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    . Johnny Weir
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    Awww... He really has a heart of gold. I hope more "gold" things await for him...
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    The big six are all HEART KILLERS!!
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  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh god! What has happened to the planet?

    In the men's at least..
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I suddenly woke up from a dream of Yuzu and Javi being chased by an ostrich! What's wrong with my brain??

    I think we can all agree that Zuzu has one, if not the most, eye candy jump face in the business. The others are
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    Calm thyself... Calm thyself... Calm thyself (fails and died)
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    So sad to know that this is the image the planet has on others. But as far as I'm concerned there are other forums that are "more harsh" to the point that they called shoma "rat-face" When I read it I was . You may judge him because of his jumps, his techniques. But call him like that. It seems so personal. I also read a thing or two about yuzu which is also really offensive once you read it, even if you are not a fanyu. That's why I'm shocked to know this certain "image" the planet has on others. It's not like when someone has an opinion we rub it on each others faces. It's more of a "this is your opinion this is mine we respect each other" type. So I'll just meh on this..