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  1. I used the => Overseas sales tickets Reception period: 11/8 (Thursday) 10: 00 ~ 11/21 (Wednesday) 23: 59 Reception URL: http://emtg.jp/feature/skateworld18_inbound/ Downloaded the EMTG App and Registered. I did not receive a verification text message, only a verification and confirmation eMail.
  2. It's my understanding you can apply on as many different smartphones as you want. For this overseas lottery, since it's via e-ticket only it seems you must be able to show at the door your e-ticket on a smartphone.
  3. A million THANKS to everyone here and Good Luck to all! I applied for 2 All Events tickets although I only need 1 - so should I be so lucky to be successful I'll post about the 2nd Ticket. I almost bought an All Events ticket on viagogo, but now I've read the T&C "No other person may substitute as an attendee, even if the person has has ticket is unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances nor can ticket charges be refunded in such case." - so glad I didn't go the viagogo route.
  4. This breaks my heart - cause desperate international fans will fall for this: Viagogo selling Worlds tickets for PHP 192, 502 and PHP 193,452. They also posted that "Less than 1% of tickets left". Sorry I'm having trouble with my screenshot app - so I can't post a picture.
  5. Then I wish Japan would stop Hosting Worlds or any other large international competition. There's the Paris La Défense Arena that seats 40K, and an alternative could be the Romexpo in Bucharest; plus the US has a plethora of Arenas with seating capacity of 24K. Maybe it's time we remind the ISU the value of international skating fans.
  6. Since my knowledge of Japanese is only as good as Google's is - I've given up writing to JSP. But I've managed to get the ear of an American FS official. I explained that the family and fans of TeamUSA can't get tickets, can't get any responses from either JSP or ISU. Hopefully I lit a big enough fire and he will ask the right questions. If nothing happens by Monday (Skate America starts on 10/17) I plan on highlighting to the Media - Japan's handling of foreigners wanting to attend a very large international competition and Japan limiting ticketing to only those residing in Japan - not even having the courtesy to post updates for foreign nationals (they last posted information 8/30/2018 albeit for only Japanese residents). Maybe after the ticketing debacle of WC2019 is past - there will be new rules imposed on ISU host countries about ticket manipulation.
  7. A Million THANKS to everyone sharing and responding here You're All Amazing! But, I think this whole process has aged me a dozen years *sigh* I have tried pleading to the ISU, the Japan ISU about how Incredibly Hard it is for foreigners to get tickets to see a major International Skating Competition in Japan. It's so very unfair we must go through this for every major international skating competition in Japan. Sorry, I'm Not trying to offend Japan or the Japanese people - but it just feels like I'm being punished for living outside of Japan. I'll go back under my rock
  8. OMG! this is totally stressing me out too. I thought I'd be sneaky and do a web-membership for Lawson, and my plan worked up until they asked for my SMS capable telephone number. *sigh* Their system is so smart... it only accepts a verifiable Japanese SMS capable number. No, I did not hear back from JSF - it's a pity I don't know their Twitter name...
  9. I'm so Devastated (already, and the lottery hasn't even started) I have emailed several H.I.S offices and below is my most recent rejection email uuugggh!!! "this is David from the HIS Harajuku Tourist Information Center. Thank you very much for your message. Unfortunately we cannot make reservations for this event. If it is a tour to Mt. Fuji we can make reservations for several different offers. However, as for most of them the schedule for next year has not yet been decided, and some only accept reservations about 2 months in advance, could you kindly inquire once more around the end of January 2019? Thank you, and best regards"
  10. Thanks @SparkleSalad !!! Unfortunately one of the JTB offices (I sent requests to multiple offices - desperate, I know) sent me this response: "Thank you for you request. Unfortunately JTB New Zealand are unable to book or enter you for an ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2019 ticket. According to the official web-site, the ticket is only available from Lawson convenience store. However it will be draw tickets. This information might be changed in the future. (Sometimes the ticket will be available from other channels but we are unsure at this stage) http://wfc2019.jp/eng/ticket.html Our Mt. Fuji tour for 17 March 2019 will be NZD250 per person. Ongoing travel with a coach, you will be back on Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo."
  11. I'm in the US and on Monday I called 3 different travel agencies asking for a Japanese counterpart recommendation - no luck so far. So I sent emails to JTBUSA . com in New York and in Washington DC - I even threw in a request for tours to Mt Fuji hoping that will give them an incentive to help. I'm also going to try Costco Travel as they work with Disney and Trafalgar Tours which is a world-wide organization.
  12. Many THANKS to @SparkleSalad and @katonice!!! I just sent a polite inquiry to JSF begging for All Events tickets for foreigners.
  13. Ugh! a lottery .... I'm the most unlucky person on the planet - so now I'm trying to figure out what I'll do while mourning for 8 days in Tokyo.
  14. Thanks so much for your responses @Winnie_20 @SparkleSalad @spacekittylei When I initially checked out the NHK page I thought I'd speed up the process by using Bing translator, but it was a hilarious waste of time. Just wish they'd make it clear that the All Events tickets include the Gala, or not. I wish Good luck to everyone getting their NHK tickets!
  15. OMG! Thank Goodness I've been saving up for over a year now. Thanks for posting this price list too @SparkleSalad I know this is a weird question but this is my 1st time trying to attend Worlds - does anybody know why Saitama 2019 will be 7 days long versus the usual 4 or 5 days?