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  1. Sure.. and I don´t even find it funny anymore I´ll cherish the day when at least the technical part of the figure skating will be judged by some impartial and unerring software and not by people. PCS are subjective enough as it is, wish at least TES could be objective
  2. The international technical specialist talked about this during her commentating in Czech TV - she said that both of their single jumps (3T in combo and 3S) were done from atypical difficult entries, following the steps, they were close to each other during the execution of the jumps etc. etc. so even that there were some small mistakes (aka hand down with 3S) and the judges must do the deduction, they´re doing deduction from such a big mark (because of all these things increasing the value of the elements) that there is totally ok that those elements still got some plus GOE. Found it interesting but honestly I don´t care - I love J/C, they were exquisite as usual and they won fair and square by quite a big margin anyway. So happy for them (and sad for Nicole and Matteo, they should have been third imho, even though i quite like B/K).
  3. OMG, such a mischievous teenage boy But he could be naughty years before this "Naruto incident", don´t underestimate young Mr. Hanyu - http://hanyusan.tumblr.com/post/154633425357/when-i-started-coaching-him-he-was-in-his-second It makes me glad he had these carefree and playful years.. these days I feel sometimes like he is under so much pressure, he´s too exposed and standing on a pedestal of a moral and talent paragon (though rightly so) is hard and binding somehow. At least we saw him totally happy, free and mischievous again after PC Olympics while messing around and trolling with Javi, Shoma, Ondrej and others
  4. And good genes undoubtedly, the most important input and gift of them all. Some top athletes have recurring problems with skin and have trouble keeping their weight in spite of a strict training and a healthy diet - but not Yuzu, nooo..
  5. This! Being overprotective, rude and abusive is not something that makes anybody a "proper fan" and Yuzuru definitely wouldn´t approve such a behaviour.
  6. Aaand it´s gone, the original poster removed the post from her insta. I sincerely hope that she´s not too much terror-struck from all the excessive backlash.
  7. I LOVE this vid SO MUCH! My favourite one, showing Yuzu´s incredible story throughout PC so vividly and in such a touching fashion - ohhh, I could watch it on a loop, again and again.. and again. Always nice to remember this one, thank you!
  8. Ufff, feeling sorry for the lady It seems pretty clear that she had no ill intention, she probably doesn´t even know Yuzuru and her camera is obviously centered on one of the girls on ice, not him. She went to the party, enjoyed it and shared her experiences on her account and bam - few hours later such a hysteria ensued, she´s being called a spy etc. Poor girl *sigh*
  9. Well, to each his own I guess I was talking about my experience and from my point of view ofc. Watching GPF and Skate Canada previously with my husband and our friends, there was unanimous opinion on her performances, some even called them "cringeworthy".. I wouldn´t go so far but I just don´t buy her attitude, is all. Though there were praises of most of her jumps during Skate Canada, also unanimous, and one of our male friends got hooked on her gala performance saying he didn´t expect to see striptease during a figure skating gala I scolded him jokingly a little bit for being so "disrespectful" but he said that Liza´s not being very subtle with her gala performance also so.. I love myself some sassiness and spunk but her style is not natural or enjoyable to ME as I already stated in my previous post (where I was talking about my impressions only). If it works for you - great, good for you!
  10. I am late as always, but just a shout-out to Rika - you look like a fragile porcelain doll but damn, you have a heart of a lioness, young lady! That was all kinds of awesome! Alina was brave, though that trip on a cable couldn´t be too bad if she is going to perform in a gala. I don´t love her routines this year at all and in my opinion she should be third.. and no, Elizaveta shouldn´t be second, Kaori should be! K. was so badly robbed especially in the SP.. *sigh* Liza has great jumps (though I don´t like most of her attempts of 3A) but everything else.. I don´t know, her skating seems slow and not refined at all, there are almost no transitions. Her face expression is non existent most of the time, just a bland stare, the rest of the time she tries to be sexy so hard that it comes out as vulgar and forced. I guess I don´t buy her "attitude" on and off the ice at all. Kudos for her returning in such a good technical shape but to me she never will be someone I enjoy seeing on the ice, I´m afraid Like Sofia´s performance a lot, she enjoys herself on the ice all the season so far - good for her! I didn´t know anything about her prior to this season, so she´s kind of a revelation to me. And poor Satoko In Skate America she looked so confident, her jumps were clean and bigger, the future looked bright for her.. she must feel so under a pressure with rising baby Rika and knowing that her jumps don´t match very well with the new scoring system. I love her, for me she´s still one of the most beautiful and graceful skaters in ladies field, and seeing her TES and PCS especially butchered so savagely is quite painful. Here´s hoping her skills, nerves of steel and fair judgement all return to her during Nats
  11. Obviously I was the only one with instincts in a mode of blissful ignorance I was very anxious before and during ACI, almost biting my nails in nervous anticipation before practices and skates in Helsinki, but before CoR and especially after his glorious short program I felt just calm and happy.. Actually after SP I told to myself - "finally I´ll be able to watch the free skates without being nervous, he´s in great form obviously, has a cushion of some 20 points already - what could go wrong, right?" Yeah right..
  12. According to vague description it´s not the same injury, not exactly the same area affected and certainly not the same degree of damage. As a paramedic myself I would like to bring some light to this gloomy day Having a weak ankle is not ideal obviously (as it makes you prone to twisting it) but on the other hand it can be beneficial if your ligaments are loose - ironically it can make you be more resistant to serious injury. I have loose ankle ligaments since birth, twisted my ankles in quite a bad way numerous times but it never led to sprain or other injury. Benefits of having the rubber ankles! Now I am not a top athlete as Yuzu, seriously teared ligaments from previous injury are a factor (but the lenght and the ability to return to full health is highly individual and it was said that Yuzuru´s ability to heal is nearly miraculous) and it´s not possible to know the truth behind the injury just from the published report ofc.. but this is just me putting my two cents on the topic Remember that many others in FS had serious and potentionally career ending injuries such as hip fractures and following surgeries for example - Nathan, Satoko, Jun, Sota and many many more. This sport (actually all sports) is brutal on the top level. Well I am quite sad that he can´t go to GPF (and to the Nats as well it seems) because I truly believe these are the competitions he desperately wanted to attend. But I hope that he lets himself rest and heal properly. BTW I don´t need to see another 4 loop from him (or 4 lutz) EVER.. hate those jumps
  13. He said "Cows don´t fly" or something similar to Eliska, sister of Michal Brezina, during this year´s spring/summer camp (she´s not his trainee per se), so it´s pretty recent citation. Well.. he´s known to be brutally honest and blunt at times, though in this particular situation I don´t really see the justification - Eliska being healthy athletic type of girl, but yes she´s definitely not as skinny as most of the russian girls for example. I like him though, he´s wearing his heart on his sleeve most of the time and he cares for his athletes and they respect and like him back or so it seems - so I forgive him occasional rudeness He also said to Adam Rippon that he´s fat sometimes during their training partnership if I´m not mistaken..? Adam talked about it more than once and laughed about it. But he also said that that was the time when he was eating one apple a day as his whole diet so.. it´s not really something I would laugh about actually.. Anyway, really interesting interview with Rafael.
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