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  1. [BUKU PUISI YUZURU HANYU] Aku baru saja nulis buku kumpulan puisi tentang Yuzuru Hanyu. Boleh banget kepoin di penerbit "Guepedia" dengan judul buku "YUZURU DIATAS MIMPI" Di buku nya aku ceritain gmn aku bisa suka sama Yuzuru Hanyu, keindahan tentang Yuzuru Hanyu lewat puisi, dan gmn Yuzuru Hanyu bisa buat aku bangkit lagi lewat skatenya. Cara Ordernya bisa Langsung Search "YUZURU DIATAS MIMPI GUEPEDIA". Ada lewat tokopedia, bukalapak, dan website Guepedia.
  2. It is springtime when sakura flower is on the wind that I won't let the scenery pass by It is Yuzuru time when Yuzuru Hanyu will be on ice that I won't let the skate forgotten away
  3. Your meaningful costume Your graceful skating Your wonderful music Your insightful life Your soulful supporter are like colors that make a precious art
  4. Your sincerity for skating is heartwarming Your overpowering beyond the expectation is breathtaking Your overbearing pain is heartbreaking Your colorful performance is entertaining Wish I could embracing longer
  5. Hope You give me pouring never-ending Happiness You gave me repairing those scars behind Habits You showed me maintaining those actions beyond Gratitude You spelled over increasing my gratitude for the chance to know you Cherry blossoms I gave to you will definitely come to you
  6. Seeing Yuzuru's smile Receiving buckets of happiness Hearing Yuzuru's voice Doing a free theraphy Updating about Yuzuru Racing my heart to the max Oh, Yuzuru has changed myday
  7. Chubby chubby cheeks Spreads the cutest on the face Be the funniest expression Oh Yuzu Pooh-san
  8. Yellow yellow Red Makes the shower on white Be the winner's euphoria Oh Pooh-san
  9. Before I saw you I didn't know that someone could pierce beyond the heart Before I met you I didn't know that someone could fell in love in the first sight Before I fell for you I didn't know that someone could fall in love everyday And I experience those things Thanks to Hanyu-san
  10. A wave comes to our life pours us a bucket of sea water so salty that we couldn't even taste But furthermore a scenery comes to our sight spreads us a beautiful view so pretty that we couldn't even turn away In my life that scenery is Hanyu-san
  11. When there is no motivation nor the inspiration Once you see Yuzuru Oasis will come like a wave
  12. There was a charming man He jumps like a bird He spins like a snow He skates like an aurora He shines on ice He is adorable in our fantasy Hanyu-san is his name
  13. Nowadays My youtube is full of Yuzu My twitter is full of Yuzu My instagram is full of Yuzu My writing is full of Yuzu My mind is full of Yuzu and My life is also full of Yuzu But I love that
  14. Yuzuru flies across the ice So high So amazing So smooth So that scenery stuck into my mind
  15. Yuzuru's skate impress me Yuzuru's smile impress me Yuzuru's story impress me Yuzuru's hard work impress me Yuzuru's handsome face impress me What else? I think all about Yuzuru impress me
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