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  1. This is what I can't stop thinking about. They're scoring skaters as if theyre only comparing them to their past performances, not each other. Which makes no sense because the POINT of scores is to compare them and create a ranking. Like Im convinced the dont score Yuzuru higher because they're comparing him to his past records, not his competitors. Whereas they dont hold Nathan's past high scores against him in the same way at all. Also, I was just thinking about how everyone is treating is as SUCH a big deal that he missed the combo when it happens on the regular to pretty much every other mens skater. The expectations on him are so high that something that would just get a "what a shame happens to everyone" response if it came ANY other skater is suddenly a sign that he's over and done apparently lmao.
  2. Its also worth remembering that in a way, the amount of hate Yuzuru gets and the way Nathan is pushed to the top is a testament to Yuzuru's dominance. He's such a force to be reckoned with that they have to put all their effort into disregarding him and making their guy win. Look at Tara and Johnny's commentary. A year ago they were extremely critical ( and frankly kinda mean) about Bradie because she wasn't the top senior US woman internationally. When he first debuted as a senior they said Nathan skated like a hockey player. But now.....NOW..... Bradie is suddenly "graceful and balletic," suddenly Nathan is a "born interpreter, dancing is in his blood!" They have to push the narrative, because Yuzuru doesn't need one and they have to make shit up to make Nathan seem comparable. If a skater is good, they shouldn't need the commentator to explain to people why they're good. The reason Yuzuru gets so many people into figure skating is because you dont need to know anything to understand how amazing he is. He's captivating without context. I contrast, I remember showing my mother the Olympic mens FS, and even though she could tell Nathan was doing well because he was landing his jumps, I had to explain to her why the score was so much higher than everyone elses. Nathan needs context. They push him because he needs it to compete with Yuzuru just being himself.
  3. Hey so I know Ive pretty much never say a word on here ( I just lurk lol) but I wanted to say something. I'm really upset about all this too but I just want to put things in perspective. And as a disclaimer I genuinely like Nathan as a person so none of this pertains to him personally. I see Nathan as Evan Lysacek to Yuzuru's Johnny Weir, not in terms of personality or skating, but in terms of legacy. Yeah, Evan won the Olympics, but who the hell remembers him? He's a footnote in a Wikipedia page, not someone people love. On the other hand, say what you will about Johnny, but he made people REMEMBER him. The very reason he continues to be successful today is what separated him from Evan, the strength of his personality. For example, you can TELL when a skater is doing a tribute to Johnny or Yuzu ( or often both lol) its obvious even without a tribute costume, because their brand of skating is so distinct. I can watch a junior skater skating a totally original program and still see how they've been influenced by Yuzu's skating. But could you even tell if someone was doing a tribute to Evan or Nathan? Even if they were wearing a similar costume? I sure as hell couldn't. They're just too generic, there's nothing to pay tribute to. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if Yuzuru loses gpf to Nathan, or even if he never wins ever again, thats not the point. What matters is that Yuzuru is YUZURU with capital letters, and Nathan is Nathan Chen. And it doesn't matter how many times snarky commentators talk about how amazing Nathan is or how Yuzu is "over," it wont change that fact.
  4. Does anyone have Sui/Han Worlds 2019 FS vids with NBC and Eurosport commentary? Actually, any links to that program with commentary would be great, all the videos on Youtube have been taken down and I can't find them anywhere online.
  5. Hi! I'm new to this site and wanted to ask, is there some kind of thread or list of links to videos of Yuzu's programs with different commentary? Because so many fs videos have been taken down on Youtube I can't find a lot of them. And although Ive been able to find some through other sites like SkatingPortal, others I can't find at all (like the NBCSN "enhanced" commentary of the Olympics, which was excellent but seems to have vanished entirely because it was an online paid stream). Is there some kind of Google Drive or database of links where I could find these?
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