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  1. Sorry, I didn't check the forum in these days, yes she was able to get in eventually thanks to a Japanese lady who gave her a spare ticket. When she asked some volunteers for infos, they thought she was a journalist and brought her to vip area
  2. My friend has just arrived at the arena, she has a pooh bear, hope she will be able to enter since she couldn't be able to claim her tickets even after a lot of emails with emtg. Enjoy the practices everyone!
  3. @jt_dano Plus EMTG itself started a trade site only for Japanese fans https://ticket-trade.emtg.jp/artists/figure/wfc2019/top , not allowing us to do the same. So I do hope they will look the other way...
  4. I hope they won't dare, because it would be totally unfair, Japaneses had an official emtg resale site and us nothing, plus why should they care honestly? It's not like we stole the tickets or such! They even take their sweet time to answer our inquiries (my friend still can't claim her tickets for practices, after sending 3 emails!). At the Olys none checked IDs!!
  5. Glad to know you managed to get the tickets! @itiahs you had the same problem as my friend, right? To not being able to claim the tickets because an error showed up saying: "your verification phone number is different from your phone number used during the application" (or something like that). What did you write to them? My friend has written to them twice, but no luck so far.. Thanks
  6. Yep, I tried switching sim card on my phone and the app was still working and showing the ticket. @Lunna @katoniceI have an android phone. But the thing is the app doesn't know which phone number you're using on your device, it doesn't recognize the sim card, that's why you can claim another person's ticket on your phone only by entering their login details, their phone number and the sms code they receive. The phone number for verification and the phone number used in the application must be the same, so you can't change the seller's number to yours. If you have already done that I guess the only thing is to contact emtg directly.
  7. That could be trickier since it would count as a device change, so you can't do it more than twice a month if I recall correctly? If you intend to sell the tickets you shouldn't install the app on your phone or, at least (that's most important thing actually), you shouldn't verify the app on your phone if you don't intend to use that ticket for yourself.
  8. My friend has the same problem as you, she wrote to emtg and they sent her a link, we still have to figure out what to do with that link tho. About using another person's account on your phone, you just have to enter with the login details of the person from who you have bought the ticket and then put that person's phone number to verify the app and ask them to give you the sms code they receive and that's all. I did that on my phone with my friend's account and I successfully claimed her ticket.
  9. I think you can transfer your account to someone else too, theoretically they will just need your username+password and the verification code that will be send to your phone number. About ID issue, maybe you can send your ID to the buyer? In Milan my sister got to pick-up my friend's all event tickets thanks to her ID and the email she got from the official seller, even though who knows how things will work in Japan.
  10. Hi, I may have 1 spare ticket for men sp category C to exchange for men fs or OP 20/21/22, if anyone could be interested pm me for details, thanks.
  11. Just read this on my tl, in case anyone would be interested. I'm not surprised tbh, but really unfair.
  12. Hi, I may have 1 spare ticket for men sp category C to exchange for men fs or OP 20/21/22, if anyone could be interested pm me for details, thanks.
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