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  1. preparing this gifts surely takes time, effort and pure love... KUDOS to all Fanyu/Satellites xx (im a bit jealous and wanting to have one LOL)
  2. He was so happy that he cutely party wildin in the banquet
  3. i think the article was before the victory ceremony.
  4. Planet Hanyu is also extra amazing
  5. is this what Yuzu means by it doesnt hurt much? it sound so complicated.... just take my ankle!
  6. this is like an olympic moment sorry but he looks like a baby for me!!! that smile tho.....
  7. i hope he'll not be wearing his skating boots, please .......
  8. as a fan i was full of greed but deep down i just want him to stay healthy and HAPPY as always!! i couldnt ask for more.. don't doubt yourself!!!!!!!
  9. shoutout to the one who throw the +5 pillow ! :-D
  10. i just can't get enough, keep on re-watching his performance.. i'm being greedy in wanting him to keep winning.......
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