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  1. Speaking of cricket, another cricket sweater definitely wouldn't hurt. Though for Yuzu I think going to Lotte Ghana would be more than enough for us to see him cladded in a new sweater every season...
  2. ...at this point I am only worried if it turns out to be an illegal move on the field I sure hope not...but this really feels like a wishful thinking on my part
  3. So I was listening to Tokyo Ska Paradise's newest single, and when I listened to this particular number, 2 and a half minutes in they played the Sesame Street theme song (...I thought it was only a similar-sounding tune, turned out they really played the tune )
  4. I cringed at first when I first saw Nathan's FS, especially the music — no, not the song choice, but how it was put together, that's the cringeworthiest part... ...but then again, who am I to talk about it? Elton John has made *such* type of songs, and he might (or let other people he trusts) do that again, so I won't s__t on the song choice too much, especially not on the latter part of the song omg why did they do Bennie and the Jets dirty, but like I say, whatever... . It's what Nate's gonna do with the song (in his choreo etc.), and I am on the more optimistic standpoint that — barring significant exceptions — any skater can skate to any song/music piece they pick, given that they know what to do with the song (and how well they do it). The first footage we saw definitely doesn't show him (and his program) in a positive light — who knows what will happen next? Although if you're one of the more cynical audience members you'd probably answer "nothing!" immediately ...that said, I know the (possibly) least surprising thing that would happen with Nate regarding this FS — he wouldn't pick a flashy costume worthy of an homage to Elton John :v (in fact I'd be more surprised if he picks a flashy costume than if he were able to skate his FS with proper amount of transition, skating skills, etc )
  5. .....eeeeeeeeeep...... (I know, a pretty nondescript comment, but then again let's see how *they* would try to spin the narrative, seems like lots of fun (not!) (...not fun at all, just annoying, as ever~))
  6. ...oopsie, I mean, congratulations on the new life together Keegs!
  7. , well at the end of the day melonkuma is just a mascot, though at the time I wrote that post I was worried for the children who ever got scared shitless at him I appreciate the audacity of the designers (and the client who approved of) melonkuma
  8. ...when I first read the post: "Some of these aren't that creepy, it's just weird, I don't think Hokkaido mascots are that yabai... (...then remembered about 🍈 🐻) ...okay Hokkaido mascots are hella ヤバイ!
  9. It was by a real singer at least — the actors' singing voice at LLL were weak as heck, it was frustrating to listen to.
  10. ICYMI Prince well, his estate just released a new album of previously unreleased songs, and one of them is Holly Rock. The animated MV is just so cool!!! (...and so Prince!!)
  11. Whoa, this photo really helps me cool down for the oncoming heat wave, thanks Javi! (...and safe trip back home!) 😂
  12. I'd like Death On Two Legs as a SP but hey, any other (energetic) Queen songs work as well, so Yuzu, if you are lurking...
  13. I kinda get where you came from — Lotte team has this obligation to look *trendy*, though if you look at Yuzu he is not exactly the person who always try to keep with the latest trends excepting earphones I guess 😏 , so for their ad photosets they always have to make him look trendy, which doesn't always hit the mark case in point the Xylitol guppy costume 😅😂😂. In contrast Nishikawa just attempts to show him as he is, and a lot of Yuzu's fans are already happy just to see him in his elements so... that's the reason why...
  14. Apologies in advance to stray further into the warhorse topic but has LLL been used that often in the previous seasons? Don't feel like it was ...also, hard pass from me on LLL as well :v
  15. ...what I remembered from reading his insta post he will retire in 2022? ...just heard about Jeff going to retire from pro skating too btw ._.
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