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  1. I watched all three programs from this uploader: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9zQVbGLgAIGybqYF8fwFw
  2. Watched top 3 of Men, here is my personal opinion: Nathan Chen: - 4Lz is obviously under-rotated, can be seen in normal speed, very clear in slow motion. - 3A from SE is ok, as it does not have good distance and height or good landing, or effortlessness, I would cap the GOE at +2 - 4F+3T has a very long preparation (crossover, crossover, waiting, waiting before the jump), and no good landing, not effortless, not matching the music, no steps before the jump, I would cap the GOE at +1. - That sit spin should not be Lv4 (Edit: I re-watched it in slow motion (0.2x
  3. Just watched Jason's SP. He has good skating skills and compacted transitions in this SP, but 48.8 PCS is "too low", seriously? Or do you mean by US National Standard? 48.80 is not a low mark, only 1.20 points from perfect. If the PCS is 1 point higher (not a large number huh?), will people call 49.8 pcs "low"? I watched the performance only once, so maybe it is my own problem not feeling the music in the choreo. But I can see, without slow motion, that the landing of 3A and 3Lz+3T are not perfect. Maybe we should be reminded (again) of ACI 2017, the historical record
  4. In my personal ranking, Ten to Chi to 2020 JNats has already surpassed both 2015 Seimei technically and artistically, only little behind 18OG Seimei and 17WC Hope and Legacy (partly because they both mean a lot to a Fanyu) ... I can't even imagine how Ten to Chi to could grow to be better... It is already so perfect. It only needs a Big Event performance for legendary status.
  5. About no flip or lutz in the program, I remember for both OP at JNat, he jumped lutz combo in the practice. So the jumps should be fine and nothing to worry about. (Edit: He jumped 3Lz-eu-3S on 24 and 26 Dec, and 3Lz on 25 Dec.) From Sponichi OP memo, date 24 Dec 2020 (https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/12/24/kiji/20201224s00079000254000c.html) ▽12:48 3回転ループ、3回転ルッツ―1回転オイラー―3回転サルコーを着氷。 From Sponichi OP memo, date 25 Dec 2020 (https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/12/25/kiji/20201225s00079000169000c.html) ▽8:33 3回転ルッツ。ゆっくりと滑る。 From Spo
  6. I still think his ultimate goal is 4A, not Beijing. He mentioned (again) in post JNat interview that if it is not for 4A, he would not be competing. And even now he hasn’t confirmed anything about Beijing yet (that’s why he is asked this question in every competition). He also said in the post JNat interview that when he recover from the JNat tiredness he will again start to build his body for 4A. I don’t know whether he could win Beijing with 4A (no one knows who will be the winner anyhow), but his determination for 4A is unquestionable to me.
  7. Also “Spin in one position with change of foot” obviously means sit position, and "a spin position with at least three (3) revolutions" requirement is also using the word "position", not variation. Unless they use the same word to describe different things here....
  8. This is quoted from the TP handbook (which only fans read): so I guess "sit" is a position?
  9. I thought all sit position shall be added together to fulfill that "a spin position with at least three (3) revolutions" requirement? like CSSp is "Spin in one position with change of foot" in TP handbook. Then this requirement is definitely fulfilled, as all "spin position" are sit spin, and he spinned at least 3 revolutions before and after change of foot.
  10. the necklace was changed in 4cc 2020
  11. thanks for your sharing it is very interesting! maybe I can add some other points I found: 1. delayed single axel follow by twizzle into triple axel, I remember Kurt Browning commented that delay axel is how people used to learn axels. It is the starting point of triple axel. It represents a history of Axel (jump) evolution. 2. in the end, Yuzuru did one foot spin --> two-foot spin -->skate forward-->T-stop, that's how people start to learn figure skating. He rarely do two-foot spin but it is choreographed in Notte Stellata.
  12. You can see the water mark in this picture
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