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  1. Guys, i organised a global birthday greetings project (17 countries). Hope yuzu would love it!
  2. sorry i keep bringing such news but what did he say again... can someone translate please Also the comment under that tweet of the article... did the person claim yuzu had munchausen syndrome?!!!! and so many upvotes... WTHHHHH. (this is prob the reason why yuzu feel the need to be perfect always.. or people will not support him/start hating on him UGHHHHH )
  3. sorry for cutting in but can someone tell me where these clips are from? I've watched the various ghana vids but couldn't find these, but you know i could be blind, so please help.
  4. i was waiting to change my IG bio from historic highest scores to historic/current highest scores. I guess the universe loves me more than I thought.
  5. tbh I can hardly be bothered about the hate itself but I just think about all the people who do not know what is happening and choose to believe all the hate stuff, and it makes me boil inside. but me too, I don't look at youtube comments anymore, it's just
  6. thank you. I've been so pissed about these since the first day i was a yuzu fan. can you imagine how long I've felt pissed for. years. I'm sorry to my health.
  7. honestly I really am not looking forward to this season... I'm already so traumatised with the hate towards yuzu by dai fans the Olympic season and way before, the people's honor award etc. the media rivalry between shoma and yuzu, then now dai comes in, I'm just
  8. is Helsinki and Moscow tickets sales not started yet? where do I need to visit when they come out? Thank you!!
  9. well I wanted to sleep but after zu, there's no way i'm gonna be able to sleep
  10. is yuzu coming soon? I might be dying already. It's so late here
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