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  1. So I will (hopefully) be going to Worlds, but by myself. If I apply for two tickets, this means that hypothetically someone could go with me, so if I won, someone else would also have the chance to go who might otherwise not be able to? Are there really no paper tickets? :|
  2. Blackberry

    2019 Four Continents Anaheim

    I would be careful about reading the fine print on the insurance. “If Yuzu doesn’t go” usually isn’t a reason to invoke it. It’s usually stuff more like “I had a heart attack.”
  3. My Japanese is not great, and so please take with as much salt as Yuzu would shed if someone else landed Nessie first, but this is the last line before closing stuff like “thanks for reading”: ただ今の状態では、どちらも時間的に ずれてますが。。。頑張れライストちゃん!(^^;) And it says something like, Current condition here is confused by time... Do your best, live stream! (Live stream is given the affectionate -chan suffix). I don’t fully understand everything that came before, but didn’t see anything that vaguely translated to speculation that he won’t be at practice, just that they might not see it.
  4. Blackberry

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    I say ACI short program, which I realize makes no sense on the one hand, but I think there is a reason that we have seen so little of the short program. And then the question becomes, when does he add it to his FS?
  5. I have been saving up for a month-and-a-half-long trip to Japan to try and catch both Worlds and WTT this year and I am very good at planning but very bad at sitting around and hoping for a lottery. I am up for buddying up/mutual commiseration/descending into a pit of angst and despair as the circumstances require.
  6. Blackberry

    Media Day 2018

    My Japanese still needs work at conversational speed, so I’ll need to see it again and check the subtitles, but I think that she asked him what pose he would be in for a 4A when you jumped, and he put it in one pose, and then she said, “so this is what it would be like during the jump?” and he said something like, Oh, during the jump? And then corrected the pose. Please take my very vague and possibly wrong translation for all that it’s worth, which is about the value of 0.2 doll molestations.
  7. The conversation in my household went like this: Me: Ohhhhh the Grand Prix Final is in Vancouver this year! We have to go! Mr. Blackberry (who thinks skating is fine but doesn’t LOVE it): That’s....that’s our tenth wedding anniversary. Me: *puppy dog eyes* Mr. Blackberry: How exciting, we will be watching Yuzuru Hanyu skate for our anniversary! Me: Yay! So given the uh...occasion, he’s probably not going to want a lot of other people around for the hours we’re not stuck in a freezing cold ice rink.
  8. Oh dear. So I...guess I’m going to be staying in Vancouver proper, then and figuring out transportation. I have learned my lesson.
  9. Hi, I’m new and a huge procrastinator. Is it...very, very bad that I haven’t gotten lodging yet for the GPF? Now I am afraid to look...