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  1. "Smart Sport packages" are apparently all competitions (3 days), but no practices and no gala... https://twitter.com/Torino_2019/status/1171413360350511104
  2. I'm guessing if they're real, those are prices for the new "Smart sport packages" that appeared on the ticketing website? We don't know what those packages are, but surely not all-event...? O_o Otherwise people who already bought all-event will want blood... I guess we'll find out soon enough (they were supposed to go on sale yesterday, 9th...)
  3. If you mean the big "full-size" sort you'd use for hiking expeditions, or as your luggage when travelling... that could be a problem. (Or anything that's big enough to obstruct people moving to/from their seats, encroach into their "space", or cause a safety/trip hazard) Smaller "day" backpacks have always been OK though.
  4. I take some of these to every figure skating compettion: Hot hands Sometimes not needed. Other times, life-savers!
  5. Yes... Finlandia 2012 was the first competition we ever went to... (guess who we wanted to see?! ;-D ) And we liked it so much, we've returned every year since then. However, the way ticket prices are going... this might be the last time... :-/ Rika Hongo has apparently announced she won't compete this season... :-/ I was hoping she would come to Finlandia too, but alas... Ah, yes! Elizabet! That would be great! She was originally entered in Lombardia, but withdrew a day after the entries were published. But, she's another one going to Skate America, only a few days after Finlandia... so although it's not impossible, I think the chances are only small...
  6. Yes, it would be great if Voronov and/or Brezina are at Finlandia! And Sergei has a history of attending there. And I assume there will be several Finnish competitors... Turkkila/Versluis? Galay? Lindfors? Peltonen? I'd love to see the new dance team Yuka Orihara & Juho Pirinen too... While we're speculating... - Kostornaia doesn't have a Challenger assignment yet... - I am praying hard for Sui/Han!!! - and hoping for Popova/Mozgov And a "way-out-there" hope, is that Eunsoo Lim will be there: It's a bit of a stretch, but South Korea's other two top ladies (Young You and Yelim Kim), are both entered in two Challenger competitions before the GP series starts. Whereas Eunsoo is only entered in one so far... If she is going to enter a 2nd one as well, then Finlandia is the only remaining choice before the GP series begins...! I realise Finlandia ends just days before Eunsoo must go to Skate America GP... but Young You's challenger competitions are also just days apart, so maybe... just maybe, it's possible...? :-D
  7. JSF Challenger Series assignments reported by the media [1][2] said that Yuhana Yokoi is assigned to Finlandia, as well as Shoma and Sota. (She was in fine form at a recent domestic competition!). Occasionally JSF also sends an additional skater that wasn't originally announced eg. a "B support" skater? Closing date for Finlandia entries is 6th Sept. We should get the full list a few days after that. Australian federation site says they will be sending the following skaters: James MIN Charlton DOHERTY Amelia JACKSON India NETTE/Eron WESTWOOD JSF assignments are usually very reliable, their skaters don't tend to withdraw unless seriously ill or injured. But I don't know about other feds... We can also keep an eye on the assignments for other Challenger competitions, as they are published. Skaters in the GP series usually only attend one Challenger before it starts... So if they get assigned to some other Challenger competition, they are "unlikely" to go to Finlandia as well. Also, skaters entered in other competitions close to the Finlandia dates, are "less likely" to go there as well. eg. Nebelhorn, Japan Open, Skate America ... (There are exceptions eg. Tuktamysheva had a "marathon" season in the past... and Shoma will be at both Japan Open and Finlandia this year). If you're seriously obsessive about such things (ahem, that would be me), you can make a spreadsheet with all the possible skaters, and grey out out the names that are unlikely to go to Finlandia due to other assignments. Then you get an idea of who "might" go, from the names that are left... ^_^;
  8. I would hope (!) that the measures they're taking, will cut out all the scalpers, and the vast networks of friends/families/colleagues entering on behalf of others... so that only the fans who will actually attend the event, will enter the lotteries. Then the chances of those fans winning the lottery, should be much higher... But we will see... ^_^;
  9. Is it expecting numbers-only for your country? Mine has both numbers and letters, and it was OK... but some sites in the past, I've had to put random numbers instead...
  10. Unfortunately, having just bought... All-event is a single ticket... Good luck everyone...
  11. Closing date for entries to most Challenger's is about 1 month before the actual competition, and the organisers don't publish the full list of skaters until after that. However, JSF "usually" announces which Challengers their top skaters will enter, much sooner than that. Last year, it was 23rd July... And this year, it seems from page 9 of this document, that JSF will meet to decide the assignments on 13th July: If so, and if they publically announce the planned competition entries, and if they do it quickly... then we might get confirmation within 1 week...! That's quite a few "if"s though...!
  12. Was the PH "group buy" successful? I wasn't part of it, but I am interested to know if it worked...
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