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  1. GoAndGold

    Planet Hanyu Banner Contest - VOTE!

    Really love them all !They are so beautiful !It's soooooooo hard to choose one of them.Finally I choose the Ballade No.1 for the Olympics .😉
  2. GoAndGold

    Your Username

    Haha, my username is quite easy to understand."YUZU Go! Gold medal belongs to u!" ←this kind of meaning...and It's easy to remember!
  3. GoAndGold

    rabbit rabbit white rabbit

    Thank you for your explaining !As you say there were so many rabbit tweets yesterday ,and I actually know after reading an story about that which says that it means luck. I think it is really a good thing for us and our planet so I posted it,but I didn't make its meaning clear nor explain it in time , my fault, haha
  4. GoAndGold

    rabbit rabbit white rabbit

    OHH omg so that's what it is. I've been wondering about it for quite a while, I even thought they were saying it because Yuzu looks like a rabbit HAHAHA. Thank you for explaining! Haha I make a mistake and consider that it is a widespread tradition for I saw sooooo many rabbit tweets yesterday, but I would rather say that Yuzu is a beautiful white swan, hahaha
  5. GoAndGold


    2012 & 5 times! It must be quite good to see his skate live. As a student with no time and no money I am really eager to see him ,only once is better than never :cry:
  6. GoAndGold


    Happy to meet you all ! I knew Yuzuru and became a fan of his at the beginning of this year.My friend introduced this excellent &wonderful skater to me long before this year, but I didn't get further information about him for I was working hard on my school work . In the recent news Yuzuru mentioned that he admired Ohtani Shohei(Japanese baseball player 大谷翔平).When I knew that I said to myself what a coincidence !I actually became Yuzu's fan was because of Ohtani Shohei.A yuzu's fan introduced a way to set goals and how to achieve them, and she set an example. When it come to "how to be lucky ",she added that "Love Yuzuru Hanyu ".I was curious so I searched his name on bilibili (Chinese website like niconico),and finally became a his fan. What a long way, I could have known the best angel of this world earlier! Regretful about that! About me : a Chinese speaking Madarin and Cantonese;not sure about my English and I hope that I make myself understood…Can't wait to learn Japanese.Love Japanese animation&comic in particular,and have many other hobbies as well. Something to say:It's not easy for Yuzuru and Yuzu's fans, just see what GS did we can know that. But I still say there are countless good things waiting for him,for example the Gold medal of 2018 Olympics;and for us, absolutely this warm new planet, our new home.All we need to do is trust our king and defend what he deserves, and build up our newly-built home. Hope to see more and more Yuzu's fan become a resident of PlanetHanyu.
  7. GoAndGold

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

  8. GoAndGold

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    因祸得福咯~~~ :grin: 是的~膜牛进入下一个上坡路!
  9. A footprint ! Love this planet ! Wish Yuzuru &Yuzu fans a good May.
  10. GoAndGold

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论