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  1. Eh, you can try your luck here? 😆 https://twitter.com/QuadrupleAxels/status/1082525480777965568
  2. Hola, and welcome in this forum! This is the place for people all over the world to freely gather, talk, or discuss anything about Yuzuru Hanyu, or figure skating in general. ------------------------------------------------------------------ There are several simple rules that I ask you to follow to maintain peace here: 1. Always use ENGLISH so other people can understand you. 2. Do NOT use PROFANITIES. 3. Respect each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------ For now, those are the rules applied here, but changes can be added anytime. To start off, let's introduce ourselves! You can use this form below. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Nickname: Nationality: How long you have been a fan: ------------------------------------------------------------------ I'll begin. Nickname: Gita Nationality: Indonesia How long you have been a fan: Figure skating has always interested since I was young, but I've begun to religiously follow it since the airing of anime "Yuri!!! on Ice" back in 2016. That led me to the discovery of Yuzuru Hanyu, and the rest is history. NOW, IT'S YOUR TURN!
  3. Btw, ada yang sudah baca artikel ini? https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2018/12/04/figure-skating/moved-hanyu-fans-story-love-legend/ Naksir banget deh, sama jaketnya! Aku tanya sama mbaknya yang dimuat di artikel, katanya itu jaket dia design sendiri. Ada yang naksir juga sama jaketnya mbak Nicole kaya aku? Ada yang bisa bikin jaket Yuzuru Hanyu kaya begitu? Xxx
  4. Nama panggilan: Gita Domisili: Malang Sejak kapan jadi fanyu? Mulai 2016 setelah keluarnya anime Yuri!! On Ice. Sebenernya sudah tertarik sama figure skating dari dulu, cuma bener2 following sport itu dan Yuzuru Hanyu ya waktu animenya keluar. Salam kenal!
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