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  1. I'm looking for a practice ticket for the 25th if anyone is still selling And if anyone has 2 all event tickets, I'd also be interested. We already have tickets but they're in the corner...
  2. ... What if there is no direct flight from Munich to Sochi? I cannot travel via Istanbul or any other country?
  3. if your accommodation issues invitation letters, you can go directly to apply for a visa at the russian embassy. You need to apply for an appointment online first. if you don‘t get an invitation letter, you need to use an agency, like: https://www.buch-dein-visum.de/russland-touristenvisum.htm
  4. Hotels seem to be cheap in Adler. I booked on Bcom for 4 nights just 95 EUR. Flights just booked as well. Now figuring out the Visa stuff. Please let's organize a meetup!! Last time at Worlds in Saitama I struggled to find any PlanetHanyu people
  5. How fast the tickets went!! And they didn't release any tickets on the A side...
  6. That breaks my heart. Since Pyeongchang I so hoped to be able to attend the Olys while Yuzu still skates... now that dream is over The only other opportunity this season would be Rostelecom Cup... WC is simply too expensive...
  7. The reduced tickets are for kids under 12 years old I wonder if buying the package you get other seats than the ones still available on the single ticket selection site... Edit: I tested it - the seats for packages are really bad... Why are these tickets soooo expensive?! It must be over double of the ones I bought for the 2020 Championships
  8. Found the pre-sale link: https://www.parter.ru/en/artist/isu-rostelecom-cup/ Sales start in 2 days!
  9. Good to know, thank you! So is Parter.ru or Kassir.ru official sellers ?
  10. So I sent a request on TriTickets ages ago (I believe beginning of this year) and received this email today: Hello, ....! We are glad to offer you the tickets for Rostelecom Cup 2021 that will take place in Sochi 26-28 November 2021. in Section C2/C3— row 1-3 — the price is 1000 euro per person in Section C2/C3 — rows 4/5 — the price is 850 euro per person in Section C2/C3 — from 6 — 18 rows — the price is 700 euro per person in Sectors C1/C4 — row 1-3 — the price is 850 euro per person in Section C1/C4 — from 4 — 18 rows — the price is 600 euro per person Let us know how many packages you need and what category you prefer. Thank you! As the number of the tickets is limites we are waiting for your answer as soon as possible. I wonder if this is legit?
  11. I've been rewatching all of Yuzu's competitions in the past days (again) and my desire to attend the Olympics and see him (once again) has grown exponentially. Has anyone attended Sochi or PyeongChang? Is anyone else considering to go to Beijing as well? Does anyone know how it works? The internet is very vage when it comes to Olympics tickets. How much are those tickets? When do they come out?
  12. Buying any all event ticket or men SP, men Fs, gala - please PM me!
  13. Danke Raebia! Ich hab jetzt mal Worlds in Saitama nächstes Jahr angepeilt. Flüge sind gebucht und eine Freundin in Japan hilft mir mit der Ticketverlosung... fingers crossed X3 Dennoch, Europa hat da schon seine Vorteile... oder sogar Nordamerika!
  14. Whoa! Der letzte Eintrag ist ja fast 1 Jahr her! Dann muss was neues hier rein Um ehrlich zu sein könnte ich mich fast selbst in den Hintern kicken! Ich hätte letztes Jahr in Helsinki sein können... das war noch bevor ich ans andere Ende der Welt gezogen bin... Und nu.... nun bin ich Eiskunstlauf fan in einem Land voller Rugby und Cricket fans?! ARGH! Nun ja, lieber spät als nie Ich bin milde überrascht, dass es hier im fast tropischen Neuseeland auch Eislaufhallen gibt, phew! Und die Eislaufgruppe ist auch gar nicht soooo klein. Aber ich wünschte mir doch sehr, dass ich das ein bisschen eher entdeckt hätte und die ganzen Wettbewerbe in Europa mitgenommen hätte... ich Idiot...
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