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  1. I'm right there with you. In fact after the 3rd domestic lottery I said the same thing - but so many people said I was being too harsh. But Boston Worlds ticket buying was never ever this traumatic and never ever prevented foreigners from buying tickets or forced them to use a proxies. I've received emails from 3 proxies saying the site kept crashing and/or they couldn't find any Premium or S tickets (because I'm 4'10" I decided long ago it didn't make sense for me to try for A or B seats because I wouldn't be able to see our King properly).
  2. I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered - Can you submit 2 or more applications using the same Name but different Japan mailing addresses & email addresses?
  3. In addition to your name they're also going to need your Date of Birth as well.
  4. One thing I just don't understand is why JSF has seemingly excluded Overseas fans from so many opportunities to get WC tickets. They must have figured out by now that 1 Overseas lottery vs 6 Domestic lotteries + general sales - sends a very disheartening message to foreigners.
  5. Yes, I hope we're all successful. Out of desperation and because these prices are more affordable (than those Resellers prices) for me, I'm blanket emailing every proxy I can find.
  6. Thanks so much for gifting us another chance @alizabeth and @SparkleSalad
  7. Just an FYI! For those asking if Viagogo is risky - here's a BBC news article about the Court Order from back in Nov 2018. Viagogo ordered to clean up ticket sales https://www.bbc.com/news/business-46359056
  8. I used Voyagin as 1 of my 4 proxies. They provided preselected links for my choice dates (21 & 23) for $307USD for each Premium ticket - which was more than they are currently asking. When I opened their link they had also preselected the 24th priced at $307USD. "Please select 1) “[Mar 21] World Figure Skating Championships in Saitama” on this page - https://goo.gl/Zp8pfZ. 2) “[Mar 23] World Figure Skating Championships in Saitama” on this page - https://goo.gl/jyrqCy. The option has been preselected for you. You can pay over the website by Paypal or credit card." Another proxy said that Lawson responded first and they tried to get Premium tickets x4 times during the two minutes for both the 21st and 23rd, but it responded with "Server overloaded" on the final step every time. Continually reloading Pia didn't even get that far.
  9. She was referring to Premium tickets or rather lack thereof on Pia.
  10. all 4 proxies I'd registered with just refunded my monies. One of them said that she believed the tickets were sold out before they even went on sale.
  11. You absolutely ROCK @SparkleSalad Thank You!
  12. Thanks so much @Lunna . I just want to share a response I received from a Japan Ticket Proxy this A.M. "Dear M san, Hello, thank you for your inquiry. However, the law about resale of event tickets in Japan was changed on 8 December 2018 and getting or resale tickets for others as a business deal are forbidden. It's impossible to get a ticket on the customer's behalf from now on. Thank you for your understanding. Pardon the brevity of this note. Sincerely Nahoko Yamada 山田 奈保子 =========================== Treasure-Japan Shopping Service - online shopping and auction -"
  13. I just want to be sure - the General Ticket sale on Jan 7 @ 18:00 - overseas/international purchases can only be made via a Japan Resident or Japan Ticket Proxies? Or are overseas/international purchases able to be made directly in this General Tkt Sales?
  14. So sorry - quoted the wrong response ... the above is @SparkleSalad great idea ...