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  1. 4A is dangerous He knows better than anyone of us He is trying it and getting closer to it than anyone in this world No one can stop him , and thus I wish he is the first one to land it in competition. 
  2. well you are the one who is convinced Yuzu lost FS to 10 points because he lost short I am not . I think he lost FS because ISU is blind and dead. that is the fundamental difference between us. and yes, Chen can do a 4S in WTT in that quality got GOE of 4.02 (compared with Yuzu's 4S in COR otonal is 4.30.) and make every one believe he can land 5 in LP. And i was there the whole week in saitama he really got big problems in landing his 4F that is why he replaced 4F with 4lz in short, but judges didn't see anything. No one get called for UR? what happened to the 4S in origin? this is why i thought he is the chosen one and yuzu isn't . I know there's saying different matches has different standard, but we all see how PCS changes after US national.
  3. may i say because the way they scored the FS? how the PCS and the GOE is given? and over all season's the short stsq score? and the way they promote him? by 20+ gap, they CLEARLY want to send the signal, even if Yuzu did't make the error in short which caused the12 points lost, nathan would have won finally. And yuzuru himself realized ISU is somehow sending the signal, and said he must get 4LZ/4A (4F?) in his arsenal, otherwise they will underscore him and overscore the chosen one. I think he himself knows much better what is going on in the system.
  4. It is even okay for me if them didn't mention his name, since part of the broadcast content based on the questions audience raised, but mentioin Yuzu for 5 secs in that way ... just blow up my mind.
  5. they could make nathan win anyway with a somehow fair score since he is 12+ ahead in short, but they just give him 10 points more after the long I can't find any excuse to justify the score in WC2019 FS.
  6. okay, i finally got some time (during working and set this as my working BGM) to watch this. And i was shocked, what did he imply? Yuzu didn't have a easy and beautiful quads? and did he mean in some competitions he didn't deserve to win but anyway he won because this "magic" aside from this, I thought I heard kurt said something like " we should only have french ice dance team and nathan chen's skate" the world is even worse than i thought...
  7. Yuzu is phenomenon, actually I can write a very serious essay analyzing why he is so popular in China, but that would be too long to read. try to make this short anyway: I don't think kim/kwan or any other figure skaters had ever reached his popularity in China now, but it is not fair to compare, because the world is different, during the old times, we don't have social net work, we can't spread photos and video clips and let more ppl get to know them, even though he himself doesn't have a public account, ppl can easily get to know him from others sharing. OGG is the reason why ppl want to know him, but considering there're really a lot of OGGs in other sport in China, i just take it as a bonus. He is more than OGGx2. And from my experience, one photo/video clip get ppl to be curious who this guy is , and then search the web and they can see tons of his videos/photos and how great he is. After reading and watching that, we may thought oh dear god how cute/charming/beautiful/dramatic/charismatic/incredible he is, and I do think Chinese share some basic fundemental aesthetic sense with Japan, the music/costume is easier for us to get, that is why there are so many MAD of him with the traditional china melody as BGM, he really suits that. And also once I present his performance to my mother, my mother just said the words in tears: I can see the essence of Japan from him, he represents all good qualities from Japan". Yes, there're history issues between two countries, but also maybe that is the reason chinese have more detailed images from Japan, good and bad, but he represents all the good sides, maybe this explains the "hope of asia" concept. Not only japan, but all these qualities, very asia side. Actually I myself don't really honor some of them, but Yuzu make think oh, it can be done in a good and nature way i am proud of that i will also follow him to do that.
  8. so it is true western can't tell the different looking of Asian? not to offend, but IMO yuzu can get a mark of 8-9/10 (i have turned off my fangirl filter) and boyang is 5/10. My friends don't follow figure skating at all, but most of them (even men) love yuzu's look and none of them prefer boyang (or even didn't notice him....at all) even a pic of him without mentioning who he is can go viral on sns ... As I have his posters post full of my cube, most of my teammates (men or women) will drop by and appreciate those, some men even say if they had a face like that, maybe they don't need to work at all. And then I would answer, actually he works harder than you. And all of them agree Yuzu is the guy who can just make a living from his face, but he chose to make living by his talent and hard work.
  9. JO is some commercial events and i prefer he dont go to that, meaningless for him. We must understand, he is very special and different in this area. His every performance every word is being analyzed via microscope, and others don't need to adjust their conditions for this kind of events, if you look back at what other players did in previous JO, some of them fell into pieces, but no one will make essays on that. But he will be criticized if he didn't show his good condition in such kind of competitions, no fun for him. He can relax in shows, even in shows his attitude is more sincere than others. For others, life is much easier.
  10. Well, he has a face kissed by GOD, I don't think God loves Japan so much and kissed many of them.
  11. okay, read that article from SV. I really don't know why everybody thought skating after the poohs a big deal, imagine yuzuru had 24 cameras targting him from the moment he entered the arena even for warm up, cameras were following him until he closed the changing door, and the pressure he had at his home that nobody is qualified the podium before him. And as i was there, i don't think his home treat him any good, we all know how JSF was talking before and after the game. compared with that, 8 min pooh bears were really nothing, the standard for others is really low, same as the the judges criteria.
  12. while taking look at the score of the WC, it seems only IOC of china showed their welcome, the chinese judges held the quite opposite attitude to him by giving him 93.5 pcs, and the lowest of all total score.
  13. okay, i just don't understand, regarding the posture, i think yuzu's every movement in the competition are always shot by hundreds of cameras from almost all angles, and we they are post without editing right after the match, everyone with eyes can see how his posture is, and also photographers are always expressing their admiration for this, and saying they can't miss a single movement of him and his bodyline, his movement inspired them to shoot because of the beauty he presents. and about other guys especially the one i don't want to name here, did you see the pictures from canon interview yesterday? better posture? really need the definition of posture here.
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