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  1. Yes, with @runrun as art director. I've pre-ordered my copy already Edit: Special feature: choose your favorite commentators to sweeten your competitive experience!
  2. Nintendo's next big coup: I wouldn't be surprised, if that game actually came out within the next four years #hanyuconomy
  3. Same thought It must be so annoying, if your game character cannot jump as high, distant and technically divine as you
  4. Yes, I think the blog is a clever solution that gives him the possibility to interact with his fans, talk about himself and still avoid the contact with antis and hate.
  5. I would celebrate so hard, if Yuzu, Boyang and Misha set the three highest scores in this GP series. Please boys, do your best and reestablish the good old 15/16 standards.
  6. The footage that we all needed
  7. Plus he is the only one with a fully rotated quality 4Lo at the moment. I would even go that far that he has the best 3A, 4T and 4S in the current men's field as well. His success rate and raw GOE on these jumps is still superior to everyone else (apart from the two errors in Saitama his 4S was insane over the last two seasons).
  8. Hihi, I don't use any make-up either However, without a dryer I would probably lie with a cold in my bed everyday. My hair is so extremely thick and multilayered that it takes me 50-60 minutes to dry it even in the hottest summer...
  9. Love this spin!!! Is it new? I've never seen it before. I'd really like to call this feature "elevator-spin" Technically this would count as a valid CCoSp with travelling camel entry, aye? So he could use it in competition...
  10. I agree with @rockstaryuzu that with 6 different types of quads Yuzu is more flexible in his program layouts and can adapt better to poor ice conditions, opponents etc. However, varying your layout multiple times during the season could lead to more mistakes, too. When you have so many things to focus on, it might be clever to stick with one A plan plus recovery options and build up on that. Yuzu has done that during the 15/16 and 16/17 season and it worked quite well. I think what he needs next season is a clean competition first of all to slowly up his GOE and PCS back to Barcelona '15 level. His last totally flawless free program was two years ago in Helsinki. For the last fully clean competition you have to go back a full cycle to Barcelona '15. ISU of course can rob you even with clean skates, but they have less options overall
  11. I think, when Yuzu talks about 20%, his criteria checklist looks something like this: Success rate (number of fully rotated jumps with +GOE quality per total attempts) isolated with n laps preparation embedded in choreo with standard setup with Spread Eagle entry with Back Counter entry with other ridiculous entry before/ after the 2:00 mark YOLO-rate in total Quality features truly difficult, unexpected AND creative entry exemplary take-off (ideally with delay, 0 pre-rotation and clean picking in case of toe jumps) excellent height AND distance AND ballistic trajectory very good body position with rocksolid axis, aesthetically pleasing arm position and nice facial expression in the air very good landing with high free leg, ideal knee bend, deep running edge AND flow out truly difficult AND creative exit with huge long gliding curve soft and effortless throughout jump matches the music in timing/ rhythm, choreographic highlighting AND narrative meaning camera friendly from every angle Energy/ efficiency average preparation time average recovery time stamina demand (in kcal) sweat level (in drops/ cm2) The spooky thing is: that might not be too far away from reality
  12. Yuzu's checklist for the next three practice months: jump practice (4A, 4Lz, 4F, 4Lo, 4S, 4T+3A,...) muscle, stamina and balance build up working on choreo and performance skills working on everything else that has not been mentioned but is necessary for the 'total package'. Status: busy.
  13. Agree. It's good as it is. We had our chuckle and could enjoy the fanboy in Max again. But it shouldn't cause Yuzu any trouble. That would be very bad. For him, for us and the sport, too.
  14. Max is celebrating the elegant shade, too Edit: The original tweet that Max had referred to, has been deleted. So it didn't make any sense for Max to keep a post with a defective link and he deleted his own, too. My guess why the original post has been deleted: Yuzu's words have been paraphrased to make the indirect shade clearer. However, it was unfortunate to put it into quotation marks. That could've backfired to Yuzu and caused him trouble. That's my guess at least.
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