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  1. Blackberry

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Well, it’s a really good idea, illusion or no. Now I think we need to send a Planet Hanyu Nessie to Worlds.
  2. Blackberry

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    I am sorry that I am so late to answer this, but I didn’t read any of these threads while I was at the GPF—too exhausted by the time I got back to my hotel—so I can definitely tell you that it’s a brontosaurus covered in sequins, which I know because I threw it.
  3. I’m already going to the GPF with my husband, but if I can find two really good tickets next to each other (first four rows) for a good price, I’d be okay with upgrading, even if it’s only for one event. PM me if you have something.
  4. I have never been so sad to have money in my account.
  5. Blackberry

    Four Continents 2019 Anaheim

    Question: I have print-at-home tickets, and was just looking at them and they don’t include anything for practice, even though I got all-event tickets. Do other people have specific practice tickets?
  6. Thank you!! This is great! Um, I'm pretty new here but I will be going, and would like to be added. Thanks!
  7. Question: I know the venue information says “no banners” but does anyone have some sense of whether this is going to be strictly enforced? In addition to Yuzu (I’m still hoping for recovery until I hear otherwise), I want to make a bunch of banners for just about everyone. But it’s rather time-consuming and my luggage is already 60% taken up by stuffed animals, and so if anyone with experience knows the answer I’d love to hear it. Thanks!
  8. But they’re not announcing the results of the foreigner’s lottery until December 4th. Argh!
  9. If I’m not lucky with any of my lotteries, I will definitely hope to pick up any extra tickets that might be available. Conversely, if I am *too* lucky with a lottery I hope I can help someone else’s out, too.
  10. Or Boyang Jin takes first at Internationaux de France.
  11. Okay, I’m sorry, but I thought the French commentary was hilarious. It’s so disconnected from Yuzuru’s actual program that it’s unbelievable. I mean, if they want to sound like they don’t know anything, sure, go ahead, but like... way to announce that you haven’t watched either Johnny Weir’s Otonal or Plushenko’s Origin before commenting on it. And also way to announce, “I don’t understand the concept of paying homage to skaters who went before and I didn’t bother to research the fact that Yuzu asked their permission first.” And saying that he doesn’t have any transitions?! ?! ?! ?! Maybe they’re getting spoiled, but like Yuzu’s program is 1000% transitions and WHAT DO THEY THINK IS HAPPENING after he finishes the combo a hair after the 50% mark?! People are entitled to have their own opinions, but this one is so dumb that it’s honestly hilarious. Let’s face it, people who aren’t good commenters in their own right are going to want to get attention in their own way, and how better to get it than to make fun of the guy who is unquestionably the greatest skater in the world? It’s pretty obvious that this is what is happening, so I would say don’t bother to give them the attention they’re begging for.
  12. I would love to have Misha skate his way back onto the podium, but some evil part of me whispers that if Keegan ends up at #5 or worse, and Misha ends up at #3, then Junwhan has a shot at the final, and while my good side never, ever wants skaters to underperform, the evil part of me is super-biased in favor of this possibility.