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  1. That was our impression too, watching in person, in the arena. He seemed rather slow and cautious, especially compared to previous competitions. (We saw him in Grenoble too). My guess at the time was, he wanted a "clean" skate at all costs, when going head to head with Yuzu - since a "big" mistake could upset The Narrative? Once upon a time that kind of skating would result in the skater taking a hit on their PCS. But instead, his PCS actually increased...!
  2. I uploaded 75 photos of Yuzu, from Torino: http://photos.phantomkabocha.com/FigureSkating/GPF2019/YuzuruHanyu/index.html I hope they are of interest! This is the 8th consecutive year we have had the amazing good fortune of seeing Yuzuru compete in person. He was as awesome as he's always been. He shows no signs of slowing or stopping his incredible journey - on the contrary, he continues to improve, and break new ground! The mistakes were unfortunate. But still - NOTHING can diminish the incredible experience of seeing him skate! The difficulty, quality, and sophistication of his skating is simply unmatched by anyone else. The drama and the terror too... ^_^; PS. The venue was terrible. I hope they don't use it for any future competitions! Seats are tiny and cramped with very little leg room, and most have no seat backs. Very uncomfortable. I don't know about the other levels, but ours had only two restrooms... with only two cubicles?! The glass screens everywhere... The obstructed views for many people (TV cameras, cranes etc), even for people who paid for VIP Platinum... Many organisational blunders... The scoring left a bad taste in the mouth too, of course. It doesn't matter how many times ISU and USFSA minions knock on my door, trying to sell me their phoney scores and propaganda narratives: I'M NOT BUYING >:-(
  3. Some rinks are cold, some not so much. So as said above: bring plenty of layers, so you can adjust... Practices can be colder than the competitions because less people there. (when an arena is full of people, they generate a certain amount of heat ^_^ ) I always pack some of THESE for competitions in case I still feel cold. They work great... last all day... don't take much room in your hand-luggage... and pack flat...
  4. Huh. I'm hoping we can at least move around within our own "level" if nothing else, when the rightful seat owners are away .. I like to watch practices (and take photos) from different angles, than I will get during the competitions...
  5. It's not unusual by any means... Competition venues usually have camera restrictions, but they're mostly fairly "loose"". eg. no cameras that obstruct the view for others or otherwise spoil their experience, no health and safety issues... Meaning, no huge lenses that block the view for people sitting nearby (or might smack them in the face, or force them to sit uncomfortably - trying to avoid being smacked in the face)... no "machine-gunning" with excessively noisy cameras... no tripods/monopods that could cause obstruction or trip hazard... etc etc. I don't think any of this is unreasonable? No flash (and no video) is normal. People may argue about how big is "too big" for a lens? So some venues set an actual maximum lens length, eg. 20cm as above... Others ban "pro" cameras, or any camera with interchangeable lenses... And in Japan, photography of any kind is completely banned...! Personally, I use micro-four-thirds cameras which are very small and unobtrusive, and I choose models with extemely quiet shutters. I shoot as unobtrusivley as I can, sit back, elbows tucked in. I don't use a lens hood - hoods make lenses much bigger but serve no useful purpose at indoor skating events. I never switch to "portrait", since that could swing my elbow out into someone's line of sight. ...and I've never had any problems getting my cameras into venues so far, and no complaints from my neighbours in the audience. But I often pack a fixed-lens compact superzoom anyway (my trusty old Panasonic FZ1000)... as a backup, just in case...
  6. I'm sure there will practices in there too, but they didn't give a schedule yet... I wonder if that means we won't be allowed in there? Not that I want to go in there anyway LOL
  7. No coloured time schedule yet, but the official website now shows timings for practices in the main rink (subject to change, as always!) OFFICIAL PRACTICES (main rink) Thursday 10/10 12:00-14:55 Ladies 15:10-18:05 Men Friday 11/10 6:30-8:15 Pairs 8:30-11:05 Men Saturday 12/10 7:45-9:30 Ice Dance 10:30-11:20 Synchronized Skating Sunday 13/10 7:15-9:15 Ice Dance 9:30-12:25 Ladies
  8. This petition may be of interest: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/figure-skating-to-improve-judging-system.html " We, the undersigned, call on ISU and IOC to improve the figure skating judging system by implementing more video cameras, disclose the information of decisions." I don't think ISU or Olympics have any obligation to respond - but if enough people signed, perhaps it could become an embarassment too big to ignore?
