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  1. I fear that Keegan has to hold up monitors with digi-flags next time.
  2. It's somehow iconic that even the tech panel called a 3Lz first, but corrected it later to a fully rotated quad in the review. If this doesn't backfire, I don't know what else will.
  3. Wow. Alysa with 4Lz + 1.81 GOE. No UR call. I can hear a volcano pulsing... EDIT: No UR for the first 3A either.
  4. Now, I really want to see the scoresheet... Don't want to know, what the tech panel will get this time. The uproar will reach the next level for sure.
  5. Or a tribute to the judging panel: "You don't fool me" EDIT: I second all suggestions mentioned above.
  6. I'm waiting for someone to pick "I'm in love with my car"
  7. Is it just my impression or does the camera angle make the skating skills of all skaters look much better than they actually are?
  8. So much BoRap this season... shortened... my Queen heart hurts...
  9. I unfollowed @ISU_figure last weekend. An official twitter account of an international governing body of an Olympic sport should at least mention the results and medalists of recent international senior competitions. No Lombardia, no ACI. As if these events never took place. I feel sad, because I'm really grateful for Ted Barton's hard work and don't want to punish him, but the ISU is just a too big disappointment for me as a whole...
  10. I'm all in for any kind of Queen EX this season. We had BoRap, Teo Torriatte, I want to break free and Death on two legs as great suggestions already. In the current judging madness I'd like to add One vision as well because lyrics... To On-Ice-Perspectives: I love love love the teaser video! It's just stunning. Can't wait for Saturday
  11. I needed 3 years to dive into the rulebook, the SOV tables, the GOE bullets, the PCS guidelines etc. and there are still so many other things that I don't understand at all like the levels for spins and sequences... Last year I tried to create a table for jumps, steps and turns (how to tell them apart). That was really challenging and I still struggle to identify them in competition (especially the steps and turns...) I'm still not sure, if everything is correct, so if anyone finds flaws, please scream Jumps Change of foot Change of edge Change of curve Change of direction Toe assist Toeloop - - - - X Salchow X X - - - Loop - - - - - Flip X X - - X Lutz X - X - X Axel X - - X - Steps Change of foot Change of edge Change of curve Change of direction Toe use Toe-step (X) - - (X) X Change of edge - X X - - Chassé X X - - - Crossroll X - X - - Mohawk X - - X - Choctaw X X X X - Turns Change of foot Change of edge Change of curve Change of direction Toe use 3-turn - X - X - Bracket - X - X - Rocker - - X X - Counter - - X X - Loop - - - - - Twizzle - (X) - (X) -
  12. Yeah, I thought about that idea, too. However, some problems would still remain: 1. Example: a skater completes a heavily pre-rotated jump with stiff landing. The judges still consider it as "very good take-off and landing" and say that bullet 1 is satisfied. Can anyone complain against that decision? No. 2. If you look into the current GOE guidelines for negative bullets, you can only facepalm, seriously: Wrong edge take off F/Lz (sign "e") GOE -3 to -4 Unclear edge take off F/Lz (sign "!") GOE -1 to -3 Unclear edge take off F/Lz (no sign) GOE -1 How is an unclear edge without "!" even possible in the first place?! Does it mean, the judges have the written permission to veto the tech panel and fix their mistakes!? Eh ...LOL...?!?! It's not that the judges don't have enough other things to evaluate... They have to do the tech panel's job in addition. Great. Next question: Why is the current reduction range for a "!" call so huge from -1 to -3? Example: a skater jumps a 4F with "!" (which is not unlikely). GOE -1 equals a reduction of -1.1 points and -3 -3.3 points for a quad Flip. That's a really big difference and it's the judges' free decision, how hard they want to punish a flat edge at the moment. Now... If we drop the current GOE system and only check bullets in the future, what do they want to do with: a) "Unclear edge with no sign"? I'm really interested now. If they keep it, the judges have a bigger veto power. If they cancel it, the tech panel has more corruption power. b) Let's say, the tech panel calls "!" for a jump. Does that count as one bullet with -10% or -30% then? Because that's a pretty huge difference. These are only examples. There are countless other issues that wouldn't be fixed by just checking bullets. It's a good idea, but still not enough to avoid wrong/corrupt judging.
  13. It's funny how the necklace literally "disappears" into his skin. The mesh 100% fits his skin tone this time.
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