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  1. It's amazing, but 羊 is sheep, and 习 isn't used as an independent kanji in Japanese, so I would call it an incredible coincidence, like his winning 1000th OGM.
  2. It is nice to be able to hear a skater's take on this matter, and since Canada seems to have been managing the situation well, he may be right about Skate Canada. I don't feel especially safer about NHK and GPF, though... since the latter is still an international event and the former will take place in a country where the internal situation at the moment doesn't look so good. I am curious about other skaters' opinions too.
  3. Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri: "Ice dancers must be mentally very strong" by Absolute Skating http://www.absoluteskating.com/index.php?cat=interviews&id=2020guignardfabbri Looks like an interview taken after European Championships this year.
  4. Caption: "Heavy cats" Beautiful cat in snow
  5. I saw a few translations that were too literal or google translation, but tweets suggesting more natural translations were also earning many likes and RTs, so Brian's comment probably isn't widely misunderstood. Many of the fans I saw didn't even share the translations, to avoid sharing Yuzu's whereabouts in Japanese, I guess.
  6. I love that this person figured out a way to make these dolls without cutting these beautiful towels. I also love that these cats/bears have long legs. Funny and lovely.
  7. Skaters appear in this video are as follows (in order of appearance): Wakaba Higuchi Keiji Tanaka Yuhana Yokoi Tomoe Kawabata Yuma Kagiyama and Shun Sato Mai Mihara Mitsuki Sumoto Rin Nitaya Sota Yamamoto Rino Matsuike Kazuki Tomono Kaori Sakamoto Looks like Sota was coached by one of his former coaches.
  8. Thank you for your explanation. I learned something new today... Then the JTB tour is very sandwichy since it consists of things that are usually optional...
  9. Some fans (those who have requested JTB to send info about figure skating related tours in the past, I guess) have received invitation mail from JTB. The blogpost shared by @SparkleSalad is based on the mail. Here is another post on the mail on twitter. ETA: The ticket price is insane, but the price of the tour itself is questionable as well. For 89,000yen, they will arrange a shuttle bus from Stockholms Central to the venue, make a resting place in the venue for the participants, and give them masks, rubbing alcohol, face shields, and sanitizing wipes, but won't arrange flights and hotels for them. I am just ?????? now.
  10. This is a description of test events for ToKkyo2020, but this should apply to Beijing2022 as well.
  11. JSF said they were currently considering how they could hold the competition, and also said they would announce the detail around September. It is not like they've already decided to sell tickets as usual, and I don't think their announcement today was anything well thought out since their office has been closed since July 27th due to the spread of the virus in Tokyo. Osaka was supposed to host NHK this year, but it is currently experiencing another surge in the number of cases. With our government still putting their priority in the economy, although being quite dumb in that regard as well, the situation in Osaka won't get better to hold an event having a large audience in the venue anytime soon. I think JSF is also aware of the situation since Mao has canceled her show that was supposed to take place in their national training center in Osaka in late September. Sad to say, but in these few months, we've already seen clusters of patients formed in in-door events, the infection spread by lifting the travel restrictions prematurely, and how responsible parties received severe (and sometimes nasty) criticism. I imagine planning this strange NHK Trophy is super tricky and not a fun job.
  12. You have read what Canadian satellites explained about the border closure in the past few pages, haven't you? Also, when you enter Japan, you have to get tested and quarantine for 14days. But if you want to discuss protective measures against COVID-19 in general, we have a suitable thread in Space Junk.
  13. Why don't they just cancel GPS and let everyone focus on domestic competitions? Here we are wondering if our situation will allow JSF to hold nationals at the end of this year, even behind closed doors, and if our skaters will be able to travel to compete there...
  14. But aren't the videos on MEGA? I checked the links from PC and could open all five episodes, although it took a while to load some of them.
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