  9. I think usually, all disciplines have practices on the Thursday at Finlandia. But unlikely to continue much past 6:00pm? (Last year, Thursday practices ran from 12:00 to 18:10 Ladies then Pairs in the main rink. Men then Dance in the practrice rink) Also, starting order draws for short programs and rhythm Dance are usually around 7:00pm, I think? Skaters attending the draw need time to cool down, and sometimes the draw is not at the rink so they may need time to get there. (Last year's draw was 19:15 at the official hotel) And by the way - It's no longer there now, but the original "tentative schedule" that was on the official website said: "18:00 Judges Draw and Meeting, Opening Draw" (meeting could be more than hour long, before the draw) Oh, and there is also "19:00 Special Olympics" currently listed for Thursday, on the official website. Assuming that's in the main rink, practices are likely to be finished well before that? Well. I guess we just have to wait until the coloured time schedule is posted...
  10. Oh, just noticed slightly different story on this page of the official website: https://www.finlandiatrophy.com/en/info/ohjeita-yleisolle/ Day ticket for Friday, grants access to Thursday and Friday practices? Practices The following tickets are required to attend practices at the Arena side: Thursday Practices – Friday Event ticket OR all-event ticket Friday Practices –Friday Event Ticket OR all-event ticket Saturday Practices – Saturday Event Ticket OR all-event ticket Sunday Practices – Sunday Event Ticket OR all-event ticket
  11. Haha! That sounds a lot like what happened to us too, trying to find the practice rink ^_^; Thursday practices haven't been open to spectators in previous years, but apparently they will be this year (for all-event ticket holders). The official web site says the following, at the bottom of the ticketing page: Practices Practices in the Arena side are open for All Event ticket holders from Thursday to Sunday and for Day Ticket holders on Friday, Saturdy and Sunday. We didn't know they would do that, until after we made travel arrangements - so we won't arrive in time for Thursday practices. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway - Thursday practices would have meant another day off work, and an extra night at hotel. And with tickets so expensive now... we probably wouldn't have bothered anyway...
  12. There is usually a standard ISU "coloured time schedule" online, which shows the practice sessions as well as competitions. It doesn't give skater's names though, just the group numbers. (We will know who's in which groups for Friday onwards, after the SP draw - but I don't know about the Thursday practices?) By the way, I usually only attend practices in the main rink. The one time I went to the practice rink, there was no direct access from the main rink for spectators. We had to go outside, walk around the building, and re-enter at "The Doors That Have Nothing But Stairs Behind Them". Up the stairs was a small cafe, and the entrance to the viewing gallery, above the practice rink. Just hard benches in there, very cold, and there was hockey netting in the way -_- I don't know if it's any different these days? I've never gone back to the practice rink to find out... ^_^;
  13. 180 degrees or more pre-rotation is called a "cheated take-off" in the ISU rules, and should be punished by a downgrade. From the ISU Technical Panel handbook 2019-2020: Cheated take-off A clear forward (backward for Axel type jump) take-off will be considered as a downgraded jump. The toe loop is the most commonly cheated on take-off jump. The TP may only watch the replay in regular speed to determine the cheat and downgrade on the take off (more often in combinations or sequences). This rule has been in place for as long as I can remember. IMO, the rules are rarely the problem. It's the judges and techncal panels selectively ignoring/applying them...
  14. What about using the standard country codes? Canada = "CAN", Switzerland = "SUI" etc. Then every country is just 3 letters :-D Might be a bit of a struggle though, for people who don't know many country codes OR flags... But a country code carries more meaning than just blanket "We", at least? Edit: oh sorry, was catching up on this thread, and now I see the conversation moved past having flags at all, oops ^_^; (Are country codes a no-no, same as flags? Only, they'd keep the original concept of showing the variety of countries - but clearer and more visible from a distance than maps?)
  15. I like this... I think it's a very good idea to gather high-quality hard evidence, of ISU breaking its own rules - in an organised/coordinated way. Splurging such evidence everywhere possible, could then shame them into reform. Or maybe pressure the Olympics into launching an official inquiry, etc. (I think they are possibly the only organisation that might have some kind of influence over the ISU) Otherwise, ISU gets to dismiss all complaints as just crazy/ignorant fans having a rant because they don't like the scores. (For the same reason, I'm am slightly concerned at ideas I've seen elsewhere, to have banners/protests at actual competitions. Personally I think that plays into ISU's hands, and might also distract or intimidate the skaters - the very people we want to protect?) Anyway, good luck!
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