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  1. wow...this video just make me cry its have cover many wordings from yuzu and you can feel his pure heart.........
  2. Our boy look happy and healthy, we are so bless to know he’s alive again 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Um.........IMO For SP, he only have to work more on the spin, others are still fine to me. (If his spin is fine in ACI, his score will be above 100 actually) so i don't think he will change the jumps to the 2nd part yet. The main problems that make him more kuyushii and on fire is the LP, way more bigger mistake than the SP. In ACI, Both 4S+3T and 4T+3A are failed and pop, only 1 combo are landed (3A+2T) These make him lose a lot of points and also make him feel the performance isnt complete<---i can see the boy super kuyushii for this His target should be skate CLEAN in the first layout first. (not sure 4A status yet) Yuzu won't accept landed +GOE 4A and all other jumps fail............... Also regarding to his stamina problems, really should settle and clean the 1st layout first My prediction -> SP remain unchange, LP first layout clean in Helsinki and try add 4A in Rostelecom Cup If he skate clean, we really don't hv to worry for the score, right?..... Actually i am still observing the new scoring system and the Flip issue in Skateamerica.....
  4. 你就好啦, 羨慕........還未找到朋友一起去呢!
  5. 你一個去嗎?....👉🏻👈🏻
  6. GPF 在溫哥華, 對香港的我也好遠阿...... 但又想看比賽
  7. i am thinking the same.......it should be really funning when he looking at those "Weird" toys and thinking why fans giving him last time in ACI when yuzu picking the gifts from the ice, i am see there are 2-3 small goats, but seems too small, he doesnt aware
  8. 好想去現場看一次....Helsinki and Moscow 有點太遠了, 而且找不到人一起去, 只有一個也不太安全
  9. 但世锦赛在日本已經是很近我們了...... 那全日本也難買吧? 應該大部分票會給本地人
  10. My ranking, first 3 is really my top choice, hard to choose.....this time i force myself must choose one(cant take i like both option) especially when asking parisienne walkways vs ballade no.1.....damn, both are my favourite sp which hv so many memory Otonal and Origin still in yuzu development, hope they will get higher rank if we got masterpiece performance there! RankPrograms 1Seimei 2Romeo and Juliet 1.0 3The Phantom of the Opera 4Parisienne Walkways 5Ballade No. 1 6Requiem of Heaven and Earth 7Hope and Legacy 8Otoñal 9Origin 10Let's Go Crazy 11Haru yo, Koi 12Notte Stellata Just show top 12 for everyone 😊
  11. i am die for this picture i think he is much more used to it the scream won't be less for LGC white/ purple review i remember even Brian is shock and say "wow" when he said him wearing white LGC costume.....
  12. i am angry pls dont disturb my boy to play with Nessie with Orginal and Otonal melody Its their secret moment
  13. yes.....a Full Power Zen-Yuzu got 263 points only.... But KUYASHII Yuzu........ I think we should recap those KUYASHII Power moment such as..... SOCHI LP->WORLD LP(CLEAN) SEIMI GPF(Everyone do very well so he power-up and break all record?!)........ and ofcourse 2017 Worlds SP 5th-> LP 1st!!!!
  14. but i feel 1 month is so...so...so..long for me.... i miss him but of course, i know we should give him time to refine his program and aim the truly "there's no meaning if i didnt win" without Kuyashii
  15. The habits of a champion are really different from the habits of everyone else. This was really obvious in the practices. can you share more about this?
  16. OMG...its so funny when he look at those gloves for a few seconds......so soft when he try to wave to mama and then shock the gloves, haha btw....i always find brian take more times for prepare yuzu stuff (such as pooh.....towel...) but Javi seems so independent that he doesnt have any for Brian to take care with
  17. sophiang


    Crazy hand movement, i love it!!!
  18. Well....at first i like Origin more because the music is more memorable(lots of up and down notes) and the YUZU big boss look just so powerful to attract me, a single LGC hair + murder face can make me die, OK? but....Otonal...for the first time i watch, the quiet music piece is too flat for me.....um...seems little boring however, when rewatch, i just fall in love by every single note YUZU put his delicate movement into it final sit spin with that gorgeous hand movement, its like magic!!! i just keep rewatch it!!! its fits every note! (except the combo jump, not right on the piano note, still have room to improve) and the second half stepseq is so touch (tks Jeff for that lovely chero, the footwork with hydroblading is brilliant) when i see Yuzu smile for that, i was melt! it make me memorize OLY PC SEIMEI, Yuzu also smile to do the last stepseq after spin, lots of memory i hope and wish he really enjoy skating even when competing, bless him!! our Kuyashii boy
  19. Yuzu self mini concert at ACI, i just can't keep laughing He is so into it! pls watch 1:40 and 2:37
  20. He said he never use beauty masks....so maybe secret cream by beauty mama?
  21. That lovely security man! He know our boy is precious! i want to have his flower too
  22. Only fun is that we see our lovely boy and Fanyus keep fun together for the long wait
  23. Wait for an hour for all those baseball stuff.......... And seems not much new footage Even SP is so little!!! I have to go to bed now!
  24. still waiting for YUZU part!
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