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  1. So, I'll be in Tokyo/Kyoto in late March, and I wanted to know if there were any places that stock anything Yuzu? I've heard of the gum and the various magazines, but if there's anything more (or if you know of specific places that are sure to have the magazines), definitely let me know! ありがとございます! 
  2. I only started skating a year ago. A few months ago, I felt like giving up. I felt as though I wasn't making enough progress fast enough. So many people at my rink who had started skating after me were doing so much better. I couldn't hold my spins. I felt like my jumps were wobbly. Then, I decided to watch a documentary following Yuzu before Pyeongchang. I was so inspired. He works so hard to achieve his goals, and here I was, going twice a week and thinking that I'd have such rapid improvement. I started exercising more (admittedly, I gave up on that after a while. But I'm plann
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