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  1. Sacha is just too superior technically, she's most likely going to win everything this season if she doesn't get hurt or mess up completely. The suspens is on 2nd and 3rd place... I think that Shcherbakova will most likely end up 2nd and the 3rd place will be between Rika, Alina and Kostornaia. But you never know for sure, it's still early in the season and many things could happen
  2. Among all the current ladies I find Rika to be the best at interpreting music, she's truly wonderful.
  3. Yeah I rewatched the 4T and it didn't seem under rotated (maybe just a tiny bit but not enough to be called), he just didn't have a stable landing imo so I'm relieved and happy
  4. I haven't watched it properly in slow motion but the 4T seemed under rotated to me...
  5. Well at least in my country we use euros so when I convert Canadian dollars into euros the price doesn't feel as bad... But still... I'm doing it for Yuzu, if he doesn't show up then I'll qozeufbhqlhdb<hdosqihdm<dhb
  6. And does anyone know the difference between an electronic ticket and a standard mail delivery method?
  7. The 4Lz omg please spare me... It seems 1/4 under-rotated, and Yuzu seems to be getting there which isn't good for my heart
  8. What website? I haven't found any website for the Grand Prix Final yet...
  9. I have a question: does anyone know why some of the seats in the front rows are not for sale (they're in grey on the map of the arena)?
  10. When will we know this season's Grand Prix assignments?
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