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  1. Thank you for all your insight into context we might be missing here and there. I really appreciate it.
  2. Finally caught up on the thread. Does anyone know if Rika got a healthy 4S in during her practice?
  3. They'll want to sort that quick. It's bad enough missing practices you've paid to see but if it happens for the actual events and people are late because of it... well, I imagine it could get nasty. I wonder if they covered themselves for liability if it's their fault people miss out on things they've paid to see.
  4. Ugh, I'm going to be on planes and in airports on my way to Turin all through today's practice. Hopefully there's good wifi during my layover so I can keep updated
  5. For me, Montreal was a dream. I loved it there so much and I always tell anyone who's going on an extended trip to that area of North America to go check it out. But March weather is terrible. There are lots of museums and galleries, there's the old town, lots of gorgeous parks, lots of places to eat and drink and have fun (especially near the universities), some beautiful old buildings (churches/cathedrals, especially), great shopping (the Plateau is heaven for anyone into vintage). It has its own vibe. I'm obviously very biased towards Montreal, but I do think it's quite a special city and it's worth checking out on its own, even without the lure of Worlds.
  6. Bell Centre is always expensive. When I lived in Montreal the only time I ever went to the hockey was when I was in ON for a week because tickets at home were beyond anything students could afford.
  7. I want to see the face his mum made back. I bet she is perfectly capable of returning that glower lol
  8. The way he just stares down at them as what's happened dawns on him lol I hope someone brings it up in an interview one day because I want to know what happened afterwards. Like, did he have words with Mum or did he suck it up, decide to be grateful he has someone to pack his clothes for him, and stay quiet? Also: Brian and Javi when they realise and try to avoid eye contact lol
  9. He's already skated in Europe this season so I guess the visa stuff got sorted out earlier. I'm pretty sure athletes can get visas with the same 90/180 rule as tourist visa waivers.
  10. I'm kinda expecting it to be one 'cool' type of glove for the hand he's been wrapping up for the slide he does.
  11. I really quite adore that even Nathan, for whom Yuzuru is the biggest opponent, fondly calls him "Yuzu".
  12. He did say the real costume (and glove!) were coming. Maybe we'll get a look at GPF? I hope it's a real proper costume.
  13. If Yuzu's Origin 2.0 or Shoma's costume doesn't win this silly ISU award, I hope it's Nathan Chen's bus shirt just for the satisfaction of my inner troll. I can't tell if the Russian girls' costume change gimmick will get them the votes simply because it got them so much attention or if Yuzu's fanbase will pull through just by sheer numbers.
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