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  1. i download several one and still thinking which one is the winner of being my wallpaper
  2. yes, i focus on his arm when looking the picture, how can i person is slender and muscular at the same time? I can't even do this without wearling the skate boots............. Oh...our cute little boy! One thing that i love him most is that he also can make fun of himself you can clearly see it through FAOI....GALA.....Even the throwing Ice in HYK EX, i think he always so that when practice in rink
  3. yeah, 擬邀嘉賓means its only the celebrity list they want to invite
  4. Why the version of Haru Yo Koi by Shinya is so short....where can we hear the full version?
  5. I love this music so much.....maybe due to the love of Yuzu RJ1 But this cut is more softer
  6. can we have one for this? this cute reaction (when announce him the gold medalist) just made me melt!
  7. Omg, its way too cute!!!! sorry Brian, its time for babysit the Pooh!
  8. I voted for yuzu too! 55% Eteri's camp got 25% too! those junior young princess?
  9. Oh.........my left pinky also crooked when i was a kid, and i forgot what happen to it, but hopefully i don't feel any pain and don't have any affect for daily work. Can Yuzu mom grab this boy to the Ortho/ Chiropractor and have a check?!?!?!
  10. I am crying too, yuzu what had you done to me, i am extremely unhappy when fail on the world ticket draw........ i just want to see this boy on live...............
  11. Is this ISU helper the same person as World2017 & Helsinki 2018? If yes, i want to be her........Btw, how come she can PRETEND so calm when our baby boy are next to her
  12. Actually i need help from the selection of country i cant choose Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Can admin add it back?
  13. Guys, i feel so happy but also tired and exhausted after chasing all the information, live, photo from practice, sp, lp, gala Zuzu you just burn out all my energy and make my week so much stress so now finally can have time for massage, enough sleep, a good relax tea....and restore our energy for 11 day! Becoz, next Rostelecom Cup will be on 16-18 Nov! be ready for another stress-up week!
  14. so far Yuzu planned SP matched my prediction (still want to see how is it like if skate clean with all jumps in 1st half) but the LP.....AH............i think no body can guess he will take the 3F+3T out of his pocket... Yuzu.....the high risk Flip call this year, pls aware~~~~
  15. i am also the one who immediately go to search suitcase and wondering where is his old MUJI suitcase............ Well.......RIMOWA, good taste! This model feature is very light! good for athlete!
  16. What happen to this guy???? why he putting his finger on his lip? and even with a pillar........AH..............its ILLEGAL
  17. Let us guess will our boy did any changes on the costume? i like Origin, pls dont change it But Otonal can do little revise or change(maybe on the cloth length), i love the back design
  18. I delete my comment by mistake........so i retype now Just rewatched the video as a hardworking student and Wow! i see lots of different in between! For ACI, i feel little boring when in the slient part and step sequence (sorry yuzu........) and some step and movement isnt really match the music, which you can feel that he is still get used to the music And for World, i think everyone of us watched it for 1000x times already but when i rewatch it, still make me tear every jump, step, movement have its own meaning..........you can feel the spirit and make the music alive So now i am more excited on how yuzu make the ACI version of Otonal and Origin upgrade
  19. So in love the footage of the CM, i love Shuzo san!!!!!!!! (Poor swimming suit, i think Yuzu laugh a lot when seeing Shuzo wearing that ) What a lovely day we can have this! i just can't stop smiling when watching it....... Btw, when is it shooting? 
  20. its has chinese translation, so suit me! haha Japanese i only know a few words.....you know, everyone of us must understand some common words used by our boy!
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