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    Yuzuru Merch?

    So, I'll be in Tokyo/Kyoto in late March, and I wanted to know if there were any places that stock anything Yuzu? I've heard of the gum and the various magazines, but if there's anything more (or if you know of specific places that are sure to have the magazines), definitely let me know! ありがとございます! 
  2. As an alternative, a quick reminder when the japanese one ends?
  3. Ugh samee...If I don't get it I'll probs cry for a while then check out the resales once the tickets have been issued
  4. If you do get extra tickets for the mens FS or SP, definitely let me know, I'd 100% be willing to buy them off you
  5. I only started skating a year ago. A few months ago, I felt like giving up. I felt as though I wasn't making enough progress fast enough. So many people at my rink who had started skating after me were doing so much better. I couldn't hold my spins. I felt like my jumps were wobbly. Then, I decided to watch a documentary following Yuzu before Pyeongchang. I was so inspired. He works so hard to achieve his goals, and here I was, going twice a week and thinking that I'd have such rapid improvement. I started exercising more (admittedly, I gave up on that after a while. But I'm planning on finding a time every week to go to the gym), I bumped up my rink time from 1.5 hours twice a week to 3 hours + whenever I wanted to go, which ended up being almost every day. I saw so much improvement. Even in just one week, I was able to get my mohawk-entry salchow down, and though the technique isn't completely right, I landed my toe loop! My one-foot spin got better, and I even talked to my coach about entering a competition in March. I started watching my diet, too, and working on more off-ice exercises. It was all because of Yuzu. I'm so proud to be a fan of such a hard-working, amazing man. Get well soon bby!
  6. Scams probably. But I'm sure once the tickets are issued some legitimate ones will pop up?
  7. Yeah Viagogo has them but I've heard they're horrifically overpriced TT^TT but if you're fine with that, go for it. (I wish I could move to Japann TT^TT I currently live in a country where I don't speak a lick of the language, but in Japan I'd actually be able to communicate)
  8. ohhh great! Can you tag us when you get the info for it please?
  9. Ugh probably not though TT^TT I'm not that optimistic. I'll work hard at general sale and resale though!
  10. Ugh so basically what I'm hearing is I have no chance of getting a ticket since I only entered once in the lottery and general sale is hell...any recommendations?
  11. So...in order to enter general sale, what do I need in terms of ID/verification?
  12. Omg u entered 6 times?? wElp, I'm not going to get any tickets then lol, I only entered once ugh and this is the last lottery right? There's no more chances? I guess I'll just have to try my luck with the general sale or resale TT^TT
  13. woo more questions: 1. Is it possible to enter multiple times? I can do 3 more, 1 for each of my family members' phones, but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time ;w; 2. Do I have a better chance with the Japanese lottery? 3. How do I do the Japanese lottery? Do I need a Japanese name/sim? 4. I only entered once in the foreign lottery. That's not enough, right?
  14. Should I make multiple accounts and apply with those for the lottery too? I'm worried my chances are too low TT^TT
  15. When does the next lottery start? How many times can I enter per?
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