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    General Yuzuru Chat

  2. lily

    General Yuzuru Chat

    he's a 21yo male!!!
  3. Depends how used you are to the cold! The temperature forecasted for all three days is 19°C and for me a long sleeve shirt/sweater/hoodie and jeans should be fine! Though the temperature will be quite low at night (~12°C) so maybe you'd want to bring extra layers.
  4. lily

    General Yuzuru Chat

    From what I understand with my limited spanish vocabulary she's saying there are rumours that his FS is not completed yet but that means that it's a new program ETA: im too slow lmao
  5. lily

    This or That

    Break if that means he'll win everything or
  6. lily

    This or That

    Seimei 2.0 (with different music cuts) idk if it's been asked before but 3A high kick or 4T high kick?
  7. Omg I didn't get the chance to get my ticket for friday:( I'll try to get one for Saturday ETA: got my ticket!!!!
  8. Uh the chat probably expired by now... but for next time i think you can copy the chat right after the streaming is over
  9. ...I think you're right I converted the time from GMT that was on doodle using timeanddate and it gave me an hour earlier than the time on the calendar... (Actually I think I used the wrong time zone to convert.. .) Anyway it's my fault I apologize... going to reflect now
  10. Nope! It's a website I'll post the link around half an hour before the streaming starts
  11. Some things to know for those who have never used rabb.it: You need to change the quality of the player by clicking LD and selecting High Definition: And you can hide the bubbles by clicking the three circles and clicking Hide Bubbles To open/close the chat you need to click on the icon on the bottom right
  12. It's alright! I'll post the link about 30 minutes before
  13. I'm hosting the one at 3:30am GMT right?
  14. I could host both times if no one else volunteers ETA: Just saw what @Anony said lmao but if you can't then I'm here!