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Hello from Japan!


Thank you for creating such a good place!! :angel:


But there is one thing which tears my heart.


I notice some people are using other people's works, without any credit.


I see especially まっつん(@runrun8383)'s works are used often without credit.


I know how much time and efforts まっつん and other artists devote to their works, so it hurts my heart.


If you would like to "borrow" others' works, please pay a proper respect and attention to them and their works,

and at least credit their names or id's whenever you borrow their works.


Do you have any good ideas, Hydroblade?




P.S. - まっつん (@runrun8383)'s blog is at: hanefuton+blog+jp

Please replace "+" with "." I cannot post a direct link due to anti-spam feature. :cry:

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We're very sorry that situation like that happened. It's one of forum rules to give credit to the author and we will do our best to implement our guidelines better. If you have time, could you please link or report posts that did not gave credit to the original author, so we can ask users to correct their mistakes?

Thank you very much for your feedback

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i wanna apologize because i just noticed the credits i had originally added are not in the signature i made anymore and i feel bad about it 'cause i'm a huge fan of runrun's work...

i think i forgot to make the layer visible before i saved the final version ;; i'm gonna fix it as soon as i get home :bow:

//currently stuck in class rip

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