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  1. i am so exciting and wanna cry when i see this beautiful movement and charming posture...jump OH MY Yuzu, you really make me proud even using someone masterpiece music Btw, besides SP footage, where is our UA training suit photo?
  2. In order to cherish Fanyu explosion today, i will watch our chatting slowly to enjoy today (i just read to page 18 still.....)
  3. i think so, when i saw this many times plu skate it in ice show, i already think its a good music That why i am happy Zu skate to this. At this moment after capture his 2 OLY GOLD, i don't think he still have to aware much on others ppl comment for what music he choose. Our King, just skate to what you want! but Otonal.....is a quiet music similar to H&L(but H&L even more memorizing melody), so............i am not sure abt this........
  4. It was so touching when they show Yuzu visit the old ladies at 2015 and went back at 2018! At 2015...those ladies cried during their sharing to yuzu (i think yuzu is really sad at that moment too.....) At 2018, the whole feeling are totally different, they are so happy and keep looking at his 2 Bling Bling medal, so jealous!! At rink Swanyu are so full of emotion this time....i can even feel from my computer screen........ During his first spin, i see some tears from his eye? (pls correct me) so beauty and artistic with plenty of emotion make this Ex alive!! Thank you Yuzu, love you! and don't forget our media day............
  5. i am sad......just back home late can only watch j Sports 4 for worlds 2017 now....
  6. i did buy the earth sharp phiten becoz of yuzu, haha! actually i often have neck pain due to usage of computer, will feel neck pain and tired at around 5pm at working day. But felt better when i wearing it....not sure is it mental feeling or....
  7. i think i read a post said he can choose any gift if he like. The refuse reason is he is still on competing skater, so refuse getting the gift スケート界で初、冬季五輪の選手としても初の受賞。記念品については、現役選手であることから遠慮したいという理由で辞退した。
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