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  1. Update: I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Yuzu's Rondo SP on the YouTube Olympic Channel has surpassed 1 million views. Congrats I added it to this list:
  2. Looks like Yuzu's new video is not the only project with delay. The "Did you know?"-feature of Gift on Wiki's mainpage has been moved from Jan 30 to Feb 4 as well. This may not be the final date either, but I will keep you informed.
  3. Hi everyone! I want to share this news here too:
  4. Thank you very much for sharing the news! I was just about to post it myself, but you were faster than me Note: even if it's not the main purpose of this vital class system - with the elevation of Yuzu's biography to level 4, Wikipedia indirectly declared him the most influential figure skater in history alongside Sonja Henie. And this voting result carries some weight because it is based on a detailed discussion from multiple viewpoints: Achievements and contributions to competitive figure skating Contributions and milestones in professional figure skating Legacy and impact in- and outside figure skating, including: - popularization of figure skating in countries with little to no winter sports background (Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia etc.) - change of the landscape of sports journalism in Japan - financial and economic impact on the reconstruction and revitalization of the Tohoku region So this elevation to level 4 really means something. It's not just some daily mood.
  5. Today I was cross-checking some figure skating-related articles on Wiki, and it made me a bit angry. Figure skating, single skating, Axel jump. Yuzu wasn't mentioned in any of these articles, not even in a footnote. So I started my personal author quest to fix this, and wrote a section about Yuzu's Axel jump today: Axel jump I also expanded the section about his "Notte Stellata" program in the article of Saint-Saens' music piece "Le cygne": Le cygne Both pages are now added to Yuzu's Wiki series and linked in his navigation box under "related". I did not have the time and motivation to tackle the articles about figure skating and single skating yet. I will probably do that, when Yuzu's main series is completed. Also, health and recovery first. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. Awesome. Google Search has adapted our changes on Yuzu's Wiki biography already. This is really great news.
  7. Quick update: Yuzu's ice show article was reviewed and got a pass for display in the "Did you know"-section on the Wiki mainpage. So we will get to see him there again soon The exact date is not decided yet, but it should happen within the next few weeks. There are two possible hooks of which one will be used: Did you know ... ... that two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu's self-produced solo ice show Gift, held on February 26, 2023, will mark the first time that an ice rink is set up at the Tokyo Dome? ... that with his self-produced solo ice show Gift, two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu will become the first figure skater to perform at the Tokyo Dome? I am curious which one the Wiki team will choose. The first is one is more packed with infos about the show, the second one is more compact and catchy, but I would be happy with both.
  8. Yes, this is the main motivation behind our work. Introduce Yuzu's biography and achievements to international audience and give his activities more exposure in English language. We managed to get his articles featured on the Wikipedia main page twice since 2021, and with the latest nomination, it might happen for a third time in three years, which is awesome. Unfortunately, with Yolo4A4Lo we lost one of your main authors. She will still monitor the articles and protect them from vandalism, but not actively contribute new content for the time being (due to other obligations). So, we are currently two regular authors and 2-3 users who help out on busy weeks. I try my best to coordinate the project, but I also have to take care of my eyes, so I'm a bit limited too. On this occasion, I'd like to ask if someone has the time and motivation to join our team. All you need is decent English and writing skills and a desktop computer. We don't have any fix time schedule, obligations, or deadlines. Everyone's working at their own pace. I can introduce you to Wikipedia and Yuzu's article series, either per chat or in a quick video session by sharing my screen. If you are interested, just send me a DM
