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  1. Currently listening to this beautiful lively Spanish singer to bring up my mood
  2. I am not going. I'm coming from the US but the cases increase by the day and I don't want to expose myself or the people I live with for no reason. I may not be able to cancel my flight but health comes first
  3. I purchased a P1 ticket from someone in the FB group. I'm hoping they will refund me
  4. So... was the resolution of the meeting this morning that they will let ISU decide? Or are they still discussing?
  5. [SALE] Single day Heavy discount! Single day tickets. Long side near center: Thursday, men's short, pairs free, practice: 202 row C for $120 CAD Sunday, Gala: 213 row C for $130 CAD
  6. Lots of people seem to be selling their tickets. Is it because of the coronavirus? It is making me anxious and paranoid
  7. Has anyone that purchased single day tickets gotten theirs? I haven't gotten anything 😭😭
  8. my understanding is that it basically it means to be really frustrated, especially when you lose or are beaten/insulted by someone.
  9. I am obsessed with this tango piece "por una cabeza" and can't help but dream of Yuzu skating to it. Any tango really please Yuzuru grace us with tango 🙏
  10. Goku will be an ambassador at the games and that's more than enough to look forward to 😉
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