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  1. https://kazakh-tv.kz/en/view/culture/page_204262_almaty-will-host-friends-of-denis-ice-show
  2. When you searched for English expressions to translate a Japanese expression in a text about Yuzu and ended up finding examples using Yuzu
  3. Takeshi was a prominent jumper, but he hasn't achieved much as a jump coach, and he doesn't belong to Howa. (Howa Sports Land is in Nagoya and Takeshi belongs to Kansai Univ. in Osaka.) Tsuzuki sensei is based in Yokohama. Howa used to have Hiroshi Nagakubo, who was known for teaching jumps, but he has retired. However, some of their young skaters are trying to master multiple quads now. Sota Yamamoto is one of them. So Deniss will at least have good training mates.
  4. I need a video of this Other photos of TJ Training Camp
  5. @Neenah I have never lived with multiple cats at once, so I am not able to give you any advice, but it seems very common for an old cat to react that way when you adopt a new one much later, like, after she/he becomes an adult. My landlady's oldest cat also didn't like the new cats and seemed to be avoiding them. When he was the only cat in the family he almost always greeted the visitors himself but when he saw the landlady introducing me one of the new cats (male) he looked quite shocked and it took about a year for me to see him again after that. It seems that cats are very territorial and the battle over territory tends to get fierce when the two are of the same sex. So maybe each of your cats needs their own space apart from each other (at least for a while). I heard that it is better to prioritize the old one at first, for example, when you give them food, give it to the old one first, etc. to not to make her/him feel insecure. If you can make her/him believe that living with the new cat doesn't threaten her/his life or vested interests, she/he will get calmer, maybe? Hope they will find a way to get along with each other. They are both so cute!
  6. In the original, he says "真知子先生から も 離れたほうがいいんじゃないかと言われた" which means "Machiko sensei also said that it might be better for me to leave them." He just said that the coach agreed with his decision. By the way, isn't this more relevant to Team Japan thread?
  7. Wakaba Higuchi SP: Bird Set Free by Shae-Lynn Bourne FP: Poeta by Massimo Scali Yuhana Yokoi SP: OST of Ten Dark Women by Misao Sato FP: Phantom of the Opera by Miho Kawaume Marin Honda SP: Seven Nation Army by Shae-Lynn Bourne FP: OST of La La Land by Lori Nichol
  8. Found Pino san recommending trying Yakimeshi (miso-flavored grilled rice ball) at Jogi Shimizukan if you visit Jogisan in Sendai. You may have seen this shop in this news clip filmed in the summer of 2011, in which the shop keeper cheered Yuzu, saying, "You don't have to cheer for Tohoku. Do your best for yourself, that will make everyone happy in the end." Shimizukan is near the main gate of the Saihoji Temple (or Jogi Nyorai.) Jogi Tofuten mentioned above is also in this area. Shimizukan(定義 清水館) https://www.jalan.net/gourmet/grm_guide000000174682/ https://tabelog.com/miyagi/A0401/A040101/4009180/dtlrvwlst/B274305247/ https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g298249-d13205060-Reviews-Shimizukan-Sendai_Miyagi_Prefecture_Tohoku.html Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple (定義如来西方寺) https://sendai-travel.jp/places/jogi-nyorai/ *Seems like there are two types of Yakimeshi, one with garlic (にんにく焼きめし Ninniku Yakimeshi) and one without it (元祖焼きめし Ganso Yakimeshi) so be careful if you are allergic to garlic.
  9. You may find (a statue of) him around Marunouchi Building near Tokyo station. Japan is going to host the Rugby World Cup this year. These "bench arts" are a part of a project to promote the event. I am not sure how long they will exhibit them so I don't recommend you to go there just for these arts, but if you are planning to take a walk, have dinner or go shopping around Tokyo station this summer, it may be fun to find him and take a photo with him. Marunouchi Building (丸の内ビルディング or 丸ビル) https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1066443-d2152057-Reviews-Marunouchi_Building-Chiyoda_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html https://www.marunouchi.com/information/access/
  10. Thanks for the info! Read the yuzusorbet's blog too. It was like her own version of beautiful Sendai Meguri or Shumatsu Sendai Here's additional information about Rikyu, Hamaya, and The Super Sports Xebio Sendai: Other places you can find Yuzu's autograph in Sendai: Gyutan Sumiyaki Rikyu Izumi Honten (牛たん炭焼 利休 泉本店) https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298249-d6054047-Reviews-Gyutan_Sumiyaki_Rikyu_Izumi_Honten-Sendai_Miyagi_Prefecture_Tohoku.html Ryotei Hamaya Asuto Nagamachi branch(漁亭浜や あすと長町店) https://twitter.com/yuriagehamaya https://savorjapan.com/0006096908/ Photos shared by the shop: You can also see the letter from his grandparents displayed beside them. (These autographs were presented by them) You can find another autograph in their branch in S-PAL Ryotei Hamaya S-PAL(漁亭浜や エスパル店) https://twitter.com/SPAL_hamaya https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298249-d7378623-Reviews-Ryotei_Hamaya_S_PAL-Sendai_Miyagi_Prefecture_Tohoku.html And in Super Sports Xebio Asuto Nagamachi(スーパースポーツゼビオあすと長町店) Map By the way, Gyotei Hamaya in this map is the "Ryotei Hamaya Asuto Nagamachi branch" mentioned above. Probably they confused 魚 (means fish, and reads gyo, uo, or sakana) and 漁 (means fishing or hunting, reads ryo) Seems like another one given during TOI is displayed in Xebio Arena near it, but I am not sure if you can go inside and see it without a ticket for an event.
  11. Another place to visit in Sendai: Jogi Tofuten (定義とうふ店): https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298249-d1669513-Reviews-Jogi_Tofuten-Sendai_Miyagi_Prefecture_Tohoku.html Fried tofu is their specialty. You'll find Yuzu's autograph here. According to this video, he's been visiting this place since when he was a junior skater.
  12. Yuzu related places around Sendai featured in "Hashikari" in 2018 Reference: Tokyoya Shokudo (Ishinomaki): https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1023406-d7514087-Reviews-Tokyoya_Shokudo-Ishinomaki_Miyagi_Prefecture_Tohoku.html
  13. Places you can buy Yuzu related things in/near Tokyo: Ice Rink Sendai merchandise Atelier Shop F 2-17-27 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan 213-0001 Tel: 044-829-3402 *The shop is on the third floor of this building *Open on weekdays from 10:00 to about 23:00 *They sometimes open the shop on weekends and holidays but you have to call and check their schedule in advance. Their website: http://www.studiofake.co.jp/asf/index.html Google map: https://www.google.co.jp/maps/place/2+Chome-17-27+Mizonokuchi,+Takatsu-ku,+Kawasaki-shi,+Kanagawa-ken+213-0001/@35.6018005,139.6084127,17.21z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6018f420eecf206b:0x131c7af4471f22e6!8m2!3d35.6022646!4d139.6111926?hl=en Ice Rink Sendai merchandise sold in this place: http://www.studiofake.co.jp/asf/irenegoods_lineup.html Phiten shops List of Phiten Shops in Japan(PDF): http://www.phiten.com/english/img/global/shoplist_japan.pdf
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