want to see him wearing a black costume in a dark themed program at least once! Even if it's not very likely, but one fan can dream.
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I found it: Tell me if it's geoblocked, but if is you can set Hola to Brazil or use another VPN tool. Here's a translation of it I did right now: Intro: At the Winter Olympics of South Korea, a japanese moved the audience and was rewarded with the two-time Olympic champion title in figure skating. The feature: Who sees Yuzuru Hanyu sliding through the ice with so much assurance/elegance/agility on the ice can’t even imagine. 4 months prior to this he could barely walk. Reporter: The Japanese skater suffered a serious injury on his ankle and the calendar marked: November of 2017. To dispute the winter Olympic games would be already a feat. Defend the Olympic title, something almost impossible. Cuts to him receiving the score. Almost … Because Hanyu did it. He made history. 317.85 points, Adding the short program and the free program. A tremendous score. Obtained because he harmonized his movements with the music, he worked on his expressions, on his interpretation. The sport isn’t called “Artistic” skating by chance (It’s “Artistic skating”, Patinação Artística in portuguese, just like in french and spanish) This [artistry] is important. At the technical part, he showed that the injury was behind him. Hanyu executed 4 jumps like these, called “Quads”, with 4 complete revolutions in the air. Cuts to Yuzuru talking. “I knew that I had to do what I could, not what I would want to. I couldn’t train too much. But I knew that If I hit some specific movements, my performance would work.“ It was easy to see that it did work when the ice ended up covered with these little bears. A tradition of the sport. They are launched by the public after a rapturous performance. The judges only echoed what the audience already pointed out. The young man of 23 years old, that paraded here in Pyeongchang, already has a curriculum to be considered one of the best skaters of all time. 12 worlds records. (I like how he said it while there’s a slow motion shot of Yuzuru with his hands together) The first two-time Olympic champion since 1952. Yuzuru Hanyu is an artist of the ice. And he has style… Even to climb on the podium. ------ It was short but nice. My mom liked it a lot. This was the evening news. As I've said there was another one for the noon but I can't translate right now.
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I love family reactions. I've never got other people to watch FS with me, I've only perturbed people giving them links of videos sometimes. This Olympics it was kind of impossible to get them to watch the men's event because as I've said it was in the middle of the night. The day after he won there was a feature at the most watched TV news program and my mom called me to see asking "Is he your son??" And she cried because the feature talked about his injury. It was a great little feature though, it gushed about him quite a bit. I searched afterwards and the sports program at noon had too a 2min little section on Javier-Yuzuru rivarly/friendship. I didn't expect it since well this is South America after all, but it was nice. I have a feeling that there's a lot of hidden casual once in 4 years viewers here though.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    I know this has nothing to do with the topic at the moment, but does anyone know new Yuzuru tributes that we had from other skaters? I mean programs and costumes. I had a list a while back about them and I'll add them later If I have time to find new ones. I found out there was a thread here with a few of them, but are there more? I know of Vincen't R&J at least.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    I haven't posted here for some time but I've been watching everything and I could scarcely believe that that podium really happened. I basically spent the whole night asleep because i just couldn't, since the competition ended 3am here. I didn't have great expectations for this Olympics, I just wanted it to be a great competition, or at least better than Sochi and for top men to give them all, especially with Yuzuru having the cleanest skates that he could possibly do because that was his wish. And of course this would inevitably give him a win, but I just wanted performances that he could be proud from quite possibly his last Olympics. I'm not a big Shoma fan but I've always had a soft spot for him and I like his skating. His little moments during interviews and comments are being an absolute joy and my other highlights. I'm still a bit sad because of Boyang but his time will come, and the most complete skaters at the night have their medals. I admit this day was a rollercosater of emotions and really uneasy for me to process in both extremes because I'm also a big SHINee fan just like the other poster here. And Chan's comments gave me the feelings. Chanyu is still one of my favourite rivalries since I'm a fan of both, and the fact that now Chan can look at Hanyu and not have any big hard feelings makes his retirement even more meaningful to me. I wouldn't really read much into Patrick's comments. Him and Yuzuru have really different personalities and the excruciation Chan had during his career made him extra sensitive to everything, hence his not so great media moments. But he has a good heart, he really has. The video of Javier saying to Yuzuru that it was his last Olympics with Yuzuru saying that he couldn't do it without him, really got me. It shows how close competition, even without word fights and stones, can push the skaters to greater heights and the achievements of each of them are also a reflection of their competitive enviroment. So I will always be grateful to all of them for making it possible to watch their brilliance. The next quad will be interesting with only Yuzuru left from an "older" generation, even if he is indeed the 'middle child' generation wise, but this change of guard happens every Olympics. And I feel it is at least less of a change than the one after Sochi. I think Yuzuru will keep skating for at least 1-2 seasons after his ankle heals properly and I'm very excited for new programs and new challenges. I admit I was a bit disapointed when he choosed to repeat Chopin yet again and Seimei even though I love both programs. But his choice ended up being adequate because of his lack of competition experience this season to test his programs if he had new ones. This whole figure skating season I was kind of out of it partially due to his absence, personal reasons and what happened in december. I thought my detachment would take away part of my experience watching the Olympics but until now it has been a great experience again. This podium has been my absolute highlight of my week and I'll never forget this men's competition. My favourite since GPF 2015, and the podium gave me flashbacks to this one. It was only natural that the Olympics would mirror the best men's competition of the last quad. And I have a question, does anyone have links of the Japanese news? I've already seen some of their long interviews on Youtube. I lost my bookmars and can't remember the name of those dailymotion channels that always posted news.
  11. Your Username

    Mine is the name of a fish. It has no meaning whatsover. Back in high school I remember vaguely that my group of friends had something going on with giving animal nicknames to each other (?) I don't even remember what was the point of that LOL But since then I started naming some of my internet stuff that because I couldn't think of anything. It's a cute little fish though.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    At the 'Yuzuru Hanyu' section, you just have to click on the blue ball next to the thread title and It'll bring you to the last post you're read from that thread.
  13. I'm a 4th year medical student. I entered college that same year that I found about Yuzuru so I find this interesting, these were hectic times. :smile: There's so many people interested in languages here or working in the field. Someone said that Japanese pronunciation seems similar to Portuguese and I think that somehow I agree I know nothing about japanese, I'm talking about a feeling k Even if French is a romance language like Portuguese, I think that french pronunciation seems much harder.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Thanks for the replies. :s_yes
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Just a quick question and sorry if this was already clarified previously, but are we supposed to post all the news, twitter posts, other new findings etc on this General thread just like before? Will the media section work just like the 'Media thread' worked, the only difference being that it is now split into different topics? I just want to be sure of it. Thank you!