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  1. Is there a chat for those who go to Helsinki? I'll be staying at the CheapSleep
  2. FOR SALE Silver All event Lower Tribune Section C4 (behind judges, so you can see the performance clearer) Row 12 Original price 300 euro Payment method: PayPal preferred Map seat
  3. Wow this is such a nice info, I'll compare both and decide which one is most worth it. I'm over 21 but I can't make an ica club member sadly. I never heard about Turku it sounds interesting. It looks like a beautiful city, I'll take a look at the ticket. Thank you everyone for the help
  4. I most probably will be going from either sweden or estonia, is there any specific website for the schedule and the ticket? I try to save money
  5. anyone have experience of going to helsinki by boat? I still don't know whether I will use plane or boat so I think I need to gather information for both of them.
  6. oh right, I've checked it thanks for the tips. it seems I got the center seat, totally in the center of C4, I hope the judges camera didn't get in the view. I wonder how high it'll be. is it a massive camera? I never see it before
  7. anyone have a more detailed seat map? I remember I found it once, with the exact number of the seat. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore, internet is like a black hole Oh I wonder in the ticket is resell able because it has the name and address, do they check it when we go in?
  8. for those who interested in this please keep me updated I'm interested in it as well, and the planet meet up lol.
  9. but is there any snow in autumn? I doubt it... but this seems interesting
  10. the credit card only send a verification code to my phone and it's done. I used master card Sorry I canceled the second one, I get silver C4 and Cat 1 A5 but I go for the C4
  11. ikr, I'm really nervous but I'm excited as well because you're all with me in this hunt
  12. after I see it several times I wonder if C3 and C5 is better than C4? because there is a stand for the camera in C4. I don't know how high the camera will be but will it get in the spectators view?
  13. hopefully! I never buy one here so I'm anxious, when I try to buy a ticket in finlandia thropy and it's assigned automatically, maybe I just didn't know where the option to choose the seat is. Hopefully we can get the good seat
  14. it's 10 am here, I should be working, but I'm staring at lippu.fi website instead so anxious... the seat will be assigned randomly by the system right?
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