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  1. Haha true But thank you for making such an easy to read summary of all that's happened!
  2. Oh my god! Thank you!!!Thank you so so much!!!!! You even took the time to look up the videos!!
  3. Hii everyone! I was wondering if someone who knew could do a quick summary of what happen Yuzu-wise since worlds got cancelled?🙏 It's been awhile since I've been on the forum... I had to limit the time I was spending on the planet(my eyes were starting to complain😅) So I would be suuuuper grateful if someone could tell me what I've missed! Even if the answer is not much!
  4. Does anybody have the full video of Seimei from MoI? I didn't have the chance to watch it when it aired. Also what does MoI stand for? That was the gala after Jnats right?
  5. What time will Yuzuru be on tomorrow? (JP standard time) Also does anybody have the schedule?
  6. I'ts still ongoing though and wasn't the victory ceremony supposed to start 5minutes ago?
  7. Right! I was wondering that too. Anybody have a link for the victory ceremony??
  8. Happy Birthday Yuzuru!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for always bringing us such joy and magic with your skating! Wishing you all the best for your 25th birthday!🎂
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