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  1. Coming back from the my forum retirement just to express how happy I am, reading the news from Yuzu himself yesterday! I don’t think I got this happy even at my best friend’s wedding LLOLL Very relieved to know he has had someone at his side for, what I imagine at least, the last year or so! Is always heartwarming to see someone you care about starting a family on their own terms, so I’m genuinely very happy!
  2. I think we as fans should mind the boundaries of our relationship with our idol, Yuzu, and behave within fandom spaces knowing that we cannot project our own insecurities onto someone’s life. Our knowledge is absolutely limited and we have a tendency to feed into our own negativities because we feel so strongly about things we can’t know about. Taking a step back and hold speculation is good in cases like this. I’m looking forward to see Yuzu’s appearance in SOI, I had the feeling he would attempt to start exercising some of his personal influence in these shows now that he will not be judged by them. He loves fs too much. My only worry is potential burn out for him, because that’s a hectic schedule, for any olympic athlete at his or her peak - I want Yuzu to continue skating for longer. Anyway, this will be my only commentary about SOI. Happy show for anyone catching GIFT live!
  3. I'm going to combust, O-M-G CLAMP has been such an integral part of my pop culture consumption in my teenage years, I'm over the clouds with this!! I understand that they are going to illustrate whatever story Yuzu wants to tell, so I'm very very curious!!
  4. A Happy New Year to all Satellites, may 2023 bring fulfillment, happiness, peace and warmth to all of us and Yuzu
  5. So far only him, although there’s a hint that some musicians would be invited! Same for sponsors, so far is Towa but I’m sure there will be others as well. Asahi must be so happy, I’m believing they are the ones who are to broadcast…
  6. Ice Show announced yay! “Sorry for making you wait”, aaaaaahh Yuuuzzu! Yokohama on November 4th and 5th, and Hachinohe on December 2nd and 3rd. Venues already announced as well! You guys should also check the website: https://prologue-official.jp/ There’s a merch page, “coming soon” 🥰 “Prologue” will be the name! What a fitting title, playing with “pro” as well, gah I love how careful he is about everything! Reposting the tweet! Edit: the time of posting LLOLL Never change golden boy 💙 edit 2: LOL he deleted that one tweet, and posted again, but the hour is still 1:11, oh my gorgeous!
  7. I’m happy about the instagram, just hope fans will respect the “no repost” that he / his staff stipulated - meaning no taking out the pictures and posting somewhere else. I’m hopeful that most people will respect it… I already seen people tagging his official twitter in silly videos and comments, so good luck to his staff in sorting out this communication LOL He will probably drop a new video soon enough, I’m counting at most next week~
  8. New Sekkisei collaboration! I NEED that TenChi bag, you guys don’t understand lol Only Yuzu to say he is not himself into skincare but still give a shout out to his sponsor, and his brand comes up with ALL OF THIS the very next day LOL
  9. I’m honestly a tad bit shocked abt this, jmedia adapting to its international audience quickly like this? I never though probable! No complaints, this is wonderful for us and hopefully wonderful for all those in Japan who have been working towards making their language and content more accessible , may this be just the start! Can’t help but think how much of a great influence Yuzu is on the media / news industry, no matter if as an amateur or pro.
  10. this outfit has grown on me so much… oh the brain of fan ❤️
  11. The greatest incentive ever to properly learn kanjis hihi the official website posted some of the quotes, here this twitter acc provided some: gaaah they look so good! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  12. Beat me to it, who knows lol I always felt like the only one not wanting that lol If he ever does one I just pray that is a classical tango and not moulin rouge (V/M's still good tho) Is about what she says in this documentary: fs has continued treating its women like crap, amazing.
  13. Oh yeah LLOLL Miyakawa, let me go instead Very cute
  14. In Miyakawa’s most recent twitcasting he mentioned Yuzu again lol From this: I wonder if Yuzu even likes the coast / beach LOL
  15. Oh, apparently one of the photographers / photoshooting people involved in AERA’s pictorial in Sendai posted this today: https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/334471838,4812497427634178.html?weibo_id=4812497427634178 tweet to visualize: ooohhh! Edit: the hoodie is from the Ninagawa as well!
  16. I understand him 100% lol I also don’t like myself at all and people always take it to heart if I say it out loud LOL I will not get personal on a public forum, but the older he gets the more comfortable he will be about just saying these. Watching Yuzu adulting in front our own very eyes is magical ~ edit: and as @Kizuna pointed out, that just shines a bright light on his character, once again. In the midst of overthinking and perfectionism he still shows maturity, confidence in himself and in what he learns, and channel all of that towards gratefulness and the bettering of his skills. True warrior! (Also, his support system is amazing)
  17. I will be stuck on some of the information we got today for at least a week!!! Things we got the gist but he actually confirmed like: he is into science and stem oriented subjects - he said that his mind is “math-oriented” lol and that he is nocturnal!! No “morning routines” for Yuzu, just waking up in time for dinner. Also the ice show in Sendai yyyeeesss I’m so excited!! AAAHHHHHH
  18. Yuzu thought about including the 4A in his short (Rondo probably?) dear Lord almighty…
  19. Is live right now so I don’t think there will be any stream lol Maybe later they will broadcast or upload the program somewhere more accessible 🤗
  20. Also, LOL I saw they mentioning him and he posted that tweet immediately after
  21. So a tv station in Sendai (tbc) is going to show Yuzu live, today?!! They are receiving fan questions and he will answer to some!!
  22. Oooh I was about to post this!! So Yuzu has already mentioned his ice-show to journalists 👀👀 I wonder when is he announcing it? October-November? I’m getting giddy!
  23. If you are referring to the AERA book, yes you can pre order it on amazon and rakuten already.
  24. More information about the AERA magazine oh, I’m def buying this~
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