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  1. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Guys does anyone have Yuzuru's ex on google drive??? in Japan Fuji won't let me see the youtube video... pretty please I need it after yesterday's heartbreak!!
  2. Murieleirum

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    As long as judges think Nathan and Yuzuru are worth the same PCS, there will be problems...
  3. Murieleirum

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    I knew lady Lutz would come back eventually
  4. Murieleirum

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    I read it! It's hard to translate it via phone right now, but the gist of it is that the scoring system doesn't reward the PCS side of skating as much as the technical side - "I don't see why a skater can reach 130 with his technical content but he cannot obtain the same 130 in excellence in SS and other PCS elements" - starting from Zhou winning the bronze, which is okay on one side because he landed all his difficult jumps - but if people start thinking that Zhou is the third best skater in there, then there is confusion. He also said that he accepts Nathan's victory since he didn't make mistakes and Yuzuru did, but finds absolutely unacceptable that their PCS are apart only one point in the free, and also finds that that one judge who gave Hanyu's and Zhou's skating skills only .25 difference should be banned from judging, but then specifies that the problem aren't the single judges, but the system. Also said that it's unacceptable that Yuzuru's 4L received +1 from a judge, since it was more than 60 centimeters tall and executed with difficult entry and good flow and speed.
  5. Murieleirum

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    I only know that in the commentary he talked about the scoring system imploding. I doubt the rest of it was congratulations to the winners hahahah! He always slays. I'll translate as soon as I get a hold of the vids!
  6. Murieleirum

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    Guys I'll try reading all of the posts but tonight I'm tired as I came home at midnight... I just want to say a small thing. The winner tonight was Yuzuru for me and for most people inside the Arena honestly. The fact that he did not win the Free Program is insulting for the sport. He would have still lost the gold, but at least it wouldn't have been ridiculous. The Arena went down with him, I hugged a person I didn't know next to me, I thought about Helsinki and felt in my heart that today was stronger, and I felt happy. I am only sorry that Yuzuru cannot feel that happiness... rest well tonight, Yuzu, rest your mind and body. You deserve it.
  7. Yuzu calm down and eat some rice you will be okay
  8. Is pop and fall counted as a serious mistake? HAHAHAHjust kidding
  9. Has he jumped 4A yet (yes this is my level of anxiety)
  10. I overslept out of anxiety. Also relatable, right?? xP
  11. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Today I'm going skating to let some steam off. I really need it. Yokohama ice skating centre was the closest option c: Channeling my inner fire for Yuzu.
  12. Murieleirum

    [2019] World Championships - Men Short Program

    Catching up all the pages is impossible lol. But I shared the nervousness with him before the short. Let's all be relaxed and energized and confident going into the free.