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Selling Lots of Photobooks, magazines and more


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I'd like to sell (free shipping, US only as shipping elsewhere would be brutal), as a bundle - so I don't need to put them all up separately on eBay, the following:

As a bundle $400 (and I will include clear files and other small Yuzu related items)

Photo books : Yuzuru 2014-2018 Sunao Noto 

Yuzuru II 2018  Sunao Noto 

Yuzu’ll Be Back II 2019-2020  (Dancing’ on the Edge 3)\

Yuzu’ll Be Back III 2020-2021

Ice Jewels Season Photobook 2017-2018

Figure Skating Magazine Extra   Ice Show in Japan 2019


International Figure Skating April 2018  Olympic Winter Games Coverage

Ice Jewels Special Issue Yuzuru Hanyu Pyeongchang 2018 Photobook


DVD - Blu-Ray Time of Evolution (2 discs) w/original photobook


Other: Phiten X50 TITANIUM NECKLACE V-EDGE 20” TG681353

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