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  1. Happy New year to Chinese Fanyus! Please be careful and have an amazing and prosperous day with your loved ones! Forgive me, there is an original source of this audio to visit and give thanks to C-chan?
  2. Fanyus with precious talents!
  3. His main inspiration always has been Plushenko. But I don't expect anything from ISU, honestly. Edit: I forgot. I was watching this and thinking about Yuzu. I hope that a person who knows about physics is helping him with the 4A.
  4. I hope Yuzu considers change the fabric of his clothes, I get that for movility reasons they need to be loose but I feel that a lot of his body movements get's lost/hidden, since both pieces are bigger than usual. I think that after watch the excerpt he did with HyK clothes; but of course my opinion it's just that since he is the only one who knows... In other theme, I need to share this: Totally agree.
  5. The cutest sexy beast of Figure skating
  6. Yuzu is a cat that flies like a bird and everyone calls a GOAT -pum dum taz😏 -
  7. Thank you!! It was something that took my attention, because If I remember he said that he doesn't like oily food, and is careful on what he eats because (I guess the slow digestion and heaviness that causes) has an impact on his body and for that on his results. EDIT: BTW I FORGOT: To all the people that takes their time and love to do traductions of Yuzu, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your act of love it's something that deserves all the praise because we all know that just as beautiful Japanese is as lenguage it's at same time VERY complex to traduce at english. So thank you. Without your
  8. I will add the word American to media . LOL I'm gonna print this one.
  9. When the only way of be relevant it's by bringing Hanyu to the conversation... Powerful king
  10. For what I have seen since Olympics are now owned by the American chain they are trying to diminish Yuzu importance for...reasons. And I suspect that you can purchase articles now. Like pay for something in particular be written, that it's why none of their articles is "neutral" to Yuzu. Right now Olympic Channel it's not a source of reliable information for any sport, sadly.
  11. I'm sweating. A: R&J0.2 B:NotreDame C: PoTO purple version D: FTimeTraveler Blue version E: Bolero F:Otonal0.2 G:Requiem H:Etude
  12. I did not knew she was figure skating fan! Her works are jewels!!.Thank you for share!
  13. Anyone noticed this because I just did! Still we need to know the number 1 but Yuzu was in two of the most viewed videos and he was related to other one with theme of figure skating. 4️⃣ 90 years of figure skating at #Winter Olympic Games #StMoritz1928 hasta #PyeongChang2018 @ISU_Figure 5️⃣ Yuzuru Hanyu won two golden medals at #Winter Olympic Games #Sochi2014 y #PyeongChang2018 7️⃣ #OlympicFriendship : Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernández
  14. I did 3 poohs if anyone needs one.
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