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  1. Masquerade encore in Vertigo is the chaotic combo I'm here for
  2. yes pLEASE! I have such a soft spot for 'Change' Yuzu in jeans? Check. Embroidered T-shirt that looks gorgeous? Check. Dancing that gives me 2nd hand embarrassment but also the reason why I stan? Check
  3. You really hit the nail on the head with this one. The judging trajectory is too narrow minded for current hype, I question whether they really think of FS in terms of the next few decades. Sometimes I ask myself (mind you I've only been watching for 3 years) how fs as a sport has been surviving for this long with its plethora of questionable decisions. I remember someone once said, the sport itself has the benefit of time to maintain its long existence and recover from mishaps while athletes don't. That's why athletes and coaches do everything they can (even adopting wrong technique) to achieve the most out of the time they have with the sport. But on the other hand, the judging body creates a questionable trajectory for the sport that would probably take either a firm agreement to promote correct technique (which is so far fetched with isu right now it's just sad) or a very long time before the sport recovers again.
  4. If anyone want to do this and need some message outline or sth similar, you can message me for a draft of the message that I am going to send later (as well as planning to write one for IOC as well). I can send it to you, it includes mostly examples from the men's event (Yuzu-focused) but you can add from other disciplines if you have/want to.
  5. I know we think showering Yuzu with love and support is the best way to stand by him, but as spectators of the sport I think we are entitled to express our opinion re: it's governing body. Idk if everyone will agree with this approach, but I think what the tweet suggest is a reasonable path to take should you be comfortable. We know ISU does not have an (working) accountability system for judges' decision, but if many people complain, at worst it ought to give them a bit of shiver (there are plenty of evidence online for the competition judging). Also I have never done anything like this so if this step out of line, admin please let me know.
  6. The costume doesn't seem...inspired? Like Ito just used her regular design/habit to alter it while keeping some aspects of Otonal 01 (mainly the back). The front looked a bit like an armor with flowy sleeves unfortunately more blings in this case does not mean more gorgeous than the OG in my opinion (If it was me I'd probably be a bit mad that this is the change she made. She has not been the most creative when it comes to Yuzu's costumes these recent 2 seasons and it shows. Him making them work - very beautifully - does not mean the designer is doing something new. Her other works don't seem to have the same issue so I do sometimes wonder if he should just experiment with someone else)
  7. Excuse me for sounding harsh, but that's not the reality. These things set precedents, and unless he makes some major decisions this tendency probably will not change. Similar to the twizzle 3A, which I have come to accept will probably never get the straight 5 it deserves. Judges work like this, we've all seen it. How can we question one scoring tendencies then sweep other examples under the rug? I get it's difficult to be in a position where you are happy about the score then have to hear oppositions to it. But that's how sport works. It's also how an athlete grows, when getting their mistakes pointed out for improvement. I'd be more worried about judges' generosity especially if there are areas for refinement.
  8. Please share the English stream was tearing my hair out (and the commentary is definitely not my cup of tea so I'd rather not understanding anything at all )
  9. This is in no way defending the bad apples in the fandom, as they have been called out, and rightfully so, but here's something to consider: Re: this summer Johnny is...a lot. In ~ 2 weeks, his name appeared in 2 dramas. Now, I'm not gonna discuss the details of his action in the hate letter incident (cause in the end he did call out a hater, just not in a tactful manner IMO). But the thing with Yuzu, the one handling things poorly IS Johnny, not Yuzu's team. Being cryptic, going to social media to imply an entire team on all sort of misconduct (and this is something I find it hard to swallow, that he even led people to believe management was homophobic), putting Yuzu in a very difficult situation, etc. That's not how a media professional should behave, and that's not how an adult handle misunderstanding. Heck, that's not how a self proclaimed "skating senior" should act. The fact it was Johnny who broke FaOI rules, the one who should be awkward is Johnny. Like we call out bad apples, why can't we admit when a skater slipped? I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I can only do it when the people correct their own behaviors. Re: the leak Bad apples have been called out, and rightfully so. The first thing I saw was tweets calling out bad apples and not the leak, and for that I think the fandom did the absolute right thing. Lbr, not that many fandom will admit part of their community is doing something wrong, let alone correcting them right away (I've been in enough fandoms ever since my teenage years - and at least 2 this summer). I agree that these fans will just give haters the material to dump on us. However, this lead me to offer my view about many things that've happened in the fandom in the past season. This has nothing to do with the leak, I don't think the fans who commented poorly on Instagram should get away with it. What I do think is that, as a community we're so large, and faced a strangely large amount of false narratives, that we ourselves don't give fellow fans some leeway. We ourselves are also seeing some people as "knee jerking", as "vicious", as "mindless" that I'm feeling like we're imposing that idea upon part of the fandom, and in many situations we cannot speak out (the one that left the most impression on me is the hate letter incident this summer, in which the victim implicitly blamed us without proof, and we could not defend ourselves in any way, shape or form ). We may see a strongly worded argument and we may think, omg that person is overreacting. But the fact that antis are so ready to dump on us any chance possible, that people are reacting as fast as possible. And I think that's a vicious circle. The fact that fellow fans seem so ready to think poorly of fellow fans, make me feel like there is a hierarchy, where the one who are deemed vicious, mindless and overreacting are at the bottom, and make me feel like many (both fans and antis) have a sense of moral superiority for alienating them. Boy am I bad at expressing myself, so apology if this doesn't make sense to anyone I guess my point is that, I hope to see Fanyus treated with more understanding of why some do what they do, by any community, for we're in a situation unlike any others. (Once again, this is my view on many things that happened throughout the season, and have nothing to do with the leak incident. I just happen to thought-dump at the same time).
  10. Ahhh what a way to start the day thank you so much @faeline for both streams ended up using periscope since kast on my PC decided to lag in the middle of KuriMemo But man, did I miss one murderous looking, fairy sparkling, wilding otaku boy
  11. Not sure if I dig this format... the cut is all over the place I'm kinda getting a headache
  12. Thank you for the stream. Sorry to ask, but is it still possible to join? I sent my request a few hours ago but I'm not in, so I just undo it and send again hope that's ok
  13. Same I've started reading some background info (more like soaking up every piece of it) and (mentally) preparing myself for the series, because I just cannot get the opening song out of my head I don't usually stray from my comedy/slice of life anime preference, and my friend was very "wtf is happening" when I asked for their review about Nge
  14. As someone who's terrible with a curling iron, I can totally imagine how the hair came to be. My theory (based on my own experience) is that if he curled his hair himself, he probably ended up with strands that are flying in every direction and they're set because of the heat So hair gel to the rescue then, because hair gel is the answer to (almost) everything
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