  9. Hi everyone I'd like to share the great news here too: we finally published Yuzu's two new Wiki articles in the mainspace Ice shows produced by Yuzuru Hanyu (this article is nominated for the "Did you know" section on the main page) List of programs and publications of Yuzuru Hanyu The latter still needs a bit of polishment. The prose introductions for the single sections yet have to be written and some citations must be replaced with reliable secondary sources, but overall the list has grown splendidly, and we will keep updating it. Another nice update happened on Yuzu's main biography. We managed to solve the "retirement" issue by turning the infobox into a general one about people, adding his occupations and active years, which are independent from his competitive skating career. It was really odd that the infobox only showed his retirement date, indicating that he is no longer active at all. We also changed the PB to his career best scores achieved in the old +3/-3 system, with a footnote that mentions his PB in the +5/-5 system. Bonus: his article series is now directly embedded in the infobox, so that you can access the links to all sub-articles in mobile view as well. The previous template that was placed below the long infobox, only worked in desktop view. Yuzuru Hanyu (main biography)
  10. Hi everyone! I hope, you had a nice and peaceful Christmas. My thoughts are with all people who suffered from the extreme weather and other hardships I took the time to recover properly, give my eyes and mind the break they needed, and hope to start with new, fresh energy and motivation into the new year. It's great to see Yuzu flourishing and enjoying his time in all these TV appearances. He deserved this freedom and happiness for so long I will try to prepare the two new wiki sub-articles about his ice shows and programs+publications for the move from the draft to the article mainspace (finally!). It's not much missing. The prose part of the ice show article must be completed, the rest is pretty much ready. Please look forward to it I wish you all a good start into the new year
  11. 100 m x 50 m That's 5,000 m² !! For comparison: An Olympic figure skating rink has the size 60 m x 30 m = 1,800 m² The mobile rink for Prologue in Yokohama had the size 55 m x 24 m = 1,320 m² If that info about the 100x50 size is true, that would no longer be a skating rink, but an entire skating LANDSCAPE. Good for Yuzu, ... I guess?
  12. In order to make it to the Wiki TFA "Hall of Fame" (TFA=Today's Featured Article), a featured article must be viewed 100,000 times on that one day it's pinned on the main page. The most-viewed TFA in the history of Wikipedia is the biography of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022, with more than 1.73 million views on that day. Who knows. If we manage to elevate Yuzu's article series to the first featured topic about an athlete in Wiki history, that might be a great occasion for another challenge. Next time, we will make sure to inform people early enough about the TFT, and translate the infos to more languages. Yuzu's main biography should create more traffic than one of the sub-articles, too. Let's see.
  13. I wanted to thank you all again for this wonderful Yuzu birthday streaming party on YouTube, especially team PH who made this all possible. It was so well done, with so much love Also very big thanks to everyone who gave our Wiki article a visit and contributed to our little challenge Despite all the exciting birthday news, messages, and many other things going on, we managed to achieve 60,000 views, which is amazing - especially for a sub-article like Yuzu's Olympic seasons. It will probably take some time until the next TFA. Wikipedia aims for as much diversity on the mainpage as possible, so they try to select featured articles in a way that the same topic doesn't appear twice within a month or so. Articles about the same person usually don't get selected twice within a year. The same article only gets pinned twice if it has undergone sufficient changes like the bios of Queen Elizabeth II. Yuzu's Olympic seasons summary is not expected to change much anymore, unless he decides to give a competitive comeback... The other articles have to be written first, and this will take some time. We are currently working on a brand new page that covers Yuzu's self-produced ice shows. If all goes well, we might get it ready for publication until Christmas. We will try our best
  14. The thought of Yuzu reading this is so exciting and spooky at the same time
  15. I share these ones here, too: The article should be pinned on the main page in about 4.5 hours. Make sure to access the Olympic seasons sub-page. That's the one that counts for views. I was told that it improves the article's traffic, when you not only read 2-3 minutes, but also click on some images or blue links. Regardless of the 100K view challenge, we would be truly happy to see people read the article. This Olympic seasons page has no equal on Wikipedia. Especially the sections about the background and making of Yuzu's Olympic programs are pioneer works. Very big thanks to the whole team who worked on that page over the last year - the researchers, translators, editors, photographers... everyone
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