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  1. Same I've started reading some background info (more like soaking up every piece of it) and (mentally) preparing myself for the series, because I just cannot get the opening song out of my head I don't usually stray from my comedy/slice of life anime preference, and my friend was very "wtf is happening" when I asked for their review about Nge
  2. As someone who's terrible with a curling iron, I can totally imagine how the hair came to be. My theory (based on my own experience) is that if he curled his hair himself, he probably ended up with strands that are flying in every direction and they're set because of the heat So hair gel to the rescue then, because hair gel is the answer to (almost) everything
  3. I think so? I mean it's just crumbs a small snippet but that's probably from Toyama right? (part of me hope it would be even today so I can feel a tiny bit closer to the whole thing)
  4. I don't remember seeing this angle in any of the broadcast...could it be edit: another one
  5. Oohhh here's an idea, how about a new theme with Masquerade and Origin in the banner? (sorry Oto-chan, just know that I love you still)
  6. In conclusion: Yuzuru Hanyu, deserves the world thank you for coming to my TED talk
  7. Sound like the last Masquerade (don't hit me) was all out how am I gonna go on with the rest of my day now
  8. Same question tho and how does he switch gear that fast? and if he doesn't and any trace of murderous Masquerade is present in Origin...well, it's been nice knowing y'all
  9. I'm...speechless. I'm extremely emotional and my brain can't decide if I want to scream or cry. I won't go into details about how much Origin as a program means to me (throughout this entire year) but one thing for sure, that was unexpected, in the best way possible Edit: on second thought my brain decided it's crying time For all the love I have for Origin, I always felt it did not have the "closure" it deserved, so this means so much to me as someone who really, really admire it (and Yuzu who went for it) in many aspects. Yuzu never fails to surprise, in the best way possible
  10. Thank goodness the planet is back I have been *internally screaming* for the past 2 hours
  11. I think somewhere along the line you misunderstood me, because I never mention anything about labels and such. That label should not be used with a negative connotation, nor should it be put on someone who does not disclose that part of information. About the frills and sparkles, I think you're very optimistic. Afaik, media, journalists, commentators etc have commented on it, and not all the comments are nice. Remember right during the Olympic? so I do not agree it's just work costumes. Saying that is deleting what has been said about him and what he has done. And yes, anything new other than this type of drama would be great. I'll stop now as I think we've strayed too far solely based on speculation.
  12. yeah this is my first thought tbh. The team has been with Zu for a while, I doubt the photo is something they fuss about. The photo has been posted, deleting it would have way more implications and invite unwanted speculations (like what's happening now dun dun). Do you really think they would do that, and in such a tactless manner that Weir just have to go to SNS right away? Solely based on Weir's past behaviors, I don't give him the benefit of the doubt. Period.
  13. But consider, Zu have been dressing in an androgynous manner for quite a while (and androgyny is something he praised in Weir's skating as well). I don't think that's the assumption we should be sure on. Even if it is an "image" issue, there is a bit to unpack re: cultural background, media and all that. But I seriously would like more than just an obscure remark to be able to fully understand the situation without 1. making management to be some sort of controlling, insensitive party and 2. making Zu into someone who cannot decide how he represents himself and has to be in a specific image all the time (like seriously, do you see the irony in that implication? the guy literally skated a program about breaking away from the mask, and wears NS, HYK and probably more glitters and ruffles than his field combined)
  14. I...am not sure if the image is the issue. I'll be honest and say that (among many other reasons) with Yuzu's costumes and how he supports Weir, and how the crowd loves him, it doesn't really come together that that is the issue management have. (if Yuzu does have management I'm pretty sure they'll be more tactful) Agreed. I would assume with his experience working in a media outlet he would know better. If for whatever reason he is mad, is it the best idea to be passive aggressive on social? Under spoiler because might sound speculative